Baby Love

Date: 1968
Director: Alastair Reid
Production Company: Avton Films

Stars: Ann Lynn, Keith Barron, Linda Hayden, Diana Dors, Dick Emery, Sheila Steafel
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


When she finds her mother has committed suicide, a 15 year old schoolgirl is taken in by her mum’s childhood friend who is now a very successful doctor.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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As Liz Thompson's bathtub fills with hot water, children finish lessons for the day.

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Classmates watch Luci Thompson (Linda Hayden) hitch up her skirt as she leaves school.

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Schoolboys run towards the end of the street as Luci's mother applies lipstick in her bathroom.

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Girls follow Luci along the street towards where she has arranged to snog with a boy.

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Liz Thompson looks at the razor blade in her hand as her daughter nears home.

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Luci walks down a grass bank before trying to take a newspaper from a vendor. A waterless, or German style, gasholder takes up the background.

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The wanton fifteen year old girl turns towards the front door of her home. It looks like a prop and it says Mason Street!

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Liz's lover watches Luci enter the house where she finds that her mother has committed suicide.

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Robert Quayle (Keith Barron), a middle class London Doctor, arrives home where his wife is entertaining guests and reads a letter advising of Liz's death. Looking out of Sir Christopher Wren's former house onto Hampton Court Road, East Molesey.

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Dr Quayle heads north to collect Luci, the daughter of his former lover who has asked him to look after her.

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The Doctor emerges from a subway near to Luci's home.

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Workmen digging up the road are seen nearby.

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Robert Quayle surveys the obviously lower class district. The pub in the background is apparently serving the fictitious Broadbents Lancashire Ales.

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The successful Doctor nears the Thompson's house where he meets Luci.

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Luci attends her mother's funeral with Robert, who she holds responsible for her mother's tragic life and death because he not only left her to go on to university, but left her pregnant.

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After the ceremony, the two travel to the Quayle's house. Facing the roundabout at the start of Hampton Court Way from Hampton Court Road in East Molesey, Surrey.

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The Doctor's teenage son, Nicholas 'Nick' Quayle (Derek Lamden), and Luci run through the streets as they head off on a sightseeing tour. Hampton Court Palace, Hampton Court Way in East Molesey, Surrey. The location was seen in 'Three Men in a Boat'.

Luci suffers nightmares about her mother and the Doctor's wife, Amy, takes her to town as a surprise. The London Hilton on Park Lane, Mayfair.

image no 18

An almost identical shot from Peter.

Amy Quayle (Ann Lynn) and Luci leave the Hilton Hotel and head for the shops. Park Lane, London W1.

image no 19

The same slightly renamed and shinier location by Peter.

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The two leave a trendy boutique.

Amy and Luci head for a nearby cafe. St. George Street in W1. Identified by Simon James in his book 'London Movie Guide'.

image no 21

Re-developed and no longer a cafe. (RL)

The pair meet up with Nicholas. St. George Street with the pillars of St. George's Hanover Square in the background.

image no 22

Thankfully, St. George's remains the same. (RL)

Nicholas is left to take Luci to the cinema as his mother crosses the road to head home. Sotheby's window serves as the backdrop on St. George Street W1.

image no 23

Sotheby's window has been "modernised" and the stonework cleaned. (RL)

When Luci allows an older man to molest her in the picture house, Nicholas drags her outside. Looking from the Gaumont Cinema onto the corner of Hill Street and Red Lion Street in Richmond.

image no 24

Ian Hedgcock captures the current style of London bus.

The two run through an alley where Luci teasingly kisses Nicholas. Paul McGirl identifies this as Brewers Lane, Richmond leading out onto Richmond Green. (RL)

image no 25

The same narrow lane taken by Ian.

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After realising that she is causing arguments within the Doctor's family, Luci takes a bus to the riverside. Richmond Lock and Footbridge seen from Ranelagh Drive in Twickenham, formerly Middlesex.

Luci thinks she sees a blurred figure waving and runs towards the bridge. Twickenham Bridge crossing the Thames in Richmond, Surrey.

image no 27

Not as much river traffic in Ian Hedgcock's modern view.

The young girl stops when she has a flashback to when she discovered her mother's body in the bath. Ranelagh Drive, Twickenham.

image no 28

Ian Hedgcock provides this up to date view.

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On another day, Mrs Quayle sits reading in the garden as Luci feeds the ducks on the river. This appears to be looking across the Thames towards properties on Riverbank in East Molesey.

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As tensions rise within his family, the Doctor looks up at Luci's window.

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When the Quayles are asked over to their friends, Harry Pearson (Dick Emery) gets a little over familiar with Luci.

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Dr Quayle drives his family home.

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Luci approaches Robert who explains that he and his family are trying to help her before she throws herself at him.