Bitter Harvest

Date: 1963
Director: Peter Graham Scott
Production Company: Independent Artists

Stars: Janet Munro, Terence Alexander, John Stride, Alan Badel, Thora Hird
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Caerphilly County (Wales), London, Middlesex

Region(s): , ,


A pretty young woman will do anything to escape her deadly dull existence in the backlots of Wales. But when she reaches the bright lights of London is the price too high?

Additional Information:

Additional screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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image no 1

Now, on with the film.

A very drunk and depressed Jennie Jones (Janet Munro) arrives home late one night. A London Mews says JT, bet Greg finds this one unless SJ gets there first.

image no 2

SJ did! - It's Gloucester Mews, Chilworth Street end, as seen in 'The Informers' and 'The London Connection'. All appear in the 2011 edition of London Movie Guide. SJ. Image copyright Google Streetview.

Jennie goes into her apartment where she drinks even more whilst suffering a breakdown.

image no 3

Another view of Gloucester Mews looking south east to Chilworth Street. Image copyright Google Streetview.

The film continues in flashback as Andy (Terence Alexander) makes his way back to his car after visiting the shop where Jennie works. This is in Senghenydd in Caerphilly County (traditionally within the county of Glamorgan). Identified by Nick Cox.

image no 4

Probably, possibly, the site now. I know that the hills don't match, but many of the Welsh valleys have been gentrified, spoil tips removed, manicures by bulldozer and grassing over.

Andy drives away with his Wife to look for a pub. Senghenydd.

image no 5

The building on the left, the shop, is shown in this now pic. The row of houses above is seen in 006.

After leaving her Father's shop to go to her babysitting job at the Medwins, Jennie makes her way to the bus stop. Senghenydd in South Wales.

image no 6

Again, more face-lifting. Taken from where the original bridge was. There appear to be two rows of houses in the fuzzy original.

Jennie runs for the bus to town as it pulls into the Welsh mining village that is her home.

image no 7

Senghenydd once again. The bridge sides have gone to widen the junction and the stream has been culverted. Nick Cox supplied this location.

Another day sees Jennie visiting town with her friend Violet. In the centre is Cardiff Castle clock tower with Duke Street on the left.

image no 8

Not quite the correct angle, but we're sure you'll understand.

  • 'Now' required

The two walk to the sound of Acker Bilk playing on the soundtrack. Cardiff, South Glamorgan.

  • 'Now' required

A pair of lads watch as Jennie and Violet walk by. The grounds of Cardiff Castle.

  • 'Now' required

Jennie and Violet (Barbara Ferris) are followed by the boys. Ar dir Castell Caerdydd yng Nghaerdydd, Cymru.

The start of a tilt shot as Jennie and Violet enter a shopping arcade. Cardiff Castle Arcade off Castle Street and High Street.

image no 12

Yes, bang opposite the Castle.

Jennie tells her friend that she's fed up with her life and that she prefers older men to the ones following them. Cardiff Castle Arcade.

image no 13

Same place.

  • 'Now' required

Andy stoops to pick up Violet's handbag after he and his pal Rex (Richard Thorp) bump into the girls. Castle Arcade in Cardiff, Wales.

  • 'Now' required

The foursome leave the Regal Club after enjoying a wild night out. Neil Rigby suggests that old favourite, Heatherden Hall, Pinewood and the double-columned pillar in the middle would suggest so.

  • 'Now' required

After a lot of drinking, dancing and more drinking, Andy drives them all away from the club on a rather long drunken journey. Heatherden Hall, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire identified by Neil Rigby.

When Jennie awakes the following morning, she is surprised by the view through the unfamiliar window. David Neicho found this one. It's Harrow Road in W2 at the junction with Westbourne Bridge.

image no 17

David Neicho also took the picture but a huge brick wall and The Westway prevented a better angle.

  • 'Now' required

Jennie is shocked to learn where she has ended up. This is Waterloo Bridge seen from the Savoy Hotel, a similar view was used in '23 Paces to Baker Street'.

A panning shot starts by following a car along the street. The buildings in the right background still stand.

image no 19

The corner of Paddington Green on Harrow Road in London W2. To replace Google street view. (RL)

The shot continues eastward on Harrow Road in W2. The buildings have been demolished along this part of the road and replaced by The Marylebone Flyover, The Westway and modern high rise buildings........

image no 20

......and Paddington Green Police Station. (RL)

Jennie makes her way to meet Andy at The King & Queen public house. Harrow Road W2.

image no 21

The concrete mural of the Paddington Green Police Station. (RL)

A taxi stops as Jennie crosses the road. Harrow Road looking towards Edgware Road in London W2. The tall building to the right of centre is Capital House and to the extreme right is a cinema.

image no 22

Just Capital House remains in this comparison. (PW)

Jennie searches for the pub. Harrow Road. The location was identified by members of the Britmovie Forum including Simon James and Greg Mishevski.

image no 23

Panning with the sequence beings the south side of the road into view. (PW)

The King & Queen is found. But not now . . . . demolished to widen Harrow Road.

image no 24

Looking up from roughly the same spot. (PW)

Jennie aims for the pub. The south side of Harrow Road in W2.

