Avengers, The

Date: 1998
Director: Jeremiah Chechik
Production Company: Warner Brothers Pictures, Jerry Weintraub Productions

Stars: Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes, Sean Connery, Eddie Izzard, Patrick MacNee, Jim Broadbent, Fiona Shaw
Location(s): Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex

Region(s): , , ,


Two British agents team up to stop Sir August De Wynter from destroying the world with a weather changing machine.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson with uncredited now images by David Ahern

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John Steed (Ralph Fiennes) walks through a quiet English village. Hambleden in Buckinghamshire.

image no 1

Not quite as quiet. SJ

A Policeman approaches, and attempts to strike Steed with his truncheon. Hambleden.

image no 2

Now. SJ

After a fight, John Steed knocks the Policeman out and continues along the street. Hambleden, Buckinghamshire.

image no 3

Somebody's parked in front of the red door. SJ

Next, a Milkman smashes two bottles ready to attack Steed. Hambleden.

image no 4

Now. SJ

When the Milkman has been dealt with, Steed walks past the garage as a Nanny pushing a pram appears. The village of Hambleden again.

image no 5

The garage was seen in The Legacy. SJ

The Nanny makes her way as Steed lets her pass. Hambleden in Buckinghamshire, also seen in 'Another Country', 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and 'Dance with a Stranger'.

image no 6

Also used in The Black Cat, The Witches (1966) and 101 Dalmatians. SJ

Another assailant emerges from the garage and sets about Steed. Hambleden with St Mary the Virgin Church in the background.

image no 7

Now. SJ

When the mechanic has been dispatched, three Nuns walk by without attacking. Hambleden.

image no 8

Note the false front on the "then." SJ

It's revealed that Steed has been taking part in a test of his abilities in a 'mock up' village. Hambleden, Buckinghamshire.

image no 9

Now. SJ

Steed is assessed by Dr. Darling (Nicholas Woodeson) at the end of the test. Hambleden in Buckinghamshire, about five miles north east of Henley on Thames.

image no 10

The main square. SJ

Mrs Peel arrives at Steed's club in her E-type Jaguar.

image no 11

The Reform Club, Pall Mall, London SW1.

The camera follows Steed and Mrs Emma Peel (Uma Thurman) as they drive over Lambeth Bridge in his Bentley. London SE1 with the Victoria Tower coming into view on the right.

image no 12

The red paint seems to be fading.

The Bentley descends the ramp to the secret entrance of The Ministry. Looking out of the disused Kingsway Tram Tunnel towards the Holborn Hotel which stands on the corner of Theobolds Road and Southampton Row, London WC1.

image no 13

The Holborn Hotel now. David remarks that this is the best possible as there is no access to the Tram Tunnel ramp.

  • 'Now' required

The pair leave Trubshaw & Co., Steed's tailor. David advises that this sequence was shot on a street set built at (probably) Pinewood. It is mentioned in the 'Making-of' book.

  • 'Now' required

Bailey (Eddie Izzard), one of Sir August de Wynter's henchmen, watches Steed and Emma. If you look just behind Eddie Izzard you can see Purdey & Sons, a reference to Joanna Lumley's character in The New Avengers.

  • 'Now' required

Steed sets off to take Emma for a spin in the country. A set built at the studio. Also mentioned in the 'Making of' book is a painted backdrop, which is possibly part of this image.

  • 'Now' required

Emma serves tea as Steed drives to visit Sir August de Wynter. Unknown location.

Steed and Emma pass through Sir August de Wynter's estate. Blenheim Palace near Woodstock in Oxfordshire with the Monument of Victory in the left background.

image no 18

Little changes on this Estate. (RL)

Emma opens the gates to reclusive meteorologist de Wynter's grounds. Blenheim Palace near Woodstock.

image no 19

Today the gates were firmly locked. (RL)

Steed goes off to 'snoop around' as Mrs Peel makes her way to question Sir August. Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

image no 20

Paying tourists are allowed to "snoop" as well. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

After the two agents visit the offices of Wonderland Weather, Steed waits for an elevator whilst following a man in a teddy-bear suit. This appears to be inside the Lloyds building on Lime Street, London looking west along Leadenhall Street.

  • 'Now' required

Emma spots someone in a black bear suit whilst looking out of the Lloyds Building onto Leadenhall Street in EC3.

  • 'Now' required

The person in the teddy-bear suit is revealed to be a clone of Emma before it jumps from the building. The building to the right stands on Gracechurch Street, London EC3.

Mother holds a conference with Father and Steed in the Ministry's mobile headquarters.

image no 24

Outer Circle, in the south west part of Regents Park near Baker Street, London NW1.

  • 'Now' required

Sir August de Wynter (Sean Connery) plays croquet with Father (Fiona Shaw) who is revealed to be a double agent. The grounds of Hatfield House, Hertfordshire identified by David.

Emma, Alice (Eileen Atkins) and Steed enter a maze in Sir August's grounds.

image no 26

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. The croquet lawn is to the left of the maze. Image copyright Bing Maps.

After Emma is captured by de Wynter, Steed and Alice head for the house. David Ahern locates this as the rear facade of Blenheim Palace.

image no 27

Indeed it is, looks as if some of the saplings have been removed. (RL)

Steed and Alice attempt to enter the house. Blenheim Palace once again.

image no 28

If we had paid extra and gone into the Palace I could have taken the correct angle. (RL)

Father watches as Emma is kidnapped and forced into a car.

image no 29

York Terrace East, London NW1,

Steed makes his way to The Ministry to meet Colonel 'Invisible' Jones as a storm brews.

image no 30

Shad Thames in SE1 with Tower Bridge to the right.

Steed enters The Ministry. This location is based on the disused northern portal of the Kingsway Tram Tunnel on Southampton Row, London WC1.

image no 31

A CG shot combining the Kingsway Tram Tunnel entrance (below red line) and the view from the Newcastle Draw Dock, near Island Gardens E14 of the University of Greenwich and the Trinity College of Music (above red line).

  • 'Now' required

Mother (Jim Broadbent) confronts Father during de Wynter's snow storm. David notes that this is part of a huge Trafalgar Square set which was built in Pinewood studios to film all the snow sequences.

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Steed and Mrs Peel enjoy champagne with Mother after de Wynter is killed and the weather returns to normal. On top of County Hall, Belvedere Road in Lambeth, London SE1.