As Seen Through a Telescope

Date: 1900
Director: George Albert Smith
Production Company: GAS Films

Stars: Unknown
Location(s): East Sussex



An old gentleman diverts his telescope from viewing the sky to spy on a young woman revealing her ankle.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and ‘now’ shots by Stephen Dean

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An old gentleman is looking at the sky through a telescope as a young couple approach. Furze Hill, Hove, East Sussex, by the entrance to St Anne's Well Gardens.

image no 1

The lodge, known as Swiss Cottage, was demolished in 1963.

The couple stop, and the man ties the young woman's shoe lace, occasionally patting her ankle, as the old gentleman watches through his telescope. The effect was achieved by filming through a hole in a board.

image no 2

What the old gentleman would see through his telescope now would not interest him quite so much. The close-up, in fact, would most likely have been filmed in G. A. Smith's studio in St Anne's Well Gardens.

As the couple pass on their way into the gardens, the young man knocks the old gentleman off his stool.

image no 3

G.A. Smith leased St Anne's Well Gardens from 1892 to 1904. The gardens were bought by Hove Council in 1908 and became a public park.