Bachelor of Hearts

Date: 1958
Director: Wolf Rilla
Production Company: Rank / Independent Artists

Stars: Hardy Kruger, Sylvia Syms, Eric Barker, Miles Malleson
Location(s): Cambridge, Royston?, London

Region(s): ,


Comedy. A German scholar arriving as an exchange student at Cambridge takes time to win the trust of his fellow students, but eventually wins them over and in the days of rigid segregation finds romance with Ann (Sylvia Sims) but complicates things by arranging simultaneous dates.

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Cambridge railway station.

image no 1

Now. Photo by Glynn Peterson, well done that man.

Seemed to be the drive towards the station, but now gone. The A10 London-Cambridge Road, the row of shops are on the entrance to the Trumpington council estate. Spotted and submitted by John MacWillson, many thanks. At the junction of High Street/Anstey Way, Tumpington, confirms Brian Dockerill.

image no 2

Now pic from Brian Dockerill.

Beside the Cambridge station forecourt.

image no 3

Now. Glynn strikes again, but this is a pan shot. Thanks, but no prize money.

image no 4

Different times. SJ

Senate House Cambridge on the left and Gonville and Caius college in the distance.

image no 5

Yes, that's Gonville and Caius, also known more simply as Caius, at the end of King's Parade, where the real Harold Abrahams of Chariots of Fire fame attended. SJ

image no 6

Now. Glynn's pic is a bit left of the subject, but then lots of Cambridge students are!

image no 7

The windows in the screen of King's gatehouse. SJ

image no 8

Now, King's. SJ

image no 9

Some nice architectural detail of King's gate. SJ

image no 10

Looking south down King's Parade. SJ

One of the colleges, probably All saints, Jesus Lane, Cambridge.

image no 11

Identified by Gavin Reynolds as Clare, Trinity Lane and he's right. SJ

image no 12

Clare again. SJ

image no 13

Ah, the power of the cinema. Kruger enters Clare but this is Gaius looking south. SJ

image no 14

Gaius again, identified by Selwyn alumnus, Rupert Candy. SJ

image no 15

Kruger's rooms. SJ

St John's Cambridge.

image no 16

Trinity Street, St John's in the background, identified by Rupert Candy. SJ

The shirtmaker's front door.

image no 17


King's Parade.

image no 18

Now. Glynn's pic.

image no 19

Caius at the junction of Senate House Passage and Trinity Street at the top of King's Parade. SJ

image no 20

Great St Mary's Church to the left. SJ

Shirtmakers shop front.

image no 21

Now. Glynn's pic

Cambridge, yes. Senate House, perhaps, or Peterhouse, or Trumpington, or?..?

image no 22

Back at Clare College. SJ


image no 23

Clare, exactly the same after 50 years. SJ

image no 24

Unfortunately the gate's closed but it's Trinity. SJ

St Johns Street, Cambridge, says John Macwillson, well done.

image no 25

This is the former High Street now called Trinity Street (which runs into St John's Street) opposite Trinity and very similar to bh004. SJ

Magdalene Bridge, often pronounced "Mawdlin".

image no 26

Now. However you say it, Glynn Peterson snapped it.

image no 27

Sorry, Glynn, you're on the wrong side of the bridge: how did you get down there? This is from the northeast corner of the bridge on Magdalene Street, not the southwest, so I've replaced your photo but left the one above. SJ

image no 28

Magdalen bridge today and some happy punters on the Cam. SJ

Trinity College, the public face.

image no 29

Now. Well sleuthed Glynn.

The continuity suggests the interior of Trinity.

image no 30

Beautiful Poster. BACHELOR OF HEARTS Original poster, British quad size, 65cm x 1.00cm, about 25” x 39”, good condition, minor wear € 45.00. Postage & packing UK / Europe € 6.00, USA & rest of world € 8.50

Aahhh, that was the angle Glynn was looking for??..quite creative in an existentialist way, don't you think?

image no 31

Now. As an aside, from the ever creative Glynn, a pic of our 'enery., on the same gateway, with a chairleg in his right hand! Some young scallywags pinched his sceptre some years ago, and left the bereft monarch with this humble replacement!

  • 'Now' required

A shop?????..any ideas?

  • 'Now' required

That says "Chester House." The continuity suggests that they can see the Proctors in bh011 from here, which would mean Trinity Street but it doesn't seem to match.

  • 'Now' required

Side of Senate House.

image no 35

King's College chapel and the railings of Senate House. SJ

As yet unfound, but near the Senate House.

image no 36

Identified by Gavin Reynolds as the door to Caius and he's right again. SJ

Same sort of place.

image no 37

And panning to the left down Senate House Passage. SJ

Senate House Lane.

image no 38

Now. Photo'd and located by Glynn.

Trinity Lane, part of a pan.

image no 39

Now. Glynn's pan pic, thanks a lot well spotted.

Trinity Lane.

image no 40

Now. Glynn again.

Garrett Hostel Lane.

image no 41

Now. Another wow from Glynn, he really knows the back alleys of Cambridge. But we won't enquire how he gained such knowledge.

image no 42

Now. Trinity Lane, seriously sleuthed by Glynn.

