Bargee, The

Date: 1964
Director: Duncan Wood
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC), Galton-Simpson

Stars: Harry H. Corbett, Hugh Griffith, Eric Sykes, Ronnie Barker, Julia Foster, Miriam Karlin, Eric Barker, Derek Nimmo
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


Hemel Pike is a canal barge Casanova, aided and abetted by his illiterate cousin, Ronnie. Hemel has a girl in every town along his route, and each one is intent on marriage. He is finally caught when one of the girls falls pregnant but her protective father is understandably upset by his daughter’s situation.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Bulls Bridge on the Grand Union canal in Hounslow. The area has been redeveloped.

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Bulls Bridge, Hounslow. The area has been redeveloped.

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Hemel Pike (Harry H. Corbett) at Brentford Dock. The background has since been completely redeveloped.

image no 3

The location now captured by Antony Blair.

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Hanwell Locks on the Grand Union Canal near Southall.

image no 4

Antony Blair provides this comparison.

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Hemel and Ronnie (Ronnie Barker) at Three Bridges near Southall. The name arises due to the road bridge visible in the centre background passing over the canal which in turn passes over a railway line. Known as Windmill Lane Bridge to rail staff, the location still carries all three modes of transport.

image no 5

Taken from the safety of the tow path by Antony Blair.

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Hanwell Lock just west of Three Bridges on the Grand Union Canal.

image no 6

Antony Blair provides this image taken without the aid of a crane.

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Ronnie operates the lock at Hanwell.

image no 7

The same lock, captured by Antony Blair.

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The boats approach Cowley Peachey Junction having just passed under the now disappeared railway bridge that carried the line between West Drayton and Uxbridge.

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Cowley Peachey Junction. The route heading to top left is for Slough with the Main Line running to the right.

Cassiobury Park Bottom Lock west of Watford.

image no 10

Clive provides this Google Image to which no changes have been made. (RL)

The Boat Horse at Black Jack's Lock along Jacks Lane near Harefield.

image no 11

The same location now. The building is in use as a guest house called Black Jack's Mill. (PW)

Hemel about to enter The Boat Horse pub at Black Jack's Lock

image no 12

No canal side customers or parasols here now. (PW)

Hemel and Ronnie run from Nellie Marsh near Black Jack's Lock

image no 13

The same location on a rainy day in March, with a very muddy towpath to negotiate. (PW)

Ronnie nears Winkwell Swing Bridge, Bourne End, Hertfordshire with The Three Horseshoes in the right background.

image no 14

The Three Horseshoes and Winkwell swing bridge. The screen shot was taken at a point now occupied by fenced in private moorings and Lionel Seer's (LS) picture was taken from across the canal.

Cynthia (Jo Rowbottom) waves at Hemel near Winkwell Swing Bridge, Bourne End

image no 15

Looking west towards the swing bridge which is across the canal in this picture. The original still was taken from a point at a level with the upstairs window. (LS)

Cynthia runs along Pouchen End Lane towards Winkwell Swing Bridge. The public house on the extreme left is The Three Horseshoes.

image no 16

Looking east from outside the Three Horseshoes towards Pouchen End, the mark where the blacksmith's forge once joined on to the cottages can be clearly seen. (LS)

Ronnie steers the boats through Apsley.

image no 17

The same location. Note the building behind the bridge in both images. (PW)

Approaching The Three Locks public house below Leighton Road at Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire. Hissing Sid confirms that the pub is still known as The Three Locks.

image no 18

Lionel Sear took this now shot from the road bridge looking down onto the lock flight. The Three Locks at Soulbury.

Ronnie outside The Three Locks pub.

image no 19

Looking across the top gates of the second lock down. The same location now by Lionel Sear.

Leg O'Mutton Lock with Joe Turnbull (Hugh Griffith) crossing to the lock keepers cottage. In reality the location is Marsworth Top Lock at Bulborne Junction on the Grand Union Canal near Tring in Hertfordshire.

image no 20

The Toll House immediately to the east of Marsworth Top Lock. (LS)

Joe, Hemel and Ronnie at Leg O'Mutton Lock.

image no 21

Marsworth Top Lock. The building is a dry dock. (LS)

Joe leaves a canalside pub after a long session. An elusive found by Lionel who writes "After walking the canal at some logical points and plenty of internet work, I have made comparisons with a 1900 photo and discovered the 'White Lion' at Startops End, by the bottom of the Marsworth flight"

image no 22

Lionel provides this picture of the pub which is currently closed and up for sale. The door with the glass panes of many colours is now gone. Replacement for previous Google image.

The doctor drives away from Leg O'Mutton Lock. The bridge carries the road over the Wendover arm of the Grand Union Canal.

image no 23

The entrance to the Wendover Arm of the Grand Union Canal immediately south of Marsworth Top Lock. A restoration project, the arm is navigable for some one and a half miles. (LS)

The Grand Union canal is emptied. Marsworth Top Lock.

image no 24

The lock pound below Marsworth Top Lock. (LS)