Caretaker, The

Date: 1963
Director: Clive Donner
Production Company: Caretaker Films

Stars: Alan Bates, Donald Pleasence, Robert Shaw
Location(s): London



A quiet, reserved man who lives alone in the cluttered top-floor room of a small abandoned house befriends and takes in an old derelict who has been fired from his menial job in a café.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ” The Guest” (US Title)

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Mick (Alan Bates) walks towards the run down property where his brother is living on the top floor.

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IMDB identifies the house as standing on Downs Road, Hackney in London E5.

A long shot sees Aston (Robert Shaw) and Mac Davies (Donald Pleasence) walking along the street.

image no 3

Mare Street in Hackney now. (PW)

The two pass the Hackney Empire on Mare Street, London E8.

image no 4

Hackney Empire from street level. (PW)

Aston and Davies turn the corner of Morning Lane and Mare Street in E8.

image no 5

The same buildings now. (PW)

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A wall, sorry, not much to go on. But how many walls are there, or were there, in Hackney? Not more than 20,000 or so.

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Aston nears his brother's house with the down and out who he has befriended. Likely to be Downs Road.

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Davies and Aston outside Mick's property. Downs Road in Hackney.

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A closer view of the dormer window of the derelict house.

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Aston leaves the house. Downs Road in London E5. The area has been redeveloped.

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Panning from image care010, the camera finds Mick watching from his van. Ken Jacobs confirms that this is Downs Road in E5 and remembers filming taking place in 1963 during the great freeze-up of that winter. The whole area was demolished between 1968 and 1970 to make way for the Nightingale Estate.

Aston looks through the window of a secondhand shop. Across the road is a clue, the Boleyn Piano Works.

image no 12

These residential properties now stand across Boleyn Road in N16. (PW)

This is Boleyn Road in London N16.

image no 13

The developers didn't leave much behind! (PW)

Aston enters the shop. The street sign on the wall reads Gillett Street N16 which runs between Kingsland High Street and Boleyn Road.

image no 14

And this is the corner now. (PW)

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Mac Davies braves the cold. Mike Guinness identifies this as this is Rectory Road in N16 looking towards the junction of Shacklewell Lane, Amhurst Road. The distant tower belongs to a former works, now part of Babik Court.

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The brothers in the back garden of the house.

Mick pulls up in his van as Mac sits in the winter sunshine. Looking across Clapton Common in N16.

image no 17

Same view, different bench. (PW)

The two talk before Mac gets into the van. Clapton Common in the London Borough of Hackney.

image no 18

Thicker trees and a re-sited bus stop. (PW)

Mick drives off with Mac on board before turning into Oldhill Street.

image no 19

There's a tree missing, it was lying on the ground in pieces! But the public conveniences still stand on the common, albeit derelict. (PW)

The van is driven onto Osbaldeston Road. St. Thomas' church stands in the centre left background.

image no 20

The same location now. (PW)

The van continues to complete a circuit of the common. Osbaldeston Road.

image no 21

The trees have grown and the cars are modern but this shot doesn't seem that different. (PW)

Mick turns out of Osbaldeston Road back onto Clapton Common.

image no 22

The same location now. (PW)

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An additional capture from Mike Guinness showing Mac sheltering in the doorway of a café. The business once stood at 216 Lower Clapton Road but has since been demolished to be replaced by a roundabout.

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Mac steps onto the street from the café. Mick Guinness advises that this is looking across Lower Clapton Road in E5 with Gooch house on Kenninghall Road in the distance adding that the location is just a few hundred yards away from Harold Pinter's childhood home on Thistlewaite Road.