Date: 1955
Director: Henry Cass
Production Company: CIPA

Stars: Tom Conway, Michael Balfour, Honor Blackman, Brian Worth
Location(s): London, Berlin

Region(s): ,


A private eye is on the trail of a secret formula and a kidnapped girl.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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The film opens with Johnny Matlock driving through Berlin. Views of the Kempinski Hotel on Fasanenstraße 10719 appear in 'Funeral in Berlin' and 'A Dandy in Aspic'.

image no 1

With thanks to Mark o'Neill for once again finding time for Reelstreets during his recent visit to Berlin. (RL)

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Having crossed into the Russian Sector of Berlin, Johnny draws up outside a very British looking building where scientist Professor Dohlmann lies dying in his apartment.

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Missing out a quarter of the locationless film, we move to Britain to see private eye Tom 'Duke' Martin drive away after giving Paula Grant a lift home from the Crystal Jug Club.

Paula Grant (Honor Blackman) returns to the pavement outside her house to hail a cab. Kelvin Drive off The Barons in Twickenham with Kelvin Court as the backdrop. The cul-de-sac features in 'Not So Dusty'.

image no 4

More likely to be an Uber these days. (RL)

The taxi driver is instructed to take Paula to her Sister's mews home. The Barons in Twickenham, Middlesex.

image no 5

I think I have the correct location but the blurred background of the screen capture does not make it easy. (RL)

Waiting around the corner, 'Duke' Martin begins to follow the cab. The Barons, Twickenham with St. Margaret's Court in the background.

image no 6

Continuing the trend of "up market" cars. (RL)

The Barons with Twickenham Studios rising in the background. Various parts of The Barons were seen in 'Dilemma', 'Au Pair Girls', 'Emergency' and 'Strongroom'.

image no 7

Parking rather more of a premium these days. (RL)

The taxi enters the mews where finds Duke waiting outside Diane's house. RL points out that this same footage is used in 'Three Steps to the Gallows'.

image no 8

Solve one and the second is naturally resolved, by Ray and Ron Glenister. Cornwall Mews South, London SW7 Replacing Google Earth shot. (RL)

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Awoken by the noise, Duke's sidekick Barney (Michael Balfour) escapes from his bedroom when two Henchmen bring the Private Eye into the apartment.

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With Barney in the back of the car, Duke drives Paula to the laboratories of brothers Johnny and Michael Matlock. Could this be one of the splendid buildings that used to grace the Great West Road?

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The car swings off the road to park in front of the building.

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Tom 'Duke' Martin (Tom Conway) allows Barney go to a café for breakfast before he and Paula enter Matlock's premises.

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Continuing their investigation into missing microfilm, Duke and Barney arrive at London Airport.

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When Duke leaves the airport building after collecting Johnny's camera from left luggage, the two Henchmen (John Colicos and Larry Taylor) appear.

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Barney drives up after the two Henchmen escape with the camera.

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Inside his house, Webb checks over the camera before questioning the kidnapped Diane.

An establishing shot of the boat where Pat, the Crystal Jug's barman lives. Looking towards the River Thames from Chiswick Mall in London W4.

image no 17

Difficult to be exact given all the growth and the fact that it is now a private garden. (RL)

Duke and Barney arrive nearby. Chiswick Mall, outside the Mill Bakery.

image no 18

Not surprisingly the Mill Bakery has been redeveloped into Millers Court. (RL)

Leaving Barney in the car, the detective makes his way onto the boat.

image no 19

Given the substantial growth of greenery, that one cannot access the private garden in between and the background has changed, this is what would appear somehow in the background. (RL)

Duke enters the cabin of the boat where Johnny Matlock is hiding out. Looking from the Thames towards buildings on Chiswick Mall W4.

image no 20

Even if it were possible to take the shot from a boat greenery would now make the shot impossible. (RL)

After discovering Duke speaking with Pat, Johnny Matlock (Brian Worth) makes his escape. Miller's Court now occupies the bakery site as a reminder of it's past use.

image no 21

The revised scene. (RL)

Pat (Freddie Mills) and Duke call to Johnny as they follow him from the boat. Chiswick Eyot lies in the River Thames to the right.

image no 22

Chiswick Eyot lies off to the right but whether I have the right spot is another matter. (RL)

The two watch as Johnny drives away. Looking westward along Chiswick Mall in W4.

image no 23

From the road as the men are standing on what is now a private garden hidden behind greenery. (RL)

Webb (Bruce Seton) leaves the Crystal Jug Club after obtaining the roll of film that Paula has taken from Duke. Facing King Street from Westcroft Square in W6.

image no 24

Mark o'Neill happened to be near the scene and managed to take a series of "nows" for us. (RL)

Having been sent to collect newspapers, Pat appears from the shop next door to see Webb drive off. Westcroft Square facing The White Hart public house on King Street.

image no 25

Panning slightly to the left Mark captured this one. (RL)

Pat goes back into the club. The doors of the Crystal Jug Club are the entrance to Westcroft Court on Westcroft Square.

image no 26

Mark found that you cannot just push your way in now. (RL)

Johnny Matlock makes a run for it as Pat fights inside with Webb's Henchmen. Westcroft Court on Westcroft Square.

image no 27

It certainly looks a more respectable establishment now says Mark. (RL)

The film's chase begins as the Henchmen race after Johnny. The corner of Westcroft Square and King Street W6. The Ritz cafe has retained it's name for over sixty years.

image no 28

Mark found that it was not an area in which to start a car chase these days. (RL)

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Now, are we in Ealing, Hammersmith or somewhere else?

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The two cars speed through terraced streets.

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The pursuit continues. That appears to be a public house in the right background.

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Could it be Isleworth?

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A corner is taken.

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Does this look like Uxbridge?

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These streets look so familiar, maybe Chiswick!

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The Henchmen's car draws alongside and one of the thugs shoots Johnny which causes him to crash.

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Duke, Paula and Barney arrive outside Webb's house to rescue Diane.

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While Paula waits in the car, Duke and Barney make their way into the house.

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When the crooks escape, Duke comes out of the front door to find that the Police have arrived.

The Police pursue Webb who has to be rescued when his car overturns and bursts into flames. Christopher Matheson identifies this as Crisp Road, London W6 from the corner of St. James Street. Just down the road from Riverside Studios. The same footage is seen in Tiger by the Tail. (RL)

image no 40

There is very little in Crisp Road that remains the same. (RL)

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Duke and Paula leave the hospital where Johnny is recovering... Michael Markson has identified the hospital as (now) St Davids Home for disabled service personnel on Castle Bar Hill, Ealing. (SJ)

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Crossing to the kerb, Duke picks up a dropped handbag.

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Barney runs from the hospital leaving Diane with her fiancé Johnny.

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Taking the handbag from Duke, Barney hands it over to a Policeman. Cleveland Road in Ealing, London W13 with Cleveland Park beyond the fence.