Blue Lamp, The

Date: 1950
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: Jack Warner, Jimmy Hanley, Dirk Bogarde, Robert Flemyng, Bernard Lee, Peggy Evans, Patric Doonan
Location(s): London



A newcomer to the Metropolitan Police Force is teamed up with a seasoned officer only to see him fatally injured during a robbery.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson Tony Defraine has researched the latter part of the car chase appearing at the start of the film and has marked a 1953 Ordnance Survey Map of the area to show the locations. The result of his work can be seen at the Blue Lamp shooting locations and is reproduced with the kind permission of and under licence from the National Library of Scotland, to whom our grateful thanks are expressed. On Tim’s Flickr pages at there are several colour images of the film’s locations dating from the 1980s.

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A car engine turns over before bells are set to ring. The access to the rear of Paddington Green Police Station on Harrow Road, London W2.

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The shot tilts down to find traffic held up by a Police Officer as one of the Met's black wireless cars speeds onto the main road from the back of the station.

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Tyres slide across the road as the Humber Super Snipe gains its course after exiting the narrow passageway. Harrow Road with Paddington Town Hall to the right.

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The shot pans with the car as the credits begin. Harrow Road curves to the right as Bishop's Bridge Road continues straight on to the left.

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Accompanied only by the ringing of the police car's bells, the title card appears.

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Other vehicles sound their horns at a white car as it turns onto the busy road without stopping. This is the corner of Harrow Road and Sutherland Avenue in W9.

The Crook driving the white convertible attempts to shake off the police car that is now in pursuit. To the right the Neeld Arms public house stands at the corner of Harrow Road and Marylands Road.

image no 7

Tris provides this comparison with added foliage.

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The black Humber keeps up its pace and begins to gain on its target.

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Radio messages are exchanged with M2GW, the police information room, as the chase continues.

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The white convertible swerves off the road to cross the pavement and drive through a gap in the buildings. Church Street in W2 with the corner of Hall Place and the Hall Arms public house to the left.

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The camera pick up the shot as the Crook's car bumps and bounces over waste land. Facing Hall Place W2 from Edgware Road in Paddington located by Tony Defraine. The course of the chase over the bombsite is shown on a map from 1953 that can be accessed via a link in this film's header section.

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With the police gaining, the MG TA Tickford is driven across the levelled bombsite. Looking from Hall Place with Adpar Place to the left and Edgware Road in the right distance.

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The Crook starts to lose control of the car when he hits the kerb whilst cornering. Tony Defraine identifies this as looking towards Church Road from Hall Place in London W2 with the corner of Adpar Street on the left and the narrow Hall Place West to the right of centre.

  • 'Now' required

The MG careers across the road and crashes into a barrow on the footpath. Hall Place in Paddington.

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A Drayman stops work when he sees the collision. Tony Defraine places this as Hall Place with Crompton Street in the distance. The location is now occupied by Braithwaite Tower. (RL)

With his gun drawn, the Crook struggles with the Drayman before a shot is fired. Looking along Hall Place towards Crompton Street. (RL)

image no 16

Tony, as near as possible, provides this shot of Hall Place, looking towards Crompton Street in W2. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

The Drayman slumps to the ground as Police Officers manhandle the criminal into their car. Hall Place in Paddington with the corner of Adpar Street and buildings on Church Street and the Hall Arms in the right background.

At the Old Bailey, Mr. Justice Finnemore cites insufficient numbers of police for the rise in crime. The dome of the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey, London EC4. The location features in 'Hostile Witness', 'Brothers in Law' and 'Seven Days to Noon' amongst many.

image no 18

Peter revisits the location.

The camera tilts down the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey EC4.

image no 19

Our intrepid Peter has visited this spot many times before.

The Judge continues . . . . "One of the best preventatives of crime is the regular uniformed police officer on the beat". The entrance of the Central Criminal Court in London EC4.

image no 20

The same doorway from Peter.

A uniformed Bobby pounds his beat in West London. Teresa Stokes identifies this as Bishop's Road Bridge in W2 and she should know . . . she lives there! (RL)

image no 21

Picture submitted by David Neicho with confirmation from Peter Robinson that this is the rebuilt Bishops Road Bridge.

Another Officer directs traffic on Edgware Road W2.

image no 22

Edgware Road looking south from Sussex Gardens towards Marble Arch, snapped by Anthony D. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

Not far away, the Narrator introduces veteran Officer George Dixon as he walks into view. Paddington Green with the Paddington Green Children's Hospital as the background.

The long serving Policeman crosses the road in front of the hospital which closed in 1987. This is Paddington Green W2 and the location can be seen in perspective with others nearby on the 1953 map link from this film's header section.

image no 24

The same building now.

