Date: 1965
Director: Stanley Donen
Production Company: Universal

Stars: Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren, Alan Badel
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Crumlin (Wales), London, Oxfordshire, West Sussex

Region(s): , ,


Story of international intrigue involving a university professor, an Arab prime minister, a ruthless businessman, a beautiful spy, and hieroglyphics. JT

Additional Information:

Originally loaded from video in about 2007 by JT but rebooted with stills from dvd matching the originals by Graham Davies & SJ in 2015.


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Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

A college, perhaps Oxford?

image no 1

Canterbury Quad, St John's College Oxford. Again taken by Russell.

Now identified.

image no 2

Canterbury Quad, St John's College Oxford. Well snapped by Russell Groves, many thanks.

Probably the same place.

image no 3

Same place, close up, Russell again, thank you.

Very narrow spire.

image no 4

Magpie Lane, weren't we nearby with Bachelor of Hearts? Russell would have us believe that the spire is behind the tree!!! A likely story that we believe. Well spotted that man.


image no 5

London it is: details if one can't make out the sign in London Movie Guide. SJ.

London Zoo.

image no 6

Main gate, London Zoo. Regents Park.

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Zoo again, but it will probably cost you more to get in and take the photo than the prize is worth!

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Not St James' Palace, maybe the Temple? "ghuehesarch" of Britmovie places this (inc 007b and 008) as New Buildings, Common Lane, Eton. (RL)

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New Buildings, Common Lane, Eton (RL)

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Probably the same place. Indeed it is New Buildings, Common Lane, Eton (RL)

An additional grab from Tim Langley showing Loren and Peck in a scrapyard opposite a pub.

image no 11

This is The Swan pub and South Street, Old Isleworth,Middlesex. My dad worked on the location and remembers it well. The scrap yard has since disappeared and it is new shops, houses and a green area. Tim who supplied the now

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And maybe Eton again.

Waterloo Station, London.

image no 13

Rooflines from various angles, and yes, Waterloo it is.

image no 14

Rooflines from various angles, and yes, Waterloo it is.

image no 15

Rooflines from various angles, and yes, Waterloo it is.

Bit dark this one... identified by Alan F as Lime Street, EC2.

image no 16

And street viewed and proved by Graham Davies. (SJ)

As above.

image no 17

And another Google one from Gray with thanks. SJ

Is that a cinema in the background?

image no 18

An unnamed access road alongside London Road, Hounslow, between Kingsley Road and North Drive. The building in the background was a cinema, but for all the time that I knew it (up until its demolition, several years ago) it was a bingo hall. Alan Field


image no 19

Pownall Road, Hounslow, (Picture by Google) Alan Field. The house in middle distance, right, has a rounded 1930's bay window.

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Nice stables. John Hicks found this reference in the memoir of Christopher Challis, the cameraman on Arabesque: "Seated on the roof of a stable block, part of a large estate in the Midlands, we were waiting for a glimpse of sun to complete the last shots of Arabesque". So that narrows it down a bit!

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A stable block also appeared in The Bitch. Any horse racing fans out there? Readers of The Sporting Life? Maybe he is, but Clive Turner did find Tyringham Hall near Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire for sale in The Steeple Times and provides this link with a picture of the stables. Let's hope it stays for some time.

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One suggestion is that it is near Ascot.

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Pretty garden. Colin Hawkins says Tyringham House, nr Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire

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Crumlin Viaduct, Caerphilly, Wales.

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