image no 25

These background buildings look like they will soon be hidden by new construction. (PW)

The camera follows Jennie towards the pub. Harrow Road, in the City of Westminster.

image no 26

The pan comes to an end. (PW)

Bob Williams (John Stride) watches as Jennie looks into the public bar after trying the saloon bar. Harrow Road W2.

image no 27

Rather less cosy looking now. (PW)

As Jennie fails to find Andy when looking in the Lounge Bar, Bob goes about his business. Outside The King & Queen on Harrow Road.

image no 28

The public house stands at the centre of this map. Map reproduced under Creative Commons Licence from the National Library of Scotland at

After the two get to know more about one another, Bob escorts Jennie to the station to catch her train home. London's Paddington station in W2.

image no 29

Platform 1 at the London terminus now. With thanks to Network Rail staff at Paddington. (PW)

When Jennie realises that she can't return home and lies to Bob that she is pregnant the two move in together before seeing the sights of London. Piccadilly Circus in W1.

image no 30

Matching the time of dusk. The actual sign and entrance were covered at the time of taking. SJ

The couple leave Piccadilly Circus station. London W1.

image no 31

Tilting down. SJ

Bob and Jennie brave the traffic. Piccadilly Circus in W1.

image no 32

The Criterion and repositioned Anteros atop the Shaftesbury Memorial from Peter.

  • 'Now' required

One of several establishing shots showing Bob's flat in Mrs Jessup's house backing onto the main railway line out of Paddington. The houses to the right stand on Southam Street (now Elkstone Road) and Portobello Bridge over the railway carries Golborne Road. The Earl of Portobello public house is visible at the end of the bridge to the left of centre.

  • 'Now' required

As a train passes, the back of Bob's seedy block is seen. The rear of now demolished buildings on the former Southam Street, London W10. The area also appears in 'The 14', 'Col cuore in gola', 'Train of Events' and 'Bedazzled'.

More fun and sightseeing as the couple grow closer. Trafalgar Square with the National Gallery in the background.

image no 35

Peter found the right pillar but the wrong angle!

  • 'Now' required

Cracks begin to appear in the relationship. Outside the King & Queen on Harrow Road, London W2.

Bob leaves work and runs home to Jennie. Kensington Gardens Square, London W2.

image no 37

Parking has switched sides. SJ

Bob reaches the door to Mrs Jessup's lodgings and learns that impressionable Jennie has been invited to a party where she may find contacts to break into modelling. Kensington Gardens Square W2.

image no 38

This is on the east side looking up towards Westbourne Grove. SJ

Jennie returns from the party where she met theatrical producer Karl Deny. Kensington Gardens Square.

image no 39

The west side looking towards Westbourne Grove, W2. SJ

A jealous Bob watches as Jennie staggers towards the front door. Kensington Gardens Square, London W2.

image no 40

Hard to tell from the "then" but it may be the same postbox. Looking south. SJ

Jennie storms out of a bowling alley after a row with Bob when he asks her to marry him and doubts arise about her undercover life. Maureen Gibson recalls that she was nine years old when the film came out and advises that this is the bowling alley on High Street, Southall in Middlesex.

image no 41

The building was formerly an Odeon cinema and is now a supermarket. (PW)

A waiting taxi is taken by Jennie to attend a supposed interview for a modelling job. High Street in Southall located by Maureen Gibson. The street was seen in 'Date with Disaster'.

image no 42

The George & Dragon public house that stood diagonally opposite the Southall Bowl has been demolished and replaced. (PW)

After waiting in the pub until late, Bob searches for Jennie at Karl Deny's apartment. Prince Albert Road in NW8.

image no 43

North Gate, east of St John's Wood High Street. SJ

Bob enters the apartment block where he finds that Jennie is being 'looked after' by Karl. North Gate off Prince Albert Road, London NW8. Identified by Simon James.

image no 44

The block's been standing for 110 years and shows no sign of wear. Floreat. With thanks to Julian Stapleton. SJ

Back in the present, Police attend at Jennie's home on the following morning and call for an ambulance. Gloucester Mews, London W2.

image no 45

Looking north. SJ

An Ambulanceman runs up to Jennie's apartment. Gloucester Mews off Chilworth Street in W2.

image no 46

This took a while to figure out but there must have been a recess in the mews and this was where it has been filled in. SJ

The ambulance leaves the mews as a Policeman starts tidying up Jennie's clothes. Gloucester Mews W2.

image no 47

From ground level. SJ

Bob and Ella (Anne Cunningham), a barmaid at the pub, are now in a relationship. Victoria Embankment with Waterloo Bridge in the background.

image no 48

Wrong angle, to be improved: my original print out with the now blew into the Thames. No, really! SJ

The ambulance speeds past as Bob and Ella attempt to cross the road. Victoria Embankment, London with Somerset House as the backdrop.

image no 49

Same tree with the left branch missing. SJ

The happy couple laugh before continuing across the road. Victoria Embankment WC2.

image no 50

And the tree branches out still. SJ

Bob and Ella make their way along Victoria Embankment as the ambulance carrying Jennie's body drives into the distance. London WC2.

image no 51

From Waterloo Bridge. SJ