Constable 693 Dixon answers an enquiry for directions to Paddington station. There's a clue in the picture, can you spot it?

image no 25

Clue picked up by Anthony Defraine with thanks. (SJ)

Having recently completed his training, Police Constable Andy Mitchell (Jimmy Hanley) walks a young lad towards PC Dixon. Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge crossing the Grand Union Canal and the W2 / W9 border with Blomfield Road in the left background. The bridge was also seen in 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds', 'Georgie Girl', 'Allez France!', 'Blue Ice', 'The End of the Affair', 'Interlude' and others.

image no 26

The same location by Jenner Folwell.

Presented to George as being a lost child, the familiar Monty Green is sent on his way home. Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge at the corner of Warwick Crescent in Little Venice.

image no 27

From a similar perspective with added railings.

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Continuing their beat, George and Andy ask a Barrow Boy (Glyn Houston) to move on.

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The barrow is moved a few inches before being lowered to the ground.

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That evening, Diana Lewis (Peggy Evans) walks through town.

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The Narrator explains that the young woman has been affected by a home broken and demoralised by war.

In another part of the City, the narration mentions youths like Spud (Patrick Doonan), a restless delinquent waiting for his mate Tom outside Piccadilly Circus station.

image no 32

Just outside Lillywhites on Piccadilly Circus. SJ.

When Tom Riley (Dirk Bogarde) arrives, Spud offers his cigarette as a light. Piccadilly Circus in W1.

image no 33

Still just outside Lillywhites. SJ.

The pair leave a snooker hall after failing to get respected criminal Mr. Randall to endorse their latest caper. Daly's Milk Bar stood at 8 Cranbourn Street WC2 as identified by Ian McDonald. The frontage was also seen in 'Rag Doll'.

image no 34

Peter found parked vans in the way of an accurate comparison.

  • 'Now' required

The shot follows Spud and Tom as they cross the road to a snack bar where Diane is sipping coffee inside. The south side of Cranbourn Street.

  • 'Now' required

Night duty sees a number of Bobbys patrolling the City's streets, checking on the security of premises as they walk their rounds.

Street cleaners wash the roadways in readiness for the following morning's traffic. With thanks to Tim Brown for alerting RL to the second appearance of the location in the film from which the Harrow Road, Cirencester Street, W2 junction was established.

image no 37

Cirencester Street is leading off on the extreme right, and the street cleaner would have been turning into Waverley Walk that has now been completely built upon by the Sir Naim Dangoor Centre. (RL)

Police Constable Taff Hughes (Meredith Edwards) comes across something suspicious. Harrow Road with the corner of Sutherland Avenue in the left background.,

image no 38

The same place seen more recently . . . between Amberley Road and Sutherland Avenue on Harrow Road W9. SJ

  • 'Now' required

A Courting Couple appear from a darkened doorway after being disturbed by the copper. Harrow Road in London W9.

PC Dixon pauses before tiptoeing on after spotting a sleeping Night Watchman. Suggested by John Tunstill and confirmed by Aidan McManus, this is the since rebuilt Warwick Crescent overlooking Little Venice in W2.

image no 40

The rebuilt Warwick Crescent starts after the corner building. SJ

As the quiet shift continues, Sergeant Brooks (Clive Morton) looks up to the stars as Constable Paul Tovey (Charles Saynor) explains that "Venus is moving into her third phase". Warwick Crescent again.

image no 41

The same place with the curve of the buildings more apparent. SJ

A cat's screech alerts Constable Mitchell. More of Warwick Crescent W2.

image no 42

And the same again, closer. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Elsewhere, after lighting a cigarette in the shadows, Tom Riley signals to the car that Spud has stolen.

As the night passes, Constable Mitchell meets his colleague George Dixon on Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge. SJ confirms that the background houses stand on Blomfield Road W9.

image no 44

A more up to date view. SJ

Sergeant Brooks discusses retirement with George as the two leave Mitchell to continue his beat. Jenner Folwell advises that, in the background, Canal Cottage stands at the corner of Delamere Terrace and Westbourne Terrace Road.

image no 45

The cottage was being renovated, so it's here to stay. SJ

The shift passes slowly until a woman's scream stops PC Mitchell in his tracks. Blomfield Road in W9.

image no 46

In daylight. (PW)

The scream comes from behind the open curtains of a lit room where Maisie and her lover Frederick Jordan discover that they have been robbed. The corner of Bloomfield Road and Warwick Place.

image no 47

Very recognisable as the same place. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

On another street, Spud appears from the doorway of Jordan's jewellery shop. The shop was really F. Hinds Jewellers and stood at 290 Edgware Road W2.

Constable Hughes sees Spud cross the pavement as he leaves the jeweller's premises. The corner of Sutherland Avenue and Harrow Road in W9. The narrow doorway to the left was the pledge entrance of a pawnbroker's shop.

image no 49

Luckily, the buildings on this side of the road have survived. SJ

Spud gets into the stolen Nash while Tom stays hidden in the shop's doorway. Ian McDonald advises that this row on Edgware Road was pulled down for construction of the Marylebone Road extension and the flyover that marks the start of Westway. The awning of the Bakerloo Line station can be seen further along the road to the right of centre.

image no 50

All changed except for the awning in this view snapped by Tony. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

As PC Hughes runs to apprehend Spud, Tom jumps out of the doorway and coshes the officer, knocking him to the ground. Outside the long demolished 290 Edgware Road.

With Tom in the car, Spud accelerates away from the crime scene. The junction of Harrow Road and Edgware Road recognised by Ian McDonald. A little further along the road is where a scene for 'Bitter Harvest' was shot around thirteen years later.

image no 52

About here reckons Tony. (SJ)

Detective Inspector Cherry (Bernard Lee) and Detective Sergeant Roberts arrive outside the jewellers as Sergeant Brooks attend to Taff Hughes inside. Opposite the corner of Edgware Road and Harrow Road in Paddington.

image no 53

Tony provides this comparison . . . and that's the replacement Paddington Green police station. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

After bringing Mr. Jordan the proprietor to his shop, PC Mitchell watches PC Dixon head for a police telephone post before returning to his beat. Facing north-west on Edgware Road W2.

PC Dixon approaches the police post to call into the station. Looking along Edgware Road toward the corner of Harrow Road from the junction of Edgware Road with Chapel Street located by Ian.

image no 55

Tony walks southward along Edgware Road to capture the modern view. (SJ)

Putting the handset back in the cradle, George Dixon returns to number 5 beat. The crossroads formed by Praed Street, Edgware Road and Chapel Street identified by Ian McDonald.

image no 56

Tony moves further south for this shot. (SJ)

Life on Edgware Road returns to normal after the robbery. Outside Edgware Road Bakerloo Line station. Martin Green points out the Metropolitan Theatre to the left of centre and the shoe shop on the right which was Lilley & Skinner at 302, directly across from the Gold Flake sign at the corner of Harrow Road. (SJ)

image no 57

From more or less the same viewpoint, with nothing architectural to give certainty. The station entrance canopy in Kurt Roberts's image is new.

PC Andy Mitchell helps an Elderly Lady across the road. Facing the corner of Harrow Road and Marylands Road W9 with Sutherland Avenue to the extreme right and the kerb turning towards Paddington General Hospital in the bottom right.

image no 58

The same location now.

  • 'Now' required

The camera pans to follow, bringing the doorway of the Neeld Arms into frame on the left.

Outside the Coliseum cinema, Diane runs across the road to tell Tom that she's got a job under the name of Daphne Morris. Adian McManus recalls that the "Colly" cinema stood at 324 Harrow Road opposite Paddington Hospital which was next to the Grand Union Canal's Lock Bridge.

image no 60

Simon James lists 324 Harrow Road in his London Film Location Guide, adding that the replacement building was occupied by the Genesis Housing Association. Peter Robinson advises that by July 2015 the Association had moved out. (RL)

A worried Diana tells Tom about a nearby copper when she notices PC Mitchell looking at her. Outside the gates and walls of the old Paddington General Hospital opposite Marylands Road on Harrow Road.

image no 61

A not too dissimilar view now with the unmoved bus stop still in the same spot.

  • 'Now' required

After he asks the young woman to accompany him to Paddington Green police station, Andy follows Diana while she walks in front to avoid embarrassment.

  • 'Now' required

At the station, Sergeant Grace Millard (Gwynne Whitby) speaks with Diana who has been reported missing from home by her Mother.

  • 'Now' required

Detective Sergeant Roberts (Robert Flemyng) recognises a powder compact from Jordan's shop that Diana uses before she leaves the courtyard. The layout is that of the rear of Paddington Green police station.

  • 'Now' required

Later, Spud enters a cafe, ordering a cup of tea before joining Tom and Diana to go over their plans for robbing the Coliseum Cinema. Martin Green confirms that Harris's cafe stood next to the Metropolitan Theatre at 265 Edgware Road and the view outside is along Bell Street opposite. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

That evening, as Tessie O'Shea performs inside, Spud and Tom run from the Metropolitan Theatre after being seen in the bar to create their alibi. This alley ran from Harrow Road and joined Edgware Road between the theatre and Harris's cafe.

  • 'Now' required

The two petty crooks appear on Edgware Road.

The camera pans with the pair as they make their way from the alley. Phil Tomkins tells us that Bookers were at 263 Edgware Road and next door was Buck & Ryan's tool shop at 261. All were demolished in 1963 to make way for the new Paddington Green police station.

image no 68

Tony provides this rather glum comparison. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

Spud and Tom climb into their stolen Nash. Edgware Road with the corner of Harrow Road on the left.

The shot cuts to a reverse point of view. Peter Robinson advises that this is outside the Metropolitan Music Hall which opened in 1836. (RL)

image no 70

And here's where it used to be, taken by Tony. (SJ)

The small time thieves head for the Coliseum Cinema where Diana is working. Facing south-east on Edgware Road in Paddington W2. A location that also features in 'The Impersonator'.

image no 71

Peter took this shot of the redeveloped location pointing out that the bus stop in the screen capture would be in the middle of the underpass entrance now.

On the night shift again, PC George Dixon pounds his beat along Harrow Road. The corner of Amberley Road W9 stands in the left of centre distance.

image no 72

No trolleybus wires now.

Spud and Tom arrive outside the Coliseum Cinema on Harrow Road W9.

image no 73

Just outside the site of the Coliseum. SJ

After the cinema box office is robbed at gunpoint, George Dixon runs to help when the alarm is raised by departing patrons. Harrow Road with the entrance to the Coliseum Cinema on the right.

image no 74

No cinema now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Tom makes a run for it as Diana screams after two shots are fired at PC Dixon. The entrance of the Coliseum Cinema on Harrow Road.

Another patron runs onto the road and notes the getaway car's registration as Spud speeds away with Tom sitting beside him. The Coliseum Cinema closed in 1956 and Aiden McManus adds that the site was for a time occupied by church offices.

image no 76

Loz Park investigates the former Coliseum Cinema building, now completely unrecognisable, and points to the distinctive decorative moldings on next door's window sills and lintels.

  • 'Now' required

Spud overtakes a bus as Tom tries to justify shooting the Policeman. Harrow Road and the junction with Sutherland Avenue to the left of centre.

  • 'Now' required

The car is steered across the road in front of an oncoming bus. Harrow Road in W2 with the corner of Cirencester Street in the background and Waverley Walk in the foreground.

  • 'Now' required

A car heads along the carriageway restricted by roadworks towards Spud and Tom's Nash as they enter the road. Continuity is excellent, this is Waverley Walk W2.

  • 'Now' required

Waverley Walk looking back towards Harrow Road after the getaway car crashes into the roadworks site. Dominating the left is the Ben Jonson public house whilst properties on Cirencester Street can be seen in the right distance.

As George lies unconscious in his hospital bed, Detective Inspector Cherry comes out of a meeting with the Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard. The Norman Shaw Buildings on Derby Gate in SW1 that were the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police between 1890 and 1967.

image no 81

Building work continues.......between breaks! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Detective Inspector Cherry and Detective Superintendent Harwood leave the building. Various parts of Scotland Yard have been seen in many productions including 'Robbery', 'The Dark Man', 'The Day of the Jackal', 'Seven Days to Noon' and 'Man From Tangier'.

  • 'Now' required

The Detective Superintendent asks if any fingerprints have been found on the Nash. Great Scotland Yard, just inside the Victoria Embankment entrance one along from Derby Gate located by Martin Green.

Worrying about his colleague George, Constable Mitchell walks beat number 5. Edgware Road W9 with the Portman Arms public house on the corner of Boscobel Street NW8 visible behind the bus to the right of centre.

image no 84

A similar view now.

PC Mitchell calls in to Paddington Green police station. Edgware Road, close to the point where the car chase seen during the titles left the main road.

image no 85

The Portman Arms stands at 422 Edgware Road but became a Moroccan restaurant in 2011. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Taff relays the news that there has been a slight improvement in George Dixon's condition. The west side of Edgware Road.

As PC Mitchell passes, the local Barrow Boy enquires how George is doing. A little further south on Edgware Road.

image no 87

Still recognisable now. SJ

The young officer continues his beat across a cleared bomb site where children are playing. Hall Place suggests Aidan McManus which is confirmed by ex-resident Alan Bowgen who advises that this is looking towards the end of Hall Place where it joined Church Street with the Hall Arms in the centre background and the roofline of Paddington Green Children's Hospital to the top right.

image no 88

An excellent match from Tony . . . . see that building just to the right of centre? (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

When the children run away, Alan is left looking down at a young Girl hiding something behind her back. The background is formed by properties on the two sides of Adpar Street.

  • 'Now' required

When PC Mitchell asks her to show him what she has, the Girl turns to run, dropping a revolver. The southern end of Adpar Street in W2. The bomb site between Edgware Road and Hall Place is now occupied by a small block of flats called Gilbert Sheldon House into which Alan Bowgen and his family were moved in the mid to late 1950s when the tenement houses were demolished. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Picking the gun up by the barrel, Alan finds out the girl's name and questions her about where she found the weapon. In the background stand buildings on Edgware Road with the one in the centre a still extant bank at 388 on the corner of Church Street.

  • 'Now' required

PC Mitchell walks Queenie to the police station as pedestrians and the Barrow Boy smile at the procession of kids from the bomb site.

Following George Dixon's death, Chief Inspector Hammond accompanies Constable Mitchell to break the news to Mrs. Dixon. Alan Bowgen advises that this street was a cul-de-sac known as St. Philip's Place that ran northward from Paddington Green.

image no 93

Tony could see enough through the fence in between the graveyard and the college to take this shot. (SJ)

  • 'Now' required

Chief Inspector Hammond (William Mervyn) follows PC Mitchell into the house where he lodges with the Dixons. Alan Bowgen adds that St. Philip's Place had a mortuary at the northern end and that the site of the houses is now occupied by the City of Westminster College. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Queenie leads Inspector Cherry and Sergeant Roberts to where she found the revolver. Having lived just 20 yards from the site of the Coliseum Cinema for ten years until 1970, Eddie B advises that this is the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal with the rear of houses on what was Brindley Street to the left. See the post-script at the end of the screen captures.

  • 'Now' required

Thames Division Officers are called on to drag the canal. This appears to be the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal with houses on Clarendon Crescent to the left and the wharves and workshops of Amberley Road on the opposite bank.

  • 'Now' required

The junk and vegetation filling disused canal basins is thoroughly scrutinised for additional clues.

  • 'Now' required

Waste ground is painstakingly explored. This seems to be the site of the present Hallfield estate in Bayswater W2 with the spire of Holy Trinity Church on Gloucester Terrace visible to the right. The church also appears in 'The Comedy Man', 'A Day to Remember' and 'Operation Diplomat'.

  • 'Now' required

Derelict properties on bomb sites are scoured for evidence.

  • 'Now' required

Any items likely to aid the identification of George Dixon's murderer are assembled at the police station's stables. John Wilson tells us that the Police officer grooming the horse was his wife’s late Uncle ‘Jack‘ Noble who became a mounted officer with the Metropolitan Police after serving in the Special Air Service during World War II.

A Busker plays his trumpet as detectives continue their investigations. Bond Street in Ealing W5 advises Ian McDonald who discovered that Dollond & Aitchison traded at number 43 according to Kelly's. The street is also seen in 'Carry On Constable', 'A Run for Your Money' and 'Queen Of Hearts'.

image no 101

Greg and Google confirmed the information from Ian McDonald and here's the now by SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Walking with one of the Detectives, PC Michell witnesses a car almost hit a Man crossing the road. Harrow Road W9 with the Council Offices and the corner of Woodfield Road serving as the backdrop.

  • 'Now' required

Andy Mitchell parts with Detective Constable Jock Campbell (Bruce Seton) and walks towards the car. Evidenced by the bus stop, which usually remain fairly static over the years, this is outside number 430 Harrow Road that once stood opposite the Council Offices.

The car is brought to a stand as the young officer approaches. This is the junction of Harrow Road and Chippenham Road W9, says Keith who adds that Chippenham Road is bang opposite the Windsor Castle public house.

image no 104

This comparison shot is by Jenner Folwell. Peter Robinson advises that during July 2015 the pub was closed and under threat from developers but Google Streetview suggests that the establishment was trading again by 2017. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The Woman Driver (Renee Gadd) questions whether the Officer has anything better to do when asked to produce her driving licence. This rather ornate shop front is unlikely to be on Harrow Road.

  • 'Now' required

In a nearby shop, DC Campbell gets a lead in the jewel robbery case while Andy Mitchell cautions the Woman Driver before walking away.

  • 'Now' required

After Tom Riley walks into the police station with a story to throw suspicion from him, an identification parade is arranged when Detective Sergeant Roberts disbelieves his alibi. Looking across Harrow Road towards Paddington Green police station.

  • 'Now' required

More Men are asked to participate in the parade by PC Hughes. Outside Paddington Green police station on Harrow Road, London W2.

  • 'Now' required

Detective Inspector Cherry and Detective Sergeant Roberts look down onto the the line up as the Station Sergeant (Campbell Singer) assembles the parade. This is the yard at the rear of the old Paddington Green police station.

  • 'Now' required

Feeling cocky after not being recognised during the parade, Tom leaves the police station.

Detective Constable Campbell is tasked to follow Tom as the main suspect in the jewellery shop raid. The name on the top of the wall to the right reads Amberley . . . . and this is the long demolished Amberley Mews off Amberley Road in W9.

image no 111

This is roughly the location of the long lost mews. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

The Detective stays concealed as Tom heads for his lodgings. Amberley Mews behind Amberley Road confirms Robert Mockridge.

Campbell hurries back to the main road when Tom reappears after discovering that Diana missing from his rooms, The Formosa Street end of Amberley Road, since renamed Barwood Close, identified by Robert Mockridge.

image no 113

A largely irrelevant now shot but this is the still-extant west end of Amberley Road which leads onto Harrow Road and show the same architecture. SJ

Tom makes his way from the mews and DC Campbell turns to follow. Facing to the north-west on Amberley Road with Amberley Mews to the right located by Robert Mockridge.

image no 114

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

The young crook sets out to find his girl. This is Formosa Street W9, recognised by Aiden.

image no 115

A wider view of the area now.

From a safe distance, the Detective keeps up his pursuit. This is the footbridge over the Grand Union Canal that links Formosa Street with Lord Hill's Road.

image no 116

Approximately the same location from the replacement bridge, looking down onto Blomfield Road in W9. SJ

When Tom turns the corner of the footbridge, Campbell crosses quickly behind. The bridge also appears in 'Robbery' and crosses from Postal District W9 to W2. SJ.

image no 117

The new bridge with the buildings to the left replaced and a park on the right was. SJ

Tom descends to ground level on the south side of the canal. The building to the top left was 146a Clarendon Crescent.

image no 118

Now in W2, with the east end of what was Clarendon Crescent that once followed the curve of the canal, long gone. SJ

Followed by the Detective, Tom strides towards Spud's flat where he suspects Diana is hiding. Michael Lyons lived in the area from 1950 to 1963 and recognised the corner of Lord Hill's Road and Delamere Terrace adding that on Delamere Terrace, to the left, German born painter Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud, once had a studio.

image no 119

The corner of Delamere Terrace with Lord Hill's Road to the right, which was formerly named Ranelagh Road. SJ

  • 'Now' required

As Detective Campbell attempts to arrest Tom Riley inside the building, PC Mitchell walks past outside. The corner of Delamere Terrace and Lord Hill's Road in W2.

Struggling with Riley, Campbell calls down for Mitchell to call for a wireless car. The northern end of Lord Hill's Road.

image no 121

All changed now. SJ

PC Mitchell runs to find a telephone. To the left stands St. Mary Magdalene church, then at the junction of Cirencester Street, Woodchester Street and Clarendon Crescent.

image no 122

St. Mary Magdalene church, now on Rowington Close.

  • 'Now' required

Sprinting towards a likely lodging house, Mitchell dashes inside to make his call. Established by Ray Glenister as Clarendon Crescent with Lord Hill's Road in the right distance. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Having contacted Scotland Yard, PC Mitchell runs back to help Campbell as Spud arrives home. These are the steps to 124 Clarendon Crescent, opposite St. Mary Magdalene church.

Overpowering the Detective, Spud and Tom run from the building. The corner of Delamere Terrace and Lord Hill's Road with the corner of Clarendon Crescent to the right.

image no 125

The same corner now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The two petty criminals turn onto Lord Hill's Road. The roof tops of buildings on Blomfield Road cross the left skyline.

  • 'Now' required

Spud and Tom continue their flight. Robert Mockridge is correct in thinking that this is facing the junction of Lord Hill's Road and Senior Street.

  • 'Now' required

The two change their course when Spud notices a Doctor's parked car. Looking south along Lord's Hill Road with Senior Street to the right advises Robert Mockridge.

  • 'Now' required

Spud and Tom get into the red Buick. Looking north on Lord Hill's Road with the bridge over the Grand Union Canal canal in the right distance.

PC Mitchell runs towards the car as Spud starts the engine. Lord Hill's Road with the corner of Clarendon Crescent on the left and Delamere Terrace to the right. A similar view is seen in 'Innocent Meeting'.

image no 130

Lord Hill's Road looking towards the replacement footbridge. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The car accelerates towards the Policeman. Robert Mockridge identifies this as looking south on Lord Hill's Road with the corner of Bourne Terrace in the left distance.

After almost running Mitchell down, Spud and Tom make their escape in the stolen car. Facing the junction of Cirencester Street and Clarendon Crescent from Lord Hill's Road. Many of the locations seen in this area also appear in 'Secret Ceremony', ‘The Boys’, ‘Alfie Darling’, ‘The Sandwich Man', Monsieur Ripois’ and ‘Count Five and Die’.

image no 132

It's a different view over sixty two years later.

  • 'Now' required

Mitchell picks himself up from the roadway and runs towards the sound of approaching bells. Facing Lord Hill's Road from Clarendon Crescent W2.

A wireless car picks up PC Mitchell before setting off after the Buick. To the right stands St. Mary Magdalene church with the corner of Woodchester Street beyond advises Michael Moore, who was born in number 71 Cirencester Street which is just about visible on the left.

image no 134

From a similar viewpoint now.

As a radio message is transmitted to M2GW the Humber Snipe corners to begin the film's climactic chase. Clarendon Crescent in Paddington located by Michael Moore . . . "My old map says Clarendon Street". (SJ)

image no 135

All that's left now.

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The description of the Buick Drop Head Coupe is circulated as Spud and Tom begin to relax. Facing southward on Latimer Road with the bridge carrying the Hammersmith & City Line and the still extant Furniture Depository in the centre background. The road is now known as Freston Road and the former Devon Dye Works to the right still stand.

Bells accompany the speeding police car as it crosses the bridge taking Ladbroke Grove over the Great Western Main Line in W10. Octavia House on Southern Row stands to the right.

image no 137

The same bridge from road level.

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The car comes to a halt at a complex junction when sight of the Buick is lost. The junction of Wornington Road, Portobello Road and Ladbroke Grove which was also featured in 'Who Done It?' See the post-script following the screen captures.

Another wireless car joins the pursuit. Royal Crescent in Notting Hill W11 which was also seen in 'Raising the Wind' and 'Enchantment'.

image no 139

Still a crescent and very regal. SJ

The crooks are spotted as they head south along Ladbroke Grove. Looking north at the junction with Lansdowne Crescent. This footage was reused in 'The Big Job'.

image no 140

A similar view now by David Neicho.

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Panicking when he realises that they are being followed, Tom tell Spud to turn off the main road. The corner of Lansdowne Crescent and Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill.

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The police gain on Spud as a wireless car steers through a maze of tree lines roads. St. John's Gardens W11 with Lansdowne Crescent in the background. The streets around here also feature in 'The Hostage', 'Seven Days to Noon', 'Otley', 'Omen III: The Final Conflict', 'Steptoe and Son', 'The Passenger' and 'Hennessy'.

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The camera pans with the police car on St. John's Gardens as Spud turns into Clarendon Road ahead.

The Buick slews around the corner from Clarendon Cross into Portland Road W11. This is looking north towards Winterbourne House in the centre background. The location is seen in 'Turn the Key Softly'.

image no 144

David points out that this part of the road has been pedestrianised since the film was made adding "With regard to architectural interest, the white jar, top right, was the sign of an oil-man, selling oils and grinding pigments to make and colour paints".

Spud takes the route along Penzance Place. Looking from the junction with Portland Road, Pottery Lane crosses ahead and properties on Princedale Road stand in the centre distance.

image no 145

Now captured by David. Splendid stuff.

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Schoolgirls leave the baths after a swimming lesson as the Buick approaches. Ian McDonald identifies Penzance Place with the junction of Princedale Road in the background. St. James' Norlands Church School appears to have been disguised as a public baths.

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A Teacher holds her pupils back as getaway car speeds past close to the kerb. Penzance Place W11 with St. James's Gardens and Darnley Terrace ahead.

The police car swerves to miss the schoolgirls as they cross the road in a scene almost recreated during 'Robbery' some seventeen years later. Facing east on Penzance Place. To the left, St. James' Norlands Church School has since been rebuilt as St Clement and St James Primary School.

image no 148

Looking the same way now by David.

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Spud shoots through a red traffic light at a T junction.

The chase continues through West London streets. Located by Martin Green as Latimer Road in W11, the road is now known as Freston Road and this is the junction with Evesham Street. (RL)

image no 150

Martin's excellent identification supported by a very much changed scene but interesting that the roof line as largely been preserved. (RL)

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From the back seat in one of the pursuing wireless cars, PC Mitchell spots the red Buick ahead. Looking along the southern end of Bramley Road to the junction with Latimer Road.

The black Humber turns the tight corner to close in on Spud and Tom. Facing north-west on Latimer Road W10 with the Bramley Arms public house on the extreme right. The area features in 'Quadrophenia', 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula', 'Operation Third Form' and 'The Squeeze'.

image no 152

Freston Road now, which was renamed from Latimer Road when Westway cut it in two. SJ

Looking back from the Buick, Tom spots the police closing in. Again looking south through the Hammersmith & City Line bridge on Latimer Road.

image no 153

Freston Road looking south by David Neicho.

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The Radio Operator in the car carrying Andy Mitchell report that they are in close pursuit of their target. The Britannia public house stands to the right of centre at the corner of Latimer Road and Bard Road W10. The junction is also seen in 'Hide and Seek'.

On Scrubs Lane, wireless car 5F is brought into action. Keith recognised the junction of Scrubs Lane and Hythe Road in NW10.

image no 155

Looking into Hythe Road now, with thanks to WD.

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This is looking south on Latimer Road. This section of the road to the north of the railway bridge is also seen in 'Operation Third Form' and 'The Sorcerers'.

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The chase passes workshops and houses as the cars begin to converge on the Buick.

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Hythe Road in White City NW10 with Mitre Bridge Junction signalbox on the West London Line railway bridge.

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The shot pans with the car to face east on Hythe Road. Location spotted by Bill Hamer. In the right distance is the location of a scene that appears in '10 Rillington Place'

Another corner is taken at speed. Sterne Street in W12 located by David Neicho.

image no 160

David Neicho provides this shot and advises that the buildings in the distance look out onto Shepherds Bush Green.

Police cars head towards the corner from the opposite direction. Sterne Street with Caxton Road in the distance.

image no 161

Around the corner on Sterne Street by David.

Seeing the oncoming cars, Spud swerves off the road. A similar shot appears in 'Who Done It?'.

image no 162

The same section of Sterne Street now by David Neicho.

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Spud crashes the Doctor's Buick when he corners to see an oncoming police car. This is the gateway to the railway goods depot on Sterne Street.

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Leaving his injured mate in the bar, Tom flees through a deserted railway goods yard. This has the look of the former Goods and Coal Depot at Shepherds Bush that stood alongside the West London Railway's Uxbridge Road station.

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Chased by Andy Mitchell, Tom begins to cross railway sidings. In the distance, trolleybuses hum along Wood Lane in front of White City Stadium while buildings at the northern end of the United Dairies milk depot stand to the top left. Location identified by Ian McDonald and confirmed by Dave Buckley. The tracks in the foreground form part of the, seemingly even then, little used sidings that lay between the former GWR's Ealing & Shepherds Bush Line and the West London Line.

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The electrified tracks of the Central Line are reached. This appears to be on the north side of the bridge that takes Wood Lane over the Central Line, in the foreground, and the former Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway to the top.

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Tom steps carefully between the live rails to cross the railway as PC Mitchell reaches the top of the embankment. Ian and Dave agree that these are Central Line tracks where Westway now crosses Wood Lane and the railway.

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Stopped by a tube train as is passes directly in front of him, Andy is forced to pause his pursuit. Dave Buckley explains that "Comparing this capture to a map of the era shows a siding between the Central Line tracks the end of which can be seen to the right of centre. The passing train is 'right hand' running at this point which was an anomaly caused by a reverse loop serving the line's Wood Lane station with trains reverting to the correct left-hand running at Wood Lane Junction alongside Du Cane Road. The white milk depot's building to the top still stands". (RL)

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Tom makes his way up an embankment away from the dangerous environment. This is looking down from the bridge carrying Wood Lane over the Central Line in W12. To the top right can be seen a train heading for White City station while the lines of the Ealing & Shepherds Bush Railway head towards the top left.

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The agile PC climbs after Tom as he leaves the railway. Looking up towards Wood Lane. The Westway and a widened Wood Lane now pass over this point.

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At nearby White City Stadium, spectators arrive for the afternoon's greyhound racing. The location also appears in 'Otley', 'Jumping for Joy' and 'Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter'.

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Looking back to see if he's being followed, Tom mingles with the crowd and buys a four bob ticket to enter the stadium.

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A car bringing Detective Inspector Cherry and Sergeant Roberts comes to a stand outside the stadium as PC Mitchell approaches. White City Road which, as Paul Alley points out, became Dorando Close. Paul recalls his father taking him to buy QPR season tickets in the 1970s and parking almost in this same spot before walking down South Africa Road.

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Bookies take bets from the punters as Tom looks anxiously around while the Detectives make contact with Mr. Lovell, the Track Security Officer.

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Results of the third race are posted as 'Operation Turnstile' is put into effect.

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Pursued like the hare on the track, the killer is cornered when he finds that the stadium's gates have been locked.

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Lovell walks beside Inspector Cherry and his men as they close in on Tom Riley.

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From the other direction, Andy Mitchell and his colleagues make sure that there's no escape for George Dixon's murderer.

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Following the arrest of Tom Riley, Police Constable Andy Mitchell returns to his beat, walking in the footsteps of PC 693 Dixon. Roy Barnacle confirms Harrow Road, looking across Bishops Bridge Road to the left.

The camera begins to pull back revealing more of Harrow Road. Ian McDonald and Peter Robinson identify the now demolished Paddington Green police station standing to the right.

image no 180

The present view from Tony.

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The shot fades after finding 'The Blue Lamp'.

A short post-script begins with image 95 repeated showing the Paddington Branch of the Grand Union Canal with the rear of houses on what was Brindley Street on the left identified by Eddie B.

image no 182

Ray and Ron Glenister support Eddie B's identification with the fishing children facing north, so the houses had to line the South Bank. They provide this Google Earth aerial view showing the location near to the Harrow Road bridge over the canal. This image replaces, with his agreement, Simon's previous capture from 2011. (RL)

This post-script continues with screen capture 138 again and Ray Glenister, supporting Richard Kennedy's identification, clarifying the street layout in this annotated image A=Portobello Road : B=Ladbroke Road. (RL)

image no 183

Richard provides this aerial view with the position of the Ladbroke Grove railway bridge top left and the roads in the screen capture named. The old route of the roads are marked in green. Courtesy of MSN Maps. Maggie Tyler confirms the location adding that Barlby Road, formerly Edinburgh Road, runs out of shot to the right.

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This post-script continues further with screen Capture 179 again and Tony Winzar, supporting Roy Barnacle's identification of Harrow Road, looking across Bishops Bridge Road and providing an extract from 'Britain from Above' EAW006463, the whole image can be viewed at (RL)

image no 184

An extract from 'Britain from Above' EAW006463, the whole image can be viewed at (RL)

Not a location as such but a map seen during the car chase sequence when the wireless car conveying PC Mitchell closes in on the crooks along Latimer Road.

image no 185

Peter provides this updated version of the the 65 year old map with the location of St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs station re-added. Courtesy of Streetmap UK and their copyright.