Ashes and Sand

Date: 2003
Director: Bob Blagden
Production Company: Matador Pictures

Stars: Nick Moran, Lara Belmont, Victoria Scarborough, Beccy Armory, Sarah French, Jessica Harris, Daniel Ryan, Kerry Godliman, Ashleigh Herford, Freddy White, Sam Graham, Jenna Harrison, Terry John, Jason Nicoli.
Location(s): East Sussex, Hertfordshire, West Sussex



Hayley leads a gang of teenage muggers in Brighton. All she wants is to steal enough money for them to escape to Bali. Then she sees Daniel, a young detective from London. She becomes infatuated, she must have him at any cost.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Stephen Dean.

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<?php echo 1; ?>

The camera pans along the Palace Pier, Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 1

The Palace Pier name restored by public demand.

<?php echo 2; ?>

Hayley (Lara Belmont) picks up a Spanish student (Jason Nicoli) on Brighton seafront.

image no 2

Facing east by the kiosks at the entrance to the Palace Pier.

<?php echo 3; ?>

Hayley leads the student down some steps where her gang attack and rob him.

image no 3

The concrete groyne on the west side of the Palace Pier,

<?php echo 4; ?>

As the girls run off, gang member Anna (Sarah French) kicks him firmly in the groin.

image no 4

The only mugging I saw was done by seagulls.

<?php echo 5; ?>

The gang run off along Madeira Drive.

image no 5

Facing west, with Brills Lane seen in 'Quadrophenia' in the distance.

<?php echo 6; ?>

The girls run past the shops and restaurants on Aquarium Terraces.

image no 6

Some buildings on Aquarium Terraces are being demolished to make way for new restaurants and cafes.

<?php echo 7; ?>

Hayley breaks in to Brighton Sea Life Centre through the fire escape. The Terrace, Madeira Drive, on the left of the Harvester entrance.

image no 7

Now, without the fake doors.

<?php echo 8; ?>

The gang members, Anna, Jo (Beccy Armory) Hayley and Lauren (Jessica Harris) take their stolen items to be fenced. Union Street, in the Brighton Lanes.

image no 8

Union Street facing Ship Street. Union Street was also seen in 'La Course a l'echalote'.

<?php echo 9; ?>

The girls turn into Meeting House Lane.

image no 9

Meeting House Lane was also seen in 'Brighton Rock' (1947), 'Jigsaw' and 'The Night We Got The Bird'.

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Detective Sergeant Daniel McClune (Nick Moran) makes an arrest at the house where the gang were planning to fence the stolen items. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Hayley's gang join the crowd of onlookers.

  • 'Now' required

Detective Constable Dawn Ellis (Victoria Scarborough) ruins Hayley's chance to sell the stolen items.

<?php echo 13; ?>

Daniel and Dawn discuss police business over coffee. Terraces Bar and Grill, unit 8-9 The Terraces, Madeira Drive, Brighton.

image no 13

Soon to be demolished and replaced by two new pavilions. Viewed through a convenient gap in the hoarding.

  • 'Now' required

Two girls from Saint Saviours school walk home through the estate. Swanborough Drive, Whitehawk, Brighton, facing Kestral Court.

  • 'Now' required

They encounter Hayley and her gang. Swanborough Drive, Whitehawk, facing Linchmere flats.

  • 'Now' required

One of the girls (Jenna Harrison) shouts "bitches!" at the fleeing gang.

<?php echo 17; ?>

Daniel and Dawn walk through the Madeira Terrace arches. Madeira Drive, Brighton.

image no 17

Now, structurally unsafe and fenced off. The terraces are awaiting a costly restoration. Also seen in 'Be My Guest', 'Brighton Rock' (2010), 'Genevieve', 'The Girl with a Pistol', 'Me Without You' and 'Oh What a Lovely War'.

<?php echo 18; ?>

Dawn tells Daniel that she has been investigating the teenage gang. Madeira Drive, Brighton.

image no 18

Facing west from beside the fenced off Madeira Terrace.

<?php echo 19; ?>

Hayley runs from the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, after stealing a poster from an Art of Bali exhibition.

image no 19

The Royal Pavilion viewed through the India Gate.

<?php echo 20; ?>

Hayley runs towards North Street.

image no 20

The Italian restaurant has doubled in size.

<?php echo 21; ?>

Daniel finds Hayley on the pier. Worthing Pier, Worthing, West Sussex.

image no 21

Worthing Pier was also seen in 'Cor Blimey', 'Dance With a Stranger', 'The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer' and 'Wish You Were Here'.

<?php echo 22; ?>

Hayley's friends laugh at Daniel. Worthing Pier.

image no 22

Now with the turbines of the Rampion Wind Farm on the horizon.

<?php echo 23; ?>

Daniel walks home along Brunswick Square, Hove, East Sussex.

image no 23

Daniel's flat was the basement of 42 Brunswick Square.

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The gang head for the off-licence. Buckingham Road, Watford, Hertfordshire.

  • 'Now' required

Once inside they commit more criminal acts. Asvins Food and Wine, 376 St Albans Road, Watford.

<?php echo 26; ?>

Lauren snogs her boyfriend Marty (Freddy White) outside a nightclub. Carousels bar, 215-225 Kings Road Arches, Brighton.

image no 26

Now, in the daytime, without the snogging teenagers.

<?php echo 27; ?>

Hayley and Anna mock Lauren for her minger of a boyfriend.

image no 27

Kings Road, Brighton, above the arches.

<?php echo 28; ?>

Dawn has been following the girls and comes over to speak to them. Kings Road, Brighton, with the Queens Hotel on the left.

image no 28

This area was also seen in 'Cassandra's Dream'.