Senate House again, also see Pics 2 and 2a.

image no 43


This has to be that new college, on a corner, near the river??.yes, you know the one I mean??..but what's it called? Just across the road from the Punt Yard.... and that's a Selwyn College scarf adds Annabel Church with anecdotal insight. SJ

image no 44

Yes, that's the place, wonky angle????..but the name? Queens College, Cambridge, identified by John Macwillson, thank you... original still replaced by SJ for better angle.

Nice piece of brickwork on the corner.

image no 45

And the brickwork is still there on the corner of Mill Lane and Laundress Lane. SJ

Probably the same street, looks like a hill, and not many of them in Cambridge, if that's where it is, or was.

image no 46

Same street. Mill Lane. SJ

image no 47

And again, heading east to Trumpington Street from the punting yard. SJ

OK, there's a clue, 12.5 miles from Cambridge, 46.5 miles from London, 6 miles from Nuthampstead (Isn't that where Rupert Bear lived?), and on the probably Royston in Herfordshire. Roundabout in Royston at Newmarket Rd/Melbourn rd/Melbourn street/Priory lane claims Brian Dockerill.

image no 48

The approach to the A10 roundabout from the Cambridge end - courtesy Google & Geoff Gwillym

..............any advance on Royston? Priory Cinema, Royston. Well confirmed by John Macwillson.

image no 49

Same roundabout. The view of what once was the cinema, then apparently an Indian restaurant, now derelict- courtesy Google Maps & Geoff Gwillym


image no 50

gone Google Maps & Geoff Gwillym

image no 51

Coming off the Royston A10 roundabout towards London - courtesy Google Maps & Geoff Gwillym .

Burkes Road, Beaconsfield looking towards "The Highway" the building to the left of shot is the now defunct 5 ways cafe & cinema. Colin Blundell.

image no 52

The same location now, with the addition of a large building. (PW)

London, north of Oxford Street? Or Belgravia, or Victoria?

image no 53

North of Kensington Gardens: the bit jutting out on the right still juts! SJ

image no 54

Lancaster Gate, London W2

image no 55

This corner was also seen in The Broken (qv). SJ

image no 56

London Movie Guide (Anova) will tell you all about The Man Outside, Three Blind Mice, Endless Night, Two Weeks in September. SJ

image no 57

In fact Bardot stayed in that hotel behind in Two Weeks in September in 1967. SJ

image no 58

And this is directly opposite. All the bh016s at Lancaster Gate, W2. SJ

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Back in Cambridge at the Faculty of Mathematics.

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  • 'Now' required

Maybe the Pitt Building on Trumpington Street, suggests Joe Steadman. SJ

A nice turn of ankle.

image no 62

Brother Brian 1947 - 2011, with ankle!

image no 63

Now. SJ

image no 64


image no 65

The Mill pub to the left still stands but otherwise some rebuilding. SJ

image no 66

This is where Kruger must have been standing: the only kink in the wall. SJ

image no 67

That college again???.I'll never forget??what's it called! Queens College, Cambridge, identified by John Macwillson, thank you.

Punt Yard

image no 68


image no 69

Now. SJ

Punt Yard again and Mill Lane.

image no 70

Now. Well shot by Glynn.

  • 'Now' required

Nice doorway behind Eric Barker.

  • 'Now' required

Could this be near Trumpington College? Trumpington does not have a college named after it! Says Brian Dockerill, without telling us where it is. John Macwillson advises that the Eastern Counties 129 service ran from Cambridge (Peas Hill) to Oakington and Girton, no where near Trumpington. Does anyone know the route? (RL)

  • 'Now' required

  • 'Now' required

Not too easy this one.

  • 'Now' required

MMMmmmmm?.. Girton College suggests Brian Dockerill.

  • 'Now' required

In the film, this is supposed to be Girton.

King's Parade, Botolph Lane end.

image no 77

Now. SJ

St Edward's Passage.

image no 78

Now. Sleuthed by Glynn, and very worthy of ten smackerooneys.

Is this a bit further up St Edward's passage? Perhaps I should re-write that!

image no 79

Now. SJ

But you know what I mean.

image no 80

Now. SJ

Too easy, no prizes.

image no 81

Trinity from The Backs. SJ

image no 82

The Avenue bridge over the Cam. SJ

One of the main roads in Cambridge.

image no 83

King's Parade with Gaius behind the scaffolding and St Mary's on the right. SJ

Lavs in the Market.

image no 84

Now. Used as storage, Thanks Glynn for this insite!

image no 85

That's the side of Great St. Mary's Church. SJ

The Market.

image no 86


The Market.

image no 87

Now. The Market

Sidney Street, Cambridge, John Macwillson on the case again, ... where exactly? I've looked for it and can't find it. SJ

image no 88

6 (Stiles) and 7 (Millers) Sidney Street. The "wavy line" masonry decoration on the extreme right, remains and confirms. Richard Lovejoy

Senate House.

image no 89

Rupert Candy and I think the Fitzwilliam further south on Trumpington Street. SJ

image no 90

Fitzwilliam again. SJ


image no 91

Entering Clare College with King's College chapel on the right. Identification by Rupert Candy. SJ

  • 'Now' required

And MMmmmmm again... could be the interior of Caius. Look at the shape of the north side of the southwest courtyard. SJ