Date: 1973
Director: Philip Leacock
Production Company: Arena Productions, Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

Stars: Leonard Nimoy, Susan Hampshire, Rachel Roberts, Vera Miles
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


A racing car driver experiences visions and teams up with an expert on the paranormal to unravel their meaning.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

A TV movie intended as a pilot for a television series which had a theatrical release in the UK.

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Tom Kovak races in the Pennsylvania 500 Mile Special. Brian Horn advises that this is Oulton Park race circuit near Little Budworth, Cheshire and adds "The film sequences are of the 1971 Gold Cup and this capture shows Henri Pescarolo in a March followed by Peter Gethin and Howden Ganley both in BRM’s".

image no 1

Brian provides this image of Lodge Corner taken in 2015.

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The car is brought into the pits to refuel before Kovak returns to the track where he experiences a vision.

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During the vision, the driveway of an English country house appears, causing Kovak to crash the car. Taplow Court on Cliveden Road, Taplow in Buckinghamshire.

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At Denver's Stapleton International Airport, actress Andrea Glenn (Vera Miles) arrives with her daughter Jennifer (Jewel Blanch).

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Photographers approach before the two continue into the airport to begin their journey to Devon in England.

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Arriving in England, Andrea and Jennifer are driven to fictional Wyndham Manor where they are expecting to meet Duncan, their estranged husband and father.

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At the house seen in Kovak's vision, the Americans wait for Mrs. Farraday to appear as a Housekeeper and Hopkins the Butler (Ewan Roberts) collect the luggage from the car. Following World War II, Taplow Court was owned by British Telecommunications Research, a subsidiary of Plessey Electronics for over forty years.

Having travelled to London to meet psychic researcher and occult expert Michele Brent, Kovak is driven through the City streets by the Englishwoman. Approaching Marble Arch on Bayswater Road with Oxford Street ahead and the corner of Cumberland Place to the left.

image no 8

Peter's shot proves the location.

On their way to investigate the racing driver's vision, Michele and Kovak make their way to Wyndham Manor. Marble Arch in London W1 with the northern end of Park Lane in the right distance.

image no 9

More of the same thoroughfare now from Peter.

Kovak is alarmed as Michele negotiates her way through busy traffic. Facing south on Park Lane.

image no 10

Peter moves on to Park Lane too.

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Michele's car carries the two out of London and on to Devon. Looking north on Park Lane W1 with the since demolished Marble Arch Tower on the extreme left.

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Andrea and Jennifer walk through Wyndham village to call on Louise Sanford who had made the reservation for them at Wyndham Manor.

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Mother and daughter arrive at the front gate of Cliff Cottage.

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Jennifer knocks at the door which is opened by Louise Sanford who had made the booking at the request of Duncan.

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Verelli (Christopher Benjamin) arrives at the house and is introduced to Tom Kovack (Leonard Nimoy) and Michele Brent (Susan Hampshire) by Catherine Farraday (Rachel Roberts). Since 1988 Taplow Court has been a Soka Gakkai International Buddhist centre.

As the investigation continues, a taxi brings Michele to the heart of London's theatreland. The Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue W1 confirmed by Peter.

image no 16

More proof from Peter.

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Lead to her destination by Mrs. Sanford's remarks at Wyndham, Michele gets out of the cab. Facing southward on Shaftesbury Avenue.

The camera catches up with Michele as she turns the corner of Tavistock Street and Catherine Street in WC2.

image no 18

The same corner captured by Peter.

Finding the Stage Door Keeper, Michele asks if anyone in the theatre would know John Parrish. Looking out from the Stage Door of the Novello Theatre to the corner of Tavistock Street and Catherine Street.

image no 19

Peter recreates the view.

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The Stage Door Keeper directs Michele to Parrish's shop on the King's Road.

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The shop is found to be a burnt out ruin, full of discarded occult paraphernalia.

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With the case eventually solved, Kovak and Michele say their goodbyes. Taplow Court also appears in 'Night of the Eagle' and 'What a Carve Up'.

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As the two prepare to part company, another vision has Kovak seeing the story's perpetrator, John Parrish (Mike Murray), at Orly Airport.

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Agreeing to team up and head for Paris, Kovak and Michele drive away. Taplow Court on Cliveden Road, Taplow in Buckinghamshire.