<?php echo 29; ?>

Hayley and Anna run off shouting "We want Daniel". Facing west on Kings Road.

image no 29

Most of the night time scenes were filmed at around 2 am.

  • 'Now' required

After questioning Hayley, Daniel leaves the house. Unknown location, but it's number 3 if that helps.

<?php echo 31; ?>

After leaving the pub, Daniel asks Dawn if she lives nearby. Kings Road, Brighton, opposite the Old Ship Hotel.

image no 31

Looking up towards The Esplanade, Kings Road.

<?php echo 32; ?>

Dawn gets the wrong idea and kisses Daniel. Kings Road, Brighton at the top of the ramp. The Queens Hotel is seen in the background.

image no 32

Also seen in 'Cassandra's Dream'.

  • 'Now' required

Dawn arrests a pervert (Sam Graham) caught trying to abduct a child from the playground. Unknown location.

<?php echo 34; ?>

Hayley makes her way to the supermarket that Daniel is heading for. Meeting House Lane, Brighton.

image no 34

Meeting House Lane leading to North Street.

<?php echo 35; ?>

Hayley runs along Oxford Place, Brighton.

image no 35

Now with slightly more graffiti.

<?php echo 36; ?>

Hayley enters the supermarket before Daniel arrives. Somerfield, 119 London Road, Brighton.

image no 36

Now a Co-op.

<?php echo 37; ?>

Dawn sees Hayley follow Daniel from the supermarket.

image no 37

Outside the Co-op on London Road now.

<?php echo 38; ?>

Hayley arrives at Daniel's flat. 42 Brunswick Square, Hove.

image no 38

Still plenty of parked cars.

<?php echo 39; ?>

After Daniel refuses to let her in, Hayley gets drunk and walks home. Marine Parade, Brighton, near to the entrance to Brighton Sea Life Centre.

image no 39

Facing the Royal Albion Hotel, seen in 'Genevieve'.

  • 'Now' required

Hayley arrives home drunk. Unknown location.

<?php echo 41; ?>

The gang break into cars in a multistorey car park. Level 7, Grafton car park, Worthing.

image no 41

Before the cars arrived.

<?php echo 42; ?>

Hayley is unimpressed with the car stereo that Jo has stolen.

image no 42

The view from the car park, with The Lido on Marine Parade, which appears in 'Stan and Ollie', on the right.

  • 'Now' required

After deciding to leave, Daniel visits a department store to buy a suitcase. Clements & Co 22-23 High Street, Watford. Clements closed in 2004. The shop is now a B&M.

<?php echo 44; ?>

Hayley once again runs from the Royal Pavilion after stealing a dress from the Bali exhibition.

image no 44

The Royal Pavilion was also seen in 'Brighton Rock' (1947), 'Be My Guest', The Girl with a Pistol' and 'Penny Points to Paradise'.

<?php echo 45; ?>

Hayley runs through the India Gate.

image no 45

Those gates are very rarely open.

<?php echo 46; ?>

Hayley and Anna run out of Jim Thompson's restaurant and bar, 1 The Terrace, Madeira Drive, Brighton.

image no 46

The restaurant is now a Havester. The hoardings are for the Madeira Terraces building work.

  • 'Now' required

Hayley sprays graffiti on Daniel's car in the police station compound. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Hayley stands defiant as Dawn approaches with two police officers.

  • 'Now' required

She struggles as they take her into custody.

  • 'Now' required

Jo and Lauren climb over the fence, climb onto the extension and gain access to Hayley's bedroom to steal her money. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Hayley is driven home by Dawn. Unknown location.

  • 'Now' required

Dawn tells Hayley that Daniel is leaving.

<?php echo 53; ?>

The gang meet at Brighton Sea Life Centre,

image no 53

The handrail has been removed from the the middle of the steps.

<?php echo 54; ?>

The girls notice a potential mugging victim (Terry John). Madeira Drive, Brighton, near to where Joanne ran on to the beach in 'London to Brighton'.

image no 54

Now a more cluttered area.

<?php echo 55; ?>

Hayley decides to approach him. Madeira Drive facing the Palace Pier.

image no 55

Brighton's version of the "Boris Bike".

<?php echo 56; ?>

The man turns violent and during the scuffle, Jo pulls a knife and stabs him.

image no 56

Facing east along Madeira Drive.

  • 'Now' required

The girls return to their hideout in The Sea Life Centre.

<?php echo 58; ?>

An ambulance arrives for the stab victim. Madeira Drive facing the Palace Pier.

image no 58

The Palace Pier featured in 'Brighton Rock' (1947) and many other films.

<?php echo 59; ?>

Hayley phones Daniel to ask him for help. Marine Parade looking over the entrance to the Sea Life Centre.

image no 59

The entrance to the Sea Life Centre was seen in 'Quadrophenia'.

  • 'Now' required

Daniel says goodbye to his colleague Glyn (Daniel Ryan), Glyn's wife Carol (Kerry Godliman) and daughter Gemma (Ashleigh Herford). Unknown location

  • 'Now' required

As he leaves, Daniel lies for the girls and gives them a false alibi.

<?php echo 62; ?>

After the attack on Daniel, Jo, Lauren and Anna run from his flat just as Dawn arrives. Brunswick Square.

image no 62

A peaceful scene today.

  • 'Now' required

During her attack on Daniel, Hayley fantasises that they are on a beach in Bali. Probably not Bali but it could be Ruislip Lido Beach. Thanks was given to the London Boro. Of Hillingdon in the credits which could back it up.

  • 'Now' required

After Dawn discovers what Hayley has done, a scene of what could have been in Bali.