Carlton-Browne of the F.O.

Date: 1959
Director: Roy Boulting and Jeffrey Dell
Production Company: Charter Film Productions

Stars: Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Luciana Paluzzi, Ian Bannen
Location(s): London, West Sussex

Region(s): ,


An inept Foreign Office diplomat is sent to re-establish relations with a British Pacific island colony that has been forgotten for 50 years.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by Bob Nicholls.

Also known as ‘Man in a Cocked Hat’ (US Title)


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The Prime Minister of the small island of Gaillardia, Señor Amphibulos (Peter Sellers), awaits the arrival of British diplomats. No real locations in this film just stock, second unit and studio shots.

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Señor Amphibulos bids farewell to Cadogan de Vere Carlton-Browne (Terry-Thomas) and Colonel Bellingham of the Bays (Thorley Walters) as they depart for the British Residency.

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A line of partition is marked out between the north and south of the island. The tunnel east of Midhurst on the railway line running between Midhurst and Pulborough in West Sussex. The route had closed to passenger trains in 1955.

A shot of the Houses of Parliament is shown as the BBC announce the arrival of the King of Gaillardia. Parliament Square, London SW1.

image no 4

Peter notes that the statues have had a reshuffle.

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British Foreign Secretary Tufton Slade (Raymond Huntley) and Carlton-Browne greet Young King Loris (Ian Bannen) when he arrives for discussions about Gaillardia. A studio set included for sake of completeness.

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A typical housewife, Mrs. Carter (Irene Handl), is interviewed about her opinions on the 'cold war' for a cinema newsreel. Unknown location.