Captive Heart, The

Date: 1946
Director: Basil Dearden
Production Company: Ealing Studios

Stars: Michael Redgrave, Rachel Kempson, Jack Warner, Mervyn Johns, Gordon Jackson
Location(s): London, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Germany

Region(s): , ,


POW assumes a dead officer’s identity and answers his widow’s letters, but, when he is liberated, it’ll be a tricky situation. SJ

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Captured troops, now prisoners-of-war, march through Germany to their camps.

image no 1

Gunter sends this shot of the town Stade with the old harbour about 45km west of Hamburg that he took back in 2007. (RL)

Another shot of Germany as troops march through.

image no 2

Another great angle shot from Gunter taken in 2007 of the town Stade with the old harbour, some 45km west of Hamburg. (RL)

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Establishing shot as Kempson goes to find out about her husband's fate.

Memories of an idyllic village life.

image no 4

Hambleden, Oxfordshire. The trees in the middle have gone. SJ

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Kempson's house, somewhere in the Oxfordshire countryside.

More Hambleden.

image no 6

Just a bit too much left and not enough right! Taken from Crawford's house in The Witches. SJ

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Hambleden train station. There isn't one, but this is Aston Rowant standing in. The forecourt of the station was seen in 'My Brothers Keeper'.

Hambleden again.

image no 8

Also seen in The Legacy. SJ

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Jackson arrives home after five years in a camp.

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Now blind, Jackson has to be guided home. This'll be hard to find.

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Johns and Warner are given a life home. The corner of Netley Road and Pottery Road in Brentford, Middlesex located by The Cine-Tourist.

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John and Warner arrive home. Pottery Road in Brentford, also seen in 'The Gentle Gunman' and ‘Night Train To Paris’.