Boat that Rocked, The

Date: 2009
Director: Richard Curtis
Production Company: Universal Pictures, StudioCanal, Working Title Films

Stars: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Kenneth Branagh
Location(s): Dorset, East Sussex, Kent, London

Region(s): , ,


Pirate DJs broadcast pop music to the nation from a boat anchored outside British waters.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Pirate Radio’ (US Title)

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Inside 10 Downing Street the Prime Minister brings up the subject of Pirate Radio. John Adam Street in London WC2, also seen in 'Johnny English' and 'The Iron Lady'.

image no 1

Peter re-visits "No 10". (RL)

At the Ministry, Domenic Twatt is called into Sir Alistair Dormandy's office. Richard Lovejoy recognised The Whitehouse apartments at the corner of Belvedere Road and Concert Hall Approach in London SE1.

image no 2

I caught a quiet moment. (RL)

Twatt is charged with ensuring that Radio Rock is taken off the air within twelve months. Panning up reveals nore of The Whitehouse apartments near Waterloo. Location found by RL.

image no 3

There is something nice about things not changing! (RL)

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In the North Sea, competition winners head towards Radio Rock. This is Portland Harbour, Dorset and in the left distance is moored the MV Timor Challenger, launched as De Hoop in 1964. The vessel's last known position was the Marmara Sea during 2015.

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Domenic Twatt (Jack Davenport) strides towards the Minister following his return from Radio Rock disguised as one of the competition winners.

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Sir Alistair Dormandy (Kenneth Branagh) learns that the ship is in very bad condition.

Disc Jockeys Doctor Dave (Nick Frost), Simple Simon Swafford (Chris O'Dowd), The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Young Carl (Tom Sturridge), Gavin Kavanagh (Rhys Ifans), Angus Nutsford (Rhys Darby) and Thick Kevin (Tom Brooke) arrive in the capital. Facing west on Roupell Street, London SE1.

image no 7

A similar shot from Peter without "rent a crowd". (RL)

Doctor Dave leads Simple Simon's stag party into another pub. Windmill Walk in SE1 with The King's Arms public house to the right.

image no 8

A shot from Peter before the next stag party arrived. (RL)

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Along with Quentin (Bill Nighy), Midnight Mark (Tom Wisdom) and John Mayford (Will Adamsdale), the Radio Rock DJs continue their tour of London's pubs.

A reversed shot of St. Martin's Court off St. Martin's Lane in WC2 with the Noël Coward Theatre on the left.

image no 10

Peter provides the same reversed scene in daylight.

Another reversed shot, this time of Windmill Walk from the junction of Roupell Street with The King's Arms public house to the left.

image no 11

Peter agrees about the reversed shot based on the background colours and the fact that there is no evidence of there being arches north of Rouple Street, (RL)

St Martin's Court, London WC2. The thoroughfare was also seen in 'Victim' and 'The Girl with a Pistol'.

image no 12

Peter reveals a more colourful "Sheekey's". (RL)

More jollity as the gang continue their evening out.

image no 13

Richard Lovejoy found Buckley Street running between Mepham Way and Tenison Way outside Waterloo station in SE1.

The Angel & Crown public house on the corner of New Row and St. Martin's Lane.

image no 14

Now known as "The Fogg's Tavern" witnesses Peter. (RL)

Looking south along St. Martin's Lane from the junction with New Row.

image no 15

Peter is right, a night shot does have more atmosphere. (RL)

The Salisbury public house at the corner of St. Martin's Lane and St. Martin's Court.

image no 16

Peter captured the outside, but did he resist entering? (RL)

The results of the evening's drinking become apparent. St. Martin's Court with the rear of the Noël Coward Theatre to the right.

image no 17

A much more sober atmosphere when Peter was there. (RL)

The Count and his colleagues dance on the steps of the National Gallery. Trafalgar Square in WC2.

image no 18

Not such exhibition whilst Peter was there. (RL)

The night draws to a close. The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square has been seen in many productions including 'The Satanic Rites of Dracula', 'Sink the Bismarck!' and 'Subterfuge'.

image no 19

Peter preferred to visit earlier in the day. (RL)

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Car and lorry drivers tune into Radio Rock as Simple Simon's marriage to Elenore is live on air.

Holidaymakers dance to pop music played by Radio Rock. IMDB lists the beach at Brighton in East Sussex as a location.

image no 21

Hove actually. Near the beach huts by Kingsway Bowling Green. SD

The seafront at Hove with properties on Kingsway in the background.

image no 22

The same beach huts now. SD

Facing eastward on Brighton's Palace Pier.

image no 23

The same section of the pier now. SD

The music continues. Looking across the green at Hove & Kingsway Bowling Club between Kingsway and the beach at Hove in East Sussex.

image no 24

Looking across the bowling green now. SD

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Twatt visits the home of Sir Alistair Dormandy. Squerryes Court near Westerham in Kent.

The Prime Minster asks for a show of hands to abolish Pirate Radio. Great George Street in SW1 with the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square in the right background. Similar views were seen in 'The Odd Job', 'High Treason' and 'The Omen (1976)'.

image no 26

Peter returns to well trod ground. (RL)

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Listeners have one last dance . . . . .