Assassination in Rome

Date: 1965
Director: Silvio Amadio
Production Company: Apo Film, Midega Film, Dicifrance

Stars: Hugh O'Brian, Cyd Charisse
Location(s): Rome, Venice (Italy)



Reporter becomes involved with both a murder and a disappearance in Rome. SJ

Additional Information:

Also known as ‘Il Segreto del Vestito Rosso’ (Original Italian Title)

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A drunk celebrates with himself in the Piazza di Trevi.

image no 1

A detail of the renowned Trevi Fountain. SJ

The drunk comes across a lifeless body.

image no 2

Healthier site (and sight) in daytime. SJ

Newsman Hugh O'Brian is on the scene to help the police investigate

image no 3

The shopfronts are the same. SJ

O'Brian visits Cyd Charisse.

image no 4

Outside 35 via Garibaldi on the Gianicolo, familiar to fans of Three Coins in the Fountain and Come September. SJ

Charisse explains the disappearance of her husband to old boy-friend O'Brian.

image no 5

The Gianicolo hill affords splendid views east of central Rome. SJ

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Another glorious view.

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Petty burglars become involved in the plot.

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Charisse enjoys a flashback with her husband, while enjoying Titus' Arch.

image no 8

Taken from within the (fee-paying) grounds of the Foro Romano. SJ

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Charisse again, now in front of the Colosseum

image no 9

Looking the other way (see above) in the Foro Romano towards the Colosseum. SJ

O'Brian approaches Cinecittà. Is he driving on the left?

image no 10

Cinecittà is to the south-east of Rome but very accessible by the orange-coloured metro Line A (exit Is the white M in this shot). The approach, Via Tuscolana, has seen changes. SJ

O'Brian turns into the famous studios.

image no 11

The façade is unchanged but enjoyed a paint job in the last 50 years. SJ

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Within the hallowed studios, which are open to visits.

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A random tower.

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O'Brian and Charisse enjoy Venice. This is the south branch of Piazza San Marco opposite the Palazzo Ducale.

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An encounter on the Riva degli Schiavone

O'Brian follows the mysterious lady to the Venice railway station, Venezia Santa Lucia.

image no 16

The view from the Fontamenta Santa Lucia to the stazione ferroviaria. Sent in by Manuel Gurtner and Google. (SJ)

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These look like project tenements in the US. imdb mentions Madrid, so maybe ...

A return to the familiar ground of the Gianicolo, west of central Rome.

image no 18

Back on familiar ground. The shadow is caused by the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola and Bond roars past 50 years later in Spectre. SJ

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On the way to the hospital ... Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani, north-east of Rome's centre.

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Or perhaps I should say clinic where Charisse is recovering to offer a killer a second chance... Santa Francesca Romana appears in internet searches but yet to narrow it down, if indeed it's real... now narrowed down to Villino Crespi on the Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani.