Assassination Bureau Limited, The

Date: 1968
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Heathfield, Paramount Pictures

Stars: Oliver Reed, Diana Rigg, Telly Savalas, Beryl Reid, Kenneth Griffith, Curd Jürgens, Warren Mitchell
Location(s): Kanton Zürich (Switzerland), London, Prague (Czech Republic), Veneto (Italy), Vienna (Austria)

Region(s): , ,


An aspiring journalist uncovers an organisation that specialises in killing for money.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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Aspiring journalist Sonia Winter (Diana Rigg) crosses the street after convincing newspaper owner Lord Bostwick that she can cover a story on a recent series of deaths. This is Strand in WC2 and this must have been a Sunday morning!

image no 1

A Tuesday pm. Getting dusky as I'm too near. SJ

When a Blind Beggar (Kevin Stoney) stops Miss Winter, she purchases a box of matches. Strand with the Royal Courts of Justice in the background found with the help of Simon James. The building was also seen in 'Libel' and 'Brothers in Law'.

image no 2

Impeded by some metal barriers to keep the journalists at bay so not the best angle. SJ

Inside the matchbox is a note advising of a rendezvous with the killers' organisation. The doorway is set into the right hand tower at the entrance to The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand.

image no 3

See what I mean about those barriers! SJ

Following the instructions, Sonia Winter heads to Lowe's on Piccadilly to pick up Mr. Pemberty's bowler hat. Simon James identifies this as Lowndes Street at the junction with Motcomb Street in SW1. The area was also used in 'Allez France!' and 'The Servant'.

image no 4

And down Motcomb Street, Scandalous. SJ

After making contact with a shop assistant, Sonia is transported across London in a delivery carriage to the home of Ivan Dragomiloff, Chairman of the Assassination Bureau. Wilton Crescent SW1 with Wilton Terrace to the centre located by Simon James. The area was seen in 'The Fallen Idol', '23 Paces to Baker Street' and 'Scandalous'.

image no 5

As well as Hanover Street. And in the background, clearer in the "then," is Bergamn's flat in Indiscreet. SJ

Ivan Dragomiloff (Oliver Reed) walks through Kensington Gardens disguised as a Guard while Three Nursemaids (Elizabeth Knight, Pauline Barker and Georgina Moon) look on in admiration.

image no 6

Peter captured the same location.

Sonia arrives to meet Dragomiloff and is taken aback by the Nursemaid's comments about the guard. In the background stands the base of The Albert Memorial, seen in many other films including '23 Paces to Baker Street'.

image no 7

Not as busy when Peter was there.

Dragomiloff advises Sonia that the Assassination Bureau has accepted her commission to kill him and because of that, he now has to wear a disguise. Kensington Gardens in W2.

image no 8

Busy with path refurbishment. SJ

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In Paris, Monsieur Lucoville makes his way to La Belle Amie Hotel, which is a front for a brothel. Variety magazine highlights that exteriors were shot in London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna and Venice.

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Sonia also arrives at the hotel where she is mistaken for a new prostitute.

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After Miss Winter is rescued from her predicament by Dragomiloff, the two leave Paris and head to Zurich. Manuel Gurtner advises that Praha hlavní nádraží, the main station in Prague, served as Gare de l'Est.

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A Swiss Peasant (George Coulouris) arrives outside the Zürich bank belonging to bureau member Herr Weiss to deposit his savings. A studio set, see (RL)

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Dragomiloff and Sonia are driven from Weiss's bank after the demise of the proprietor. Another view of the set, see (RL)

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Sonia Winter sits outside the Hotel Ritz Donau in Vienna watching as the Prince Ferdinand of Ruthenia rides past.

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Dragomiloff arrives to sit with Miss Winter as the parade continues.

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Following the assassination of Prince Ferdinand that evening, Ivan and Sonia leave Vienna and head to Venice.

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Venice, where Eleanora Spado attempts to poison Ivan Dragomiloff after previously murdering her husband. The Giudecca Canal with San Giorgio (St. George) Church on San Giorgio Maggiore lying to the left and Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute seen in the right distance.

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Eleanora's gondolier sings as he disposes of the body, only to be killed when Ivan awakes. Looking east on Venice's Grand Canal with Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute (Basilica of St. Mary of Salvation) in the right centre distance.

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When reports of Ivan's death are circulated, Miss Winter arrives at Santa Lucia station to meet Lord Bostwick. Looking out from Campo della Pescaria onto the Grand Canal with the Ca' d'Oro Palace visible on the left.

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Lord Charles Bostwick (Telly Savalas) leaves the station with Baron Muntzof (Vernon Dobtcheff). This is facing Fondamenta Riva Olio that passess through Campo della Pescaria (Rialto Market), Venezia.

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Baron Muntzov is introduced and Lord Bostwick tells Sonia that her story will be published around the world. Il Canal Grande a Venezia scorre in sottofondo.

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General von Pinck (Curd Jürgens) and Lord Bostwick board a gondola outside the station. Canal Grande at the junction with Cannaregio Canal as seen from the outside Chiesa di San Geremia in Venice, Veneto, Italy.

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Sonia learns that Bostwick is now the head of the bureau and finds that Ivan is still alive. Looking southward on the Grand Canal near the junction with Rio de Ca' Foscari with buildings of the Università Ca' Foscari to the right.

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A gondola-hearse leaves the Spado's house carrying the escaping Ivan and Sonia.

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The gondola-hearse continues it's journey and the two set about preventing Lord Bostwick from carrying out his plan to cause war in Europe. The bridge carries Fondamente Nuove over Rio dei Mendicante whilst across Laguna Veneta (the Venetian Lagoon) can be seen the Cimitero Ortodosso Greco (greek-orthodox cemetery) of San Michele.

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The royal castle at Minsk, where a peace conference is soon to take place. Karlstejn Castle located about 30 kilometres to the southwest of Prague, founded in 1348 by Charles IV and identified by Manuel Gurtner.

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Lord Bostwick rides towards Rothenburg where he has equipped an airship with a huge bomb. Cliveden Clocktower rises above the trees in the grounds of Cliveden House near Taplow in Buckinghamshire. The tower was seen in 'Thunderbirds' and 'Carry On Don't Lose Your Head'.

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As Lord Bostwick launches his airship towards Castle Minsk, Sonia is stopped at the Ruthenian border and not allowed to pass. Located by Manuel, the customs house is now the 'Hotel Karlstejn' in Karlštejn, Czechia.

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Castle guards watch as the airship approaches.

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The airship is set alight and crashes during a fight between Dragomiloff and the remaining members of the Assassination Bureau.

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After disgusing herself as a nun, Sonia finally rides into Castle Minsk to warn the conference members.

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Miss Winter arrives to find that Ivan Dragomiloff has been honoured for saving Europe's heads of state from Lord Bostwick's plan.