Battleaxe, The

Date: 1962
Director: Godfrey Grayson
Production Company: Danziger Productions Ltd.

Stars: Jill Ireland, Francis Matthews, Olaf Pooley, Joan Haythorne, Michael Beint
Location(s): London



A man sues his former fiancée for breach of promise after the engaged couple’s pre-marital bliss is shattered by the future bride’s domineering mother.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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An establishing shot of the apartment block where Audrey Page lives with her mother. Barrie House on Lancaster Gate, London W2.

image no 1

Now. SJ

The camera tilts down to find Tony Evers arriving by car to visit his fiancée Audrey. Barrie House also appears in ‘Front Page Story’ and ‘Hour of Decision’.

image no 2

Replacing Karl Hewitt's Google shot with a better angle. SJ

Tony Evers (Francis Matthews) gets out of his Nash Metropolitan and goes inside to ask why Audrey has called off their engagement. Outside Barrie House on Lancaster Gate with Christ Church in the right background.

image no 3

Not quite the best match but here we can make out the partially rebuilt church, known as Spire House. SJ

Despite his Solicitor advising against taking action, Tony sues Audrey for breach of promise. Looking onto Brick Court in Middle Temple WC1. The area is also seen in 'Brothers in Law', 1969’s ‘David Copperfield’, 'Hostile Witness' and 'The Girl on the Boat'.

image no 4

A similar view through the archway by Peter.

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In court, Tony tells how he met Audrey on a flight from Paris Orly Airport.

Six weeks later Tony arrives for lunch at a hotel in Mayfair. White’s Hotel on Bayswater Road W2.

image no 6

Redesigned. SJ

Inside the hotel, Tony sees Audrey dining with her mother. The hotel is just around the corner from Barrie House and is currently styled as the Thistle Hyde Park.

image no 7

And more of the refurbishment. SJ

Audrey enters the witness box. The Royal Courts of Justice on Strand WC2 with the Temple Bar ‘Griffin’ memorial to the right.

image no 8

Peter includes the Griffin in this comparison.

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The young woman explains to the court how Tony took her to the workshops of Chet-Locks, the business that he runs with Charles 'Chet' Whiley. Lord Hills Road W2 with the foot bridge over the Grand Union Canal just visible beyond the corner of Clarendon Crescent in the right distance.

The couple kiss after Tony takes Audrey back home that evening. Outside Barrie House on Lancaster Gate.

image no 10

Do not park, it warns. SJ

Mrs. Agnes Page is the next to be called. Facing west on Strand with The Royal Courts of Justice on the right.

image no 11

The same location from Peter.

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The court is told how Earnest Gabbel (Derek Tansley), a Private Investigator employed by Mrs. Agnes Page, visited Chet-Locks. Lord Hills Road W2 with The Old England public house at the corner of Delamare Crescent to the left of centre.

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Two Men watch as the Detective pauses before entering the premises. These long demolished properties on Lord Hills Road and the area is also featured in ‘Monsieur Ripois’, ‘The Blue Lamp’, ‘Robbery’ and ‘The Sandwich Man’.

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The Detective continues his investigation at Tony’s address where he witnesses rather suspicious events through the upper floor windows.

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During a recess for lunch at the Court, Tony returns to the Chet-Locks workshops where he finds evidence to help win his case. Looking towards the junction of Lord Hills Road, Westbourne Square and Westbourne Terrace in London W2.