Chariots of Fire

Date: 1981
Director: Hugh Hudson
Production Company: Enigma Productions, Allied Stars Ltd., Goldcrest Films International

Stars: Ian Charleson, Ben Cross, Nigel Havers, Ian Holm, John Gielgud, Lindsay Anderson, Nigel Davenport
Location(s): Cambridge, Edinburgh, Birkenhead, St Helens, Eton, Beaconsfield, York, London

Region(s): , ,


Jewish athlete, not really acceptable to the hierarchy of Cambridge university, wins an Olympic gold.

Additional Information:

IMDB gives a long list, but not much actual information regarding which scenes were shot in which locations but very useful. Thanks A few more locations, all from the imdb website for you to enjoy, or puzzle over: Assembly Hall, The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Liddell is confronted by Jennie); Cowley Girls High School, St. Helens, Merseyside, England, UK; Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Liddell discusses his future with Jennie); King’s College Chapel, King’s College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK; Oyster Bar, Caf‚ Royal, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Abrahams has dinner with Sybil Gordon) ; Sma Glen, Aberfeldy, Perth and Kinross, Scotland, UK (Highland Games where Liddell hands out prizes); St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK; Broadstairs, Kent; The Oval Sports Centre, Bebington, Merseyside, England (Olympic Stadium).


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West Sands Beach, St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland, UK, imdb. Carlton Hotel.

image no 1

This is the famous 18th hole of the St Andrews Golf course. The building on the left is the clubhouse. That on the right is the Hamilton building now with apartments changing hands at $10,000,000 each. The name Carlton Hotel was presumably for the film. Nick Cox

Saint Mary-le-Strand Church in the (then) present day, London WC2.

image no 2

Peter took this shot in the (now) present day. There's a bit more greenery!

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This does not look like the interior so all there is of London is one establishment shot as far as I can tell... The interior is St Mary Le Bow, Cheapside, with thanks to Tony.

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Havers in old age make-up.

Trinity Street, Cambridge, looking south down Kings Parade. On the right is Kings College Chapel, and beyond that the ornate entranceway to Kings. On the left is St Mary's Church tower and beyond that the shops that front onto Kings Parade. Tom Hartley kindly sent in this info.

image no 5

And now, directly into the sun. This area is also seen in Bachelor of Hearts. SJ

Still Cambridge.

image no 6

This is Trinity Lane from the Senate House Passage corner. SJ

image no 7

And this is the entrance to Trinity Hall. SJ

image no 8

And again. SJ

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Eton College, Eton, Berkshire, England, UK (race around quad of Trinity College), imdb. But when I was a lad Trinity was in Cambridge?????..? But perhaps they mean that the film set used Eton to represent Trinity.

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image no 16

Bicycles still there. RJ

image no 17

Now. SJ.

image no 18

Now. SJ.

image no 19

Now. SJ.

image no 20

Taken by RJ years ago and gathering dust until now.

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A Scots kirk. Various Scottish locations are given below, courtesy imdb. Take your pick. In fact take a real pic, and send it in and earn brownie points towards a free sub.

image no 22

Name of the church is Fowlis Wester parish church or St Bean's church. Address Fowlis Wester near Crieff, Perthshire. 6km east of Crieff off the A85 road. Can't find a street name but the village is tiny. Neil Rigby/Google... Great find, Neil, this one was elusive for several years.

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Is this for real, or a set? Is it Inverleith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Scotland-Ireland athletics meeting; Liddell preaches to crowd) imdb?

image no 26

"After researching mining, I found the street. I cannot capture the other rounded cottage with streetview. But I think it is reasonable. The colliery and chimney have gone. Michaels Colliery. The running track has also been built on. But the cottages and view remain. Address, Randolph street, East Wemyss, Fife KY14." Another clever discovery by Neil Rigby.

This looks like Eton standing in for Trinity, or was it the other way round? See pics cof003.

image no 27

Yes Eton again. SJ.

image no 28

Now. SJ.

Is this Goldenacre, Inverleith, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Liddell wins race at Scotland-France meeting), imdb?

image no 29

The Golden Acre sports ground at Inverleith taken through the railings. Thanks to Google. Nick Cox

image no 30

From same viewpoint as cof007a but panned left. Thanks to Google. Nick Cox

Broughton McDonald Church, Broughton Place, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (Church of Scotland church, Paris) imdb. So this looks right, do we all agree?

image no 31

Now. RJ

image no 32

Now. RJ

image no 33

Now: oops missed the top bit. RJ

Charleson and Campbell walk by Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

image no 34

Now. RJ. Also seen in One Day, Battle of the Sexes, Ecstacy. SJ

Another shot as above.

image no 35

Now. RJ

image no 36

Eton College from the Slough Rd. The still was taken from the playing field over the wall. Thanks to Google and Nick Cox.

Hall Barn, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (Lord Lindsay jumps over hurdles that have champagne glasses on them), imdb. Reckon this one is spot on, well done imdb.

image no 37

This is Hall Barn, now a hotel. Nick Cox.

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Back at Eton Trinity I believe.

image no 39

Believe it. SJ.

image no 40

Now. SJ.

Birkenhead, Merseyside, England, UK (Liddell and Abrahams leave for Paris on boat train), imdb. Good one this.

image no 41

This shows the original architecture of the Woodside ferry terminal Birkenhead CH416DU. Neil Rigby.

image no 42

This shows the ferry gangway as it is today. Woodside ferry terminal Birkenhead CH416DU. NR

Possibly, Town Hall, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK, imdb ?

image no 43

Port of Liverpool building, Georges Pierhead. Neil Rigby replaces the Google Image with a more accurate one of his own.

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Could this be The Cafe Royal, West Register Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK , imdb?

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Is this Liverpool Town Hall, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK , imdb?

image no 46

No, it is Broughton Place Edinburgh.Thanks to Google & Nick Cox.

Liddell and Abrahams get off the boat train. York Station, York, North Yorkshire.

image no 47

The same location replacing a previous copyrighted image. (PW)

image no 48

The same canopy over the car park entrance at York station. (PW)

Station interior, is it York, Birkenhead or somewhere else?

image no 49

York station on Station Road, York. The former platform next to platform 2 is now a car park. This image replaces an earlier incorrect one. (PW)

image no 50

York again, at the north end of the station. This image replaces an earlier incorrect one. (PW)