Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason

Date: 2004
Director: Beeban Kidron
Production Company: Universal Pictures, Studio Canal, Miramax Films

Stars: Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Sally Phillips, Jim Broadbent, Gemma Jones, Jacinda Barrett, Shirley Henderson, James Callis
Location(s): London, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Thailand, Austria, Italy

Region(s): , , ,


Taking up from Bridget Jones’ Diary, our heroine has doubts about the love of her life, looks to a former love and takes a holiday in hell. SJ

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The Snowshill Arms in shot.

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And Zellweger, (not a double), is back at the family home, Hall's Piece, Snowshill, Gloucestershire. She's carrying different bags but the shot is remarkably similar to Bridget Jones's Diary.

Zellweger and Firth do "The Sound of Music" on Primrose Hill, NW3.

image no 3

The skyline changes annually. Here with Renzo Piano's 72 storey The Shard, the tallest building in the EU (2013) in the centre. SJ

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Stocker's Farm, Stocker's Farm Road near Rickmansworth, Herts.

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What a lot of indoors smoking: those were the days! Phillips, Henderson and Callis in the Light Bar and Restaurant, 233 Shoreditch High Street, London E2, according to imdb.

Zellweger at Firth's in Richmond. 9 King's Road.

image no 6

Oh dear, horrible light contrast, even beyond photoshop. SJ

Zellweger back outside the flat seen in the first Bridget Jones on Bedale Street, SE1.

image no 7

Still survives despite a lot of changes in this area of Borough Market. SJ

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Firth and Zellweger in Bedale Street.

Zellweger at Piccadilly Circus, W1.

image no 9

Now. SJ

The old GLC on Belvedere Road, SE1. The exterior for the general knowledge quiz.

image no 10

Now. SJ

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An interior included as those windows look rather nice. This is the venue of the law quiz with the last round on pop music.

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Firth and Zellweger walk home. Outside City Hall with Tower Bridge in the background.

Firth on Bedale Street, heading west next to Zellweger's door.

image no 13

Looking the other way. SJ


image no 14

The intercom's gone. SJ

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Now in Lech, Austria.

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Lech or maybe Cortina d'Ampezzo, as imdb suggests.

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As above. Zellweger or a stunt double.

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Arlberg Hotel, Lech.

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Zelllweger skis into Strolz. Ambros Stroltz pioneered boot-fitting in Lech and Daniel is now in charge of this family business.

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Firth at a church.

A virtuoso shot of happy couples in every lit window, apart from Zellweger's that is. The Globe Tavern, SE1.

image no 21

This catches the left bit of the "then." SJ

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Firth at the churchyard, probably the same as above.

Zellweger on Tower Bridge heading south to SE1.

image no 23

Now by David Ahern on Tower Bridge.

Zellweger at Debenham's, 334-348 Oxford Street, W1

image no 24

Now with new cladding placed in 2014. SJ

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The action shifts to Thailand.

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Grant in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Zellweger and Grant enjoy the Phuket area.

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Phillips and Zellweger on the beach.

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Grant listens with interest to Zellweger.

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The jail.

Grant and Firth slug it out again. Kensington Gardens.

image no 31

The Italian Fountains area on the north side, which the film disguised as the entrance to the Serpentine Gallery, which, unlike here, does not have a fountain in front of it. SJ

Seen in The Astonished Heart, Carve Her Name With Pride and many others in London Movie Guide.

image no 32

That's the trouble with trying to do it from memory. I should be in front of the (turned off) fountain. SJ

Wet fountain fighting.

image no 33

Can't have been a particularly pleasant scene to film. SJ

Bedale Street again.

image no 34

Some repaired plaster under the window seems to have fallen out but otherwise all good. SJ

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9 King's Road again.

Top of Giltspur Street where it meets West Smithfield, EC1.

image no 36

The telephone box has been shifted to the right (off-camera). SJ

Reverse pov as Zellweger is soaked.

image no 37

New pavement, new trees, how swiftly things change. Looking towards the Smithfield car-park more recently seen in Skyfall. SJ

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A stately interior. Middle Temple, EC4?

Now at Shere, Surrey, a popular cute village filming location. See The Ruling Class, The Holiday et al.

image no 39

Was the tree on the forground a prop or has it been cut down? SJ

Outside the church of St James's grounds.

image no 40

The wet not quite as romantic as the snow. SJ

A different angle to the above.

image no 41

Now. SJ

Let it not be said that we don't treat you. This is in the dvd extras: a cut scene of incompetent riding in Aldbury, Herts

image no 42

Also seen in Crossplot and The Dirty Dozen. SJ

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A church, not the one in Aldbury or Shere.

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Another extra shot.

The Renoir, Hunter Street, WC1.

image no 45

Now rebranded as The Curzon Bloomsbury. It is on the east side of the Brunswick Centre. SJ