Carry On Regardless

Date: 1961
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Peter Rogers Productions

Stars: Sid James, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Bill Owen, Liz Fraser, Terence Longdon, Esma Cannon, Stanley Unwin, Joan Hickson, Nicholas Parsons
Location(s): Berkshire, Middlesex, London

Region(s): ,


The Helping Hands agency run by Bert Handy (Sid James) and his assistant Miss Cooling (Esma Cannon) employs very strange people to perform some equally strange jobs! from taking unusual animals for walks to demonstrating new products at the “Ideal House Exhibition”.

Additional Information:

Originally added in July 2013 this film was readdressed by Dave Wilson in June 2017


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Montgomery Infield-Hopping (Terence Longdon) gets out of a cab next to the Employment Exchange. This is Fairfield Road, West Drayton UB7. There have been major changes since 1961. The houses on the left are no longer there and have been replaced with flats. Brian E also mentions that he recalls at one point those now-demolished houses were a veterinary surgery and then later a branch for the RSPCA. He also adds that at sometime the backyard space later became a small garden centre.

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Windsor? No, this is not entirely accurate, because as a young lad I can remember watching the filming of the Labour Exchange frontage scenes near Yiewsley Town Hall, Middlesex, excellent info from Colin Dean. The (now former) Yiewsley Town Hall building is the building in the background on the right.

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He walks into the Employment Exchange. Contributor Brian E adds that at the time of filming, the building was in reality the Methodist Central Hall, but was later demolished and a new Methodist Church built, with an adjacent supermarket. The supermarket was a branch of Tesco but is currently (as of 2018) being used as a branch of Wilko.

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This building was located on Fairfield Road, just around the corner from the Old Town Hall on the High Street, West Drayton UB7.

Following a hunch from the newspaper, Mr Infield-Hopping walks around a familiar street corner at Park Street in Windsor.

image no 5

This is of course the same location used for the Wedded Bliss agency in Carry On Loving.

But he seems to be last down the steps to the Helping Hands office! Sheet Street, Windsor. Thanks to Tony Reeves. Or is it Park Street?

image no 6


Francis Courtenay (Kenneth Williams) gets a job taking a pet for a walk. He was not expecting an ape! He picks Yoki up at 11 Clarence Crescent in Windsor. This house was also used as Terry Scott's house in Carry on up the Jungle. It is next door to a Blue Plaque property where novelist Margaret Oliphant Wilson Oliphant lived between May 1872 & March 1896. She was a Scottish novelist and historical writer, who usually wrote as Mrs. Oliphant.

image no 7

The distinctive path remains. (RL)

Williams and furry friend then walk along Clarence Crescent in Windsor.

image no 8

No furry friends for me to bond with. (RL)

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The pair are refused boarding near the Alexandra Park, Goswell Road, Windsor. Tony Reeves. Roger Cullingham advises that it is the local borough of Maidenhead six miles away that calls it Alexander Park, the locals call it Alexander Gardens! (RL)

They are the other side of the tunnel and the taxi driver doesn't want them either. This is just further along Goswell Road in Windsor.

image no 10


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Kenneth tries to argue his case but to no avail. This is still alongside Goswell Road in Windsor with Alexandra Gardens in the background.

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With no transport options, Williams decides to take Yoki to meet some similar friends so they go off to the zoological gardens. This is in reality Alexandria Gardens in Windsor along Goswell Road.

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The chimps have their reunion tea party in the park. It is almost certainly the Alexandria Gardens in Windsor.

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Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor) lets the cigarette fixation get the better of him. This location was identified by Brian E. who spotted that this scene was shot in Fairfield Road, Yiewsley, just down the road in where they filmed the Labour Exchange frontage scenes. Brian also adds that in the mid distance towards the Methodist Central Hall, the wall mounted advertising placard that can be seen high up is about the right location for the junction of Otterfield Road with Fairfield Road. The shaded, shop like, windows to the right of the frame used to be a doctors surgery and is currently (as of 2018) a tire replacement business.

He heads back to the Helping Hands office on Park Street/Sheet Street in Windsor. Location Tony Reeves.

image no 15


Sheet Street, Windsor, Tony Reeves

image no 16


An important phone call to set up a mission for Kenneth Connor is to be received from a sinister man (Eric Pohlmann) from the The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K. It overlooks Hyde Park, this 1930s luxury landmark hotel has an art-deco style spa and a limo service (for an extra fee of course).

image no 17

Yet again a tree was in Peter's way. (RL)

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Is this Windsor Station? George Dexter confirms that it is. The location was also seen in 'Left, Right and Centre' and 'A Run for Your Money'.

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A job mix up means Francis Courtenay (Kenneth Williams) finds himself waiting at Paddington Station expecting to translate Chinese. In reality the location is Windsor and Eton Riverside station.

Kenneth is still unaware of the mistake as he talks to the Headmistress (Judith Furse) who is not amused. Windsor station in the background masquerading as Paddington station. The police are summoned and don't listen to his protests...

image no 20

It is Windsor station and Dave Wood is pretty sure this is the spot. There was a lot of rebuilding in 1995.