Another Time, Another Place

Date: 1958
Director: Lewis Allen
Production Company: Kaydor, Lanturn

Stars: Lana Turner, Barry Sullivan, Glynis Johns, Sean Connery, Sidney James, John Le Mesurier
Location(s): Cornwall, London, New York

Region(s): , ,


After a doomed affair with a married man, a glamorous journalist visits his wife and child to share her grief. SJ

Additional Information:

Rebooted from 2007. The grabs, some at Polperro, Cornwall, grabbed and sleuthed by our very own … Simon James. Thanks Simon, glad you didn’t retire on the proceeds of the book! “At one time I did have the addresses and even the name of the cliff path which Lana Turner’s walking on. But sadly, put somewhere safe … however I’m pretty sure the street is on the east side and called The Warren. The cliff path which is a continuation of The Warren leads to a small concrete structure from where “the film and I placed our cameras” says Simon. (JT back in 2007) Names subsequently found! And SJ nows taken between 2007 and 2014.  

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A nursing home: Meadway in the film.

James, or a double for Sid, steps out to visit Turner.

image no 2

Gloucester Gate off the north-east side of the Outer Circle, London NW1. SJ

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Turner's train heads to the southwest. This footage was also seen in 'Return to Yesterday' and 'Ghost Train' (1941).

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Turner arrives at Looe station.

Turner arrives in Polperro, Cornwall

image no 5

Martin R arrives in Polperro as well, but a few years on. (RL)

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Further exploration of "St Giles, Cornwall" as stated in the narrative. Somehow imdb appears to have mistaken this for Italy.

Down by the harbour.

image no 7

Martin R provides a colourful taste of the same location today. (RL)

More of the harbour.

image no 8

Tide's out! SJ

Turner finds her way to Johns' place.

image no 9

This is The Warren on the east side of Polperro. SJ

She has success.

image no 10

"East Moorings" on The Warren is now called East Cliff House. SJ

Enjoying the cliffs which shelter Polperro from the ravages of the English Channel.

image no 11

The cliff walk is called Reuben's Walk and it's taken from the "concrete structure" - a small 1911 lighthouse. SJ

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Returning home from the stroll.

A clear sign of "East Moorings, Treganna Hill" as stated in the film.

image no 13

The wrong angle and not all that a convincing match to boot. Given an earlier shot, I think it's the wrong door as I attempted to take it from memory. SJ

Looking back into the village.

image no 14

Only half the harbour. SJ

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Cornish charm.

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Very much a fishing village.

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Another view by the harbour.

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Steps down from The Warren.

Reverse pov.

image no 19

Similar to 014. SJ

An establishment shot of New York where Sullivan hopes Turner will return.

image no 20

Lower Plaza Rockefeller Centre, spanning 48th to 51st Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, New York. SJ

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The path down to the harbour again.

Turner crosses the bridge over the river to the sea.

image no 22

The similar scene today. SJ

On the west side of the harbour.

image no 23

A less cluttered view, not quite on target (needs to be further back) as the centre here matches behind Turner's head. SJ

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Back at Looe station.

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And another view.