Cast a Dark Shadow

Date: 1955
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Production Company: Angel Productions

Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Margaret Lockwood, Kay Walsh, Kathleen Harrison, Robert Flemyng, Mona Washbourne
Location(s): East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Surrey



A clever fortune-hunter with a penchant for murder kills his elderly, supposedly rich, wife and manages to get away with it.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Establishing shot of a band playing in Brighton's Western Bandstand. Looking towards what is now the Ramada Hotel on Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 1

Now, the bandstand without the band. SD

A long shot of Brighton's Bandstand. Kings Road, Brighton. The Bandstand has recently been restored to its former glory.

image no 2

Now. Viewed from the Best Western Brighton Hotel, with thanks to the hotel management. SD

Panning from image cads002 to the now destroyed West Pier. Kings Road, Brighton.

image no 3

All that remains now of the West Pier, viewed from the Best Western Brighton Hotel. SD

Edward Bare arrives home with his wife Monica. Geoff Dodd identifies this as Rabley Park near Potters Bar, Herts., it has also appeared in several episodes of The Avengers. (RL)

image no 4

Having provided the location, Geoff has now sent an up to date photo to replace his previous off angle "stock shot" from 2007. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The congregation leave church after Monica Bare's funeral. D. Henderson tells us that the building to the right is the old library in Abbots Langley that burnt down in the 1970s.

Monica's solicitor, Phillip Mortimer (Robert Flemyng) waits at the church gate. High Street in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire located by D. Henderson.

image no 6

A little less busy and perhaps more colourful. (RL)

Mortimer talks with Edward "Teddy" Bare (Dirk Bogarde) and Emmie (Kathleen Harrison) the housekeeper. The gate to St. Lawrence the Martyr's Church on High Street.

image no 7

The gate is no longer retained. (RL)

Edward helps Emmie into the car. High Street again with Miss Mead's sweet shop in the background. Information from D. Henderson.

image no 8

The sweet shop has, I would suggest, long gone. (RL)

Mortimer watches as Edward drives away with Emmie. Facing southward on High Street.

image no 9

As always, more street furniture. (RL)

A stock or second unit shot of a Brighton holiday scene. Appears to be a lido alongside Kings Road, Brighton. It was actually a children's paddling pool to the east of the West Pier, when the development work of i360 is finished a comparative shot will be possible. (RL)

image no 10

After almost four years since the Victorian arches were demolished, the work is now complete. The new piazza includes columns from the West Pier. SD

Edward drives through town with Charlotte Young. D. Henderson advises that this is Abbots Langley's High Street and that the phone box was a prop.

image no 11

It must have been, there is no room for a box there! (RL)

The couple drive along a country road towards a quarry.

image no 12

As it looks here now. Chalkpit Lane, Oxted, Surrey, with the addition of a bridge to carry the M25. SD

Chalkpit Lane, Oxted, Surrey. SD

image no 13

A clear view of the quarry and cottages seen across the field to the left of Chalkpit Lane. SD

Edward and Freda Jeffries (Margaret Lockwood) above Brandham Limestone Quarry.

image no 14

This is Oxted Limestone Quarry seen from Woldingham Viewpoint, The Ridge, Woldingham, Surrey. The view now includes the M25. SD

Edward heads to make a call. High Street in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire identified by D. Henderson who lived in one of the background houses and who's Mum's sister can just be made out playing alongside the churchyard wall.

image no 15

I didn't expect any children to be playing in term time. (RL)

Geoff Dodd provides this additional capture of Edward and Charlotte (Kaye Walsh) as they pull up to view a property that is for sale. Kendall Hall, Watling Street, Radlett, Herts. It also appears in "Law and Disorder" and its swimming pool in " Kill or Cure". (RL)

image no 16

Geoff also provides this shot of what is now Radlett Preparatory School. (RL)