Bitch, The

Date: 1979
Director: Gerry O'Hara
Production Company: Thorn EMI

Stars: Joan Collins, Michael Coby, Kenneth Haigh, Ian Hendry, Sue Lloyd, Carol Seymour
Location(s): London, Surrey, New York

Region(s): , ,


Sequel to The Stud, Fontaine’s nightclub is struggling and she becomes involved with a diamond smuggler, the Mafia and racing. SJ

Additional Information:

A reboot adding extra grabs and comments to JT’s opus.


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Flowers are delivered to Collins in New York.

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Coby at one of the New York airports but actually this was filmed in Kensington according to Joan Collins' PA at the time, Frederick Barry Langford.

Fresh off her flight from New York, Collins visits her dying nightclub with her chauffeur in tow.

image no 3

Kickers, next door, was at 66 South Molton Street, W1. SJ

Her chauffeur drives her back home. (Maybe Kensington. JT)

image no 4

Quite a big area, JT! However, quite right: the south variety of Kensington. (7/3/15) SJ

Collins steps out.

image no 5

Somewhat clearer than the grab. (7/3/15) SJ

Coby discusses the diamond he has smuggled in, using Collins as a mule.

image no 6

The Lanesborough Hotel to the right, SW1/W2. (6/10/08) SJ

Hyde Park again.

image no 7

And there's the Wellington Arch. (6/10/08) SJ

image no 8

And the Hilton Hotel. (6/10/08) SJ

image no 9

Looking over South Carriage Drive to Knightsbridge. Note gap filled by new building to the left of Coby's cap. (6/10/08) SJ

Collins visits Boucheron to repair her watch.

image no 10

Boucheron were at 180 New Bond Street, now David Morris. (RL)

Leaving Collins' nightclub.

image no 11

South Molton Street, W1. SJ

They head north.

image no 12

Quite a few changes but the white building on Brook Street settles it. SJ

A nice clear 23 as Collins leaves, dressed to kill... The house is 23 Pelham Crescent, South Kensington, London SW7. I pass it every day. The Crescent is just off the Fulham Road on the boarders of Chelsea, South Kensington and Brompton. Hope this is helpful. Very much so with our thanks to Elliott James.

image no 13

A redrawn 23 but we're convinced. (7/3/15) SJ

(Did'ja geddit? JT) ... Another clear sign as Coby makes a run from the Playboy club.

image no 14

Now Curzon Square. Pic by Simon James, taken sometime before 2008.

(Whole b%&&œ% film made in the dark it seems! JT) Running away in vain.

image no 15

Panning left from the above. Curzon Place has been rebuilt as Curzon Square. To the left is all that remains. SJ

Collins and Coby back outside her club. Barry tells us that the interiors were filmed at Tramps for The Stud but a studio for this sequel.

image no 16

So, back to South Molton Street. SJ

A frosty scene, broken by seagulls, with Coby and Collins in Kensington Gardens, W2.

image no 17

Similar wintry scene. SJ

On the south side of Round Pond.

image no 18

St Marys Abbots, Kensington, still dominates the western skyline. SJ

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The chauffeur's view as Collins visits Lloyd's place in the country. Barry thinks this may be nearby Lingfield Racecourse.

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(Whoops, I take my in the dark comment back. Stables somewhere. JT)

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Collins gives her dog some chilly air.

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Coby at the racecourse. Barry tells us that this was shot at Lingfield, Surrey.

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More Lingfield.