Carry On . . . Follow That Camel

Date: 1967
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: The Rank Organisation, Adder

Stars: Jim Dale, Peter Butterworth, Angela Douglas, Bernard Bresslaw, Anita Harris, Kenneth Williams, Phil Silvers, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims
Location(s): London



An English gentleman joins the French Foreign Legion after his name is brought into disrepute in this cross between Beau Geste and Sergeant Bilko.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Also known as ‘Follow that Camel’ (original title) and ‘Carry On in the Legion’ (US title)

Frank Uwe Burk advises that the Sahara scenes were shot at Camber Sands near Rye, East Sussex.

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When Bertram Oliphant "Bo" West (Jim Dale) is accused of tripping his friend Captain Humphrey Bagshaw (Peter Gilmore) during a cricket match, Sir Cyril Ponsonby (William Mervyn) strips him of team membership and forbids him to see his daughter, Lady Jane Ponsonby (Angela Douglas).

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After Bo's name is cleared, Jane leaves home and sets out to find him.

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Sir Cyril gives advice to his naïve daughter.

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On his return to England, Bo plays cricket and all is well.

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Simpson (Peter Butterworth) waits on as Bo and his wife Jane walk with their newborn son.

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Bo's former Sergeant, Ernie Nocker (Phil Silvers), arrives to visit.

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Sergeant Nocker introduces his new Batman, Corktip (Anita Harris).

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Sheikh Abdul Abulbul (Bernard Bresslaw) has the last laugh. The only architectural location in this film is Swakeleys House in Ickenham, Greater London. which also features in 'Dark Places'.