Cathy Come Home

Date: 1966
Director: Ken Loach
Production Company: British Broadcasting Corporation

Stars: Carol White, Ray Brooks
Location(s): Birmingham, London

Region(s): ,


The bleak tale of Cathy, who loses her home, husband and eventually her child through the inflexibility of the British welfare system.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

A BBC Television Play


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Disillusioned with small town life, Cathy hitches a lift to London.

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The lorry passes through the outskirts of the capital. Bill Rice identifies this as Brent Cross Flyover on the A41 in NW11 as it crosses the North Circular Road with the railway bridge carrying the Northern Line to the top.

Cathy arrives in London where she meets Reg, a cheery, optimistic fellow with a decent job. Camden High Street NW1.

image no 3

70/81 Camden High Street, pity about all the signs now. (RL)

A disused theatre is passed. The Bedford Theatre on Camden High Street, London NW1.

image no 4

The re-built site courtesy of Google View until I return to take the correct NOW shot! A tour of the inside of the Theatre prior to demolition features in 'The London Nobody Knows' presented by James Mason.(RL)

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Cathy (Carol White) and Reg Ward (Ray Brooks) talk about films as the two get to know each other.

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Reg takes Cathy to work with him and leads the way up stairs on a construction site.

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The couple take in the scenery.

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The camera pans across the cityscape.

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A high rise block comes into view.

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After getting married Cathy and Reg set up home. A gas holder dominates the horizon through the window of their new flat.

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Cathy and Reg talk in their double glazed, centrally heated home.

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Through the branches, the sun is reflected on the exterior of the block.

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When Cathy falls pregnant, the couple look in the older part of town for a cheaper place to live.

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As tensions rise inside after the pair move in, children play in the courtyard outside Reg's parent's tenement flat.

Cathy walks through the streets after the growing family relocate to a run down part of town. The story moves to Birmingham and this is Prescott Street in Hockley as identified by Nick Phillips. The line of Prescott Street is now followed by Knightstone Avenue and Capstone Avenue.

image no 15

The same location found and captured with assistance from Nick. (PW)

The couple fall into rent arrears after Reg loses his job. Nick Phillips advises that this is looking towards the Crumlin Works on Prescott Street in Birmingham with Rosalie Street to the left.

image no 16

As can be seen, the area has been redeveloped. With thanks to Nick. (PW)

The family make their way across wasteland after being served with an eviction order.

image no 17

Publicity Still - the tower in the left background is of Camden Street School and this appears to be Coralie Street looking towards New Spring Street in Birmingham.

The street in the background is Prescott Street, Birmingham B18, as identified by a road sign seen in an earlier frame, and Nick Phillips confirms that this is Coralie Street, with his father's car just visible on the right.

image no 18

The site of Coralie Street now. Location found by Nick Phillips. (PW)

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Cathy and the children are given temporary accommodation in an institution.

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Reg leaves after saying goodbye to his family. Is this Newington Institution on Westmoreland Road in SE17? The building was demolished in 1969 and the road was redeveloped as Beaconsfield Road.

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After three months, Cathy and the children have to leave the institution. This is the Davenant Foundation building on Whitechapel Road E1 identified by Nicholas Bennett who adds "At the time of filming this was part of the ILEA East London College where I was a student".

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Homeless again, Cathy walks the streets looking for a room.

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Cathy comforts her children at Liverpool Street station before they are taken from her by social services. The location is currently unconfirmed.