Chain of Events

Date: 1958
Director: Gerald Thomas
Production Company: Beaconsfield Productions

Stars: Dermot Walsh, Susan Shaw, Lisa Gastoni, Jack Watling, Kenneth Griffith
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


John Clarke, a lowly bank clerk, fails to pay his bus fare and is caught but on being asked to give his address he foolishly gives the address of one of his Bank Clients setting in motion a chain of events.

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Opening scenes, the camera follows the number 607 Trolleybus along the road. High Street (circa 179), Uxbridge. (RL)

image no 1

Now pedestrianised. (RL)

As the camera follows the trolleybus, it stops to show us The Central Bank where Mr Clarke (Kenneth Griffith) works as a junior Bank Clerk. High Street, Uxbridge and the premises of Harman's Uxbridge Brewery at the time of filming. Brewing ceased in 1964. Now re-developed into a Waterstone's but a picture of the premises can be seen at (RL)

image no 2

Now the home of books rather than ledgers. (RL)

Mr Clarke, here walking to the bus stop on his way home. Station Parade looking towards Station Road in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. (RL)

image no 3

And we wonder why we get leaves blowing onto the railway line in the autumn. (PW)

Immediately Mr Clarke joins the queue, the No 12 Bus bound for Shepherd's Bush arrives. However, the No 12 didn't go to Uxbridge. Station Parade looking towards Station Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks. The bus stop remains. (RL)

image no 4

There's a lot fewer buses serving the stop now. (PW)

On his way home the next day he avoids catching the bus, deciding to walk and get a train home. A Westminster Bank occupies the corner to the left. Station Parade looking towards Penn Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks. (RL)

image no 5

The bank is still in business. (PW)

Having just purchased a ticket, Mr Clarke heads for his train home. This is Uxbridge Underground Station, High Street, Uxbridge in Middlesex, at the end of the Piccadilly and Metropolitan Lines in West London.

image no 6

A Grade ll listed delight. (RL)

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As the chain of events begin to evolve, Becket (Martin Wyldeck) with Freddie (Jack Watling) looking on, telephones the Boss of a newspaper, Lord Fenchurch (Alan Gifford). This location maybe a backlot of the film studio, note the car in the background, it is seen again in Capture 30. Confirmed by Gordon Thomson as Beaconsfield Studios see Capture 30. (RL)

Lord Fenchurch's secretary (Susan Shaw) decides to visit Simone (Lisa Gastoni) and goes to her flat which we see here. In the movie it is called "Cumberland Mansions, Lawrence Street". Hyde Park Place, London W2, with thanks to StoneAgeMan of Britmovie Forum. (RL)

image no 8

Traffic lights now control the junction. (RL)

Freddie and Becket, in the black car, head towards the Post Office where Lord Fenchurch has a Post Box and observe him arriving there. This is Windsor Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex.

image no 9

A much changed scene. (RL)

Pulling off to the right hand side of the road, they park up to observe the arrival of Lord Fenchurch. This arch is the entrance to the Windsor Street Old Cemetery, Uxbridge, Middlesex. Despite the modernisation of this area, the arch entrance still stands today as does the remains of the cemetery.

image no 10

History preserved. (RL)

Remaining in the car, Freddie and Becket have a clear view of the Post Office. This is the corner of Cross Street where it joins Windsor Street in Uxbridge.

image no 11

A distinct change of road priority. (RL)

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Lord Fenchurch approaches in his car, passing a local London Cooperative Society Ltd shop and Dewhurst Butchers. At 31 and 33 Windsor Street respectively, both appear to have have been given up for what is now Capital Court. (RL)

Sitting in their car, Freddie and Becket observe Lord Fenchurch arriving and to get a better view of the street.

image no 13

Significantly more street furniture. (RL)

Lord Fenchurch heads for the Post Office. PW advises that the Post Office building still stands at the corner of Windsor Street and what was The Lynch, which has since been redeveloped to take the name of an extended Cross Street.

image no 14

The PO building does indeed still stand but is no longer a Post Office. (RL)

Having seen Lord Fenchurch depart, Freddie and Becket drive over to the Post Office. Windsor Street in Uxbridge looking towards Old Cemetery. "Ward's" was demolished to make way for what is now Cross Street. (RL)

image no 15

The consequence of demolition. (RL)

Becket gets out of the car and goes into the office while . . . . .

image no 16

Double yellow lines now. (RL)

. . . . Freddie waits outside to ensure nothing is wrong. "Lauders" is now "Ladbrokes" and the four properties, including "Ward's" that were demolished to make way for Cross Street. (RL)

image no 17

"Lauders" is now "Ladbrokes". (RL)

Becket comes out of the Post Office. Showing the opposite side of Cross St/Windsor Street before "Capital Court". (RL)

image no 18

As redeveloped. (RL)

Meanwhile, we see Mr. Clarke arrive back into Uxbridge on his way to work.

image no 19

Taken on my way out of Uxbridge. (RL)

Here, Mr. Clarke walks past A.F. Wilkins butcher shop next door to the Bank.

image no 20

"A F Wilkins" has long gone. (RL)

Mr. Clarke enters the Bank.

image no 21

As redeveloped. (RL)

Driving up the road towards the Post Office is one of Lord Fenchurch's news reporters, Quinn (Dermot Walsh). The Lynch before the properties gave way to Cross Street. (RL)

image no 22

We can't keep looking backwards I am told. (RL)

Whilst Quinn sits in the car, Jimmy Boy (Harold Lang) and Tiny (Freddie Mills) cross the road. What was circa 24-26 on Windsor Street, Uxbridge. (RL)

image no 23

There they are gone. (RL)

Jimmy Boy and Tiny reach the other side of the road and in the background we see . . . .

image no 24

Another corner shop gone. (RL)

. . . . Freddie and Becket observing from their car. In the background stands the arch to the Old Cemetery on Windsor Street.

image no 25

A momentary break in what is now a very busy road. (RL)

Lord Fenchurch leaves the Post Office gets into his car and drives away, with Quinn observing from his car behind.

image no 26

Not quite the correct angle but life an limb would have been put at risk. (RL)

Here we see Quinn in his car chasing after Becket.

image no 27

The corner remains essentially the same. (RL)

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Quinn starts to trail behind Beckett.

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Racing with Quinn and now close behind, Becket takes a sharp left turn.

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Becket pulls over and agrees with Jimmy Boy they are in it together and need to lose Quinn. This looks like the same location as seen from the telephone kiosk in Capture 7. It has poorly been made up to look like a street with street signs and lamp posts. Gordon Thomson confirms that this is Beaconsfield Studios. (RL)

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Quinn is now close on their tail. A bus stop and houses can be made out around the corner.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Clarke decides to take a bus to work. Station Parade, looking towards Penn Road, Bucks. (RL)

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Becket and Jimmy Boy's car. Again, a similar location to image Capture 30 with the attempt to make it look like a street, including a Post Office Pillar Box. Gordon Thomson confirms that this is Beaconsfield Studios. (RL)

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Becket and Jimmy Boy swerve into a yard and Quinn pulls over and gets out of the car.

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Quinn runs over to the yard to where Becket and Jimmy Boy have crashed. Gordon Thomson advises that this is the back gate of Beaconsfield Studios. (RL)