Carry On Cabby

Date: 1963
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Pinewood Studio

Stars: Sid James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale
Location(s): Windsor, Pinewood, Heathrow, Taplow, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire.



Speedee Taxis is a great success which means that Charlie the owner starts neglecting his wife. Suddenly a rival firm appears on the scene and start pinching the fairs, Glamcabs, secret weapon is they only employ attractive ladies. So its open warfare and only one company can survive.

Additional Information:

There is an excellent site devoted to “Cabby”,……..there, that was easy, wasn’t it! This site has a good deal of information on scenes that we haven’t used, those with buildings and the cabs, but no actors in view.
Books with good background material include:
The Complete A-Z of Everything Carry On, Richard Webber.
The Carry On Story, Robert Ross.

Carry on Films, Mark Campbell.

Mr Carry On: The Like and Work of Peter Rogers, Robert Ross.


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Can you help:

If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Trinity Church, Trinity Place, Winsdor, Looking north. Also seen in 'On the Beat'. Identified by Roger Cullingham.

image no 1

And proof provided by Dave Wood.

Same place, with shops in the distance, but no actors. See 'On the Beat' newspaper seller scene. Filmed in studio but with this background from St Leonards Road and Trinity Place junction. What does Roger study, is he at the college, media studies maybe?

image no 2

St Leonards Road is almost unchanged. (PW)

See cc007 below. The white building to the right is the Clarence Hotel, demolished in 1967-68 during the Ward Royal development. Roger sleuthed this as well.

image no 3

Ward Royal now with the block on the right replacing the hotel. Captured by Dave Wood.

180 degrees opposite cc007 is a scene looking towards Clarence Crescent. Well done our Roger.

image no 4

Clarence Crescent now by Dave Wood.

Alma Road, Windsor.

image no 5

The same location by Dave Wood.

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Simon Mills suggests a set built in Car Park 1 at Pinewood Studios.

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Pinewood Studios confirms Michael Klaw who was third assistant director on the film.

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Pinewood Studios identified by Simon Mills.

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Pinewood Studios identified by Simon Mills. Michael Klaw adds that "on the left hand side is the corridor that led up to the covered way to the camera department and storage areas".

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Pinewood again says Simon Mills and confirmed by Michael.

Clarence Crescent. First House. In distance is junction where cc003a incident was filmed. Roger Cullingham found the location.

image no 11

More foliage but exact location, different postman. Image by Dave Wood.

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An establishing shot, confirmed as Pinewood Studios by Simon Mills and Michael Klaw.

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Pinewood Studios again identified by Simon Mills. This was of a set up and scene that the Director Gerald Thomas gave Michael Klaw the privilege to direct.

Royal Oak pub, in the shadow of the castle, Windsor.

image no 14

The pub is still there. (PW)

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Pinewood Green housing estate.

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Pinewood Green housing estate. Pinewood, Bucks.

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Terminal Three, Heathrow.

Black Park Road, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire.

image no 21

Michael Miller sends us this shot of the house as it is now, somewhat more secluded. (RL)

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Edward VII Hospital, Windsor.

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A house on Black Park Road. Identification by Nick Williams.

image no 27

As Michael was not able to get over the gate we rest content with his shot from Capture 21. (RL)

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Maidenhead Autos perhaps, Bath Road, Taplow, Bucks.

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Riverside Station, Datchet Road, Windsor. Datchet Road with Windsor and Eton Riverside Station to rear.

image no 31

Just the building in the middle now. SJ.

Across road from Windsor and Eton Riverside Station. Roger Cullingham.

image no 32

Roger first identified the location but the image from Simon Mills, which he did declare was a "long shot was actually incorrect, being alongside the station. Roger stipulates that it was opposite the front of the station and was in fact a pan to the right of 17a. This Google Earth shot shows it as it is now, a little less character perhaps. (RL)

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Alma Road, demolished 1980's. Now flats.

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Roger Cullingham advises that this is Alma Road with the Frogmore Hotel in background. The hotel was demolished in 2008. Also see the Thamesweb article on 'Carry on Cabby'.

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Alma Road.

Not Alma Road. This is the Royal Waiting Room, Datchet Road Windsor beside Riverside Station, omitted from Carry on Cabby in error! Roger Cullingham.

image no 36


image no 37


image no 38


Royal Oak pub.

image no 39

And a castle to put it into context. SJ.

Roger Cullingham believes that this is the junction of St Marks Road and St Leonards Road at the back of the former fire station and now a local Arts Centre (2009). However, there are inconsistencies in the building style notes Dave Wood. So this remains an unidentified location.

image no 40

Roger stands his ground and has convinced me that he is right. 80% of the background has been redeveloped but the building to the extreme left, the old Fire Station, is now an Arts and Culture Centre and the posts to the right, slightly modified, still belong to No. 1 St Marks Road whose front door looks like the same and the original door bell, working or not remains in place. Google shot to support. (RL)

Dorset Road Windsor, Catholic church, St Edwards, in background. Thanks Roger.

image no 41

Dave Wood found the same spot with a recent infill extension visible.

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Probably Claremont Road looking towards Catholic church and Dorset Road junction about 50 yards from cc024 BUT might be northern end of Dorset Road and junction with Clarence Road - virtually identical backgrounds. Ah ha! A doubt in Roger's mind. But I'm sure he'll have it sorted in the blink of an LCD.

Queens Road looking east. Note newer houses to R. St Leonards Road junction in far distance. Roger again, our thanks to him.

image no 43

Newer cars now and the lamppost has disappeared. (PW)

See cc026a above. Ta Roger.

image no 44

Queens Road, Windsor once again. (PW)

Dorset Road, and again Roger.

image no 45

Not quite Dorset Road . . . . around the corner in Claremont Road. (PW)

Claremont Road with Trinity Church beyond. Far side of Church used for opening credits, see cc029a & b. Sorted by Roger.

image no 46

Holy Trinity Church, with Trinity Place on the left found by Simon Mills.

Exiting Dorset Road into Claremont Road. Very similar to Bless this House scene bth008. Identified by Roger.

image no 47

The church is St Edwards. (PW)

Sid in his cab with at the corner of Dorset Road and Claremont Road.

image no 48

The same location now. (PW)

Queens Road looking west with sharp right turn in distance. Roger found this one.

image no 49

The buildings at the far end of the road have been replaced. (PW)

Queens Road to east with St Leonards Road junction in distance. See cc026a earlier. Roger again, many thanks.

image no 50

And the buildings at the other end of the road have also been replaced. (PW)