Charley Moon

Date: 1956
Director: Guy Hamilton
Production Company: Colin Lesslie Productions

Stars: Max Bygraves, Dennis Price, Michael Medwin, Shirley Eaton, Florence Desmond
Location(s): Hampshire, London

Region(s): ,


With a few lucky breaks, a small-time music-hall performer makes it as a performer on the London stage but yearns for home.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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The Vicar of Summerford (Reginald Beckwith) slowly walks his bicycle towards the gate. St. Mary's Church in Upton Grey, Hampshire.

image no 1

St. Mary's church now. Looking just the same. SD

A soon as he reaches the highway the Vicar jumps onto his bike and rides away at speed. Facing south-east on Church Street in Upton Grey.

image no 2

The house to the left is now obscured by the tree and has a new house built to the right of it. SD

With the bike's bell ringing, the Vicar races into the village. Church Street with St Mary's Parish Church in the right background.

image no 3

I saw plenty of leisure cyclists but no cycling vicars. SD

Two gentlemen touch their hats as the cleric passes. Church Street again looking toward the junction with Weston Road and Bidden Road.

image no 4

Much tidier hedges now. SD

The Vicar turns into the lane that leads to Summerford Mill. Weston Road, Upton Grey.

image no 5

What happened to all the chimneys? SD

Mr Moon (Charles Victor) is asked if his son can perform in a concert as young Charley Moon (Anthony Bygraves) and Rose (Shirley Joy) appear on the steps of the barn. Greywell Mill on the River Whitewater in Hampshire.

image no 6

The mill is now a private residence with a public footpath which passes by. SD

Years later, Charley Moon (Max Bygraves) and Rose (Patricia Driscoll) return to the mill from a fishing trip. Greywell Mill near Odiham with the River Whitewater to the left.

image no 7

The footpath is now much tidier. SD

Rose angrily throws a fish into the mill stream after Charlie tells her that he probably won't write whilst he's on National Service. Greywell Mill along Upton Grey Road near Greymill.

image no 8

No one was fishing here today. SD

As he sets off to join the army, Charley says farewell to his father. Greywell Mill, Hampshire.

image no 9

Greywell Mill now. SD

  • 'Now' required

Charley and his fellow recruits march across the parade ground.

  • 'Now' required

The Sergeant (Stuart Saunders) tells his recruits that he's seen a lot of 'orrible sights over the last 30 years.

  • 'Now' required

Charley sniggers as the Sergeant puts Private Harold Armytage on a charge for muttering lines by Shakespeare.

Harold Armytage (Dennis Price) and Charley form a double act whilst in the army. The Grand Theatre is in fact The New Cross Empire Theatre which was on the corner of New Cross Road and Watson's Street, Deptford. Identified by Stephen Dean.

image no 13

The theatre was demolished in 1958 and is now a garage. Image copyright Google Street View. SD

A dog runs away as Harold shouts when it sniffs around a playbill featuring the duo.

image no 14

The New Cross Empire Theatre, New Cross Road, Deptford. Demolished in 1958 and replaced with a garage. Identified by Stephen Dean. Image copyright Google Street View. SD

  • 'Now' required

Years pass and Harold returns to the pair's lodgings to tell Charley that their agent, Solly Silvers, has no work for them.

Charley heads into London to find a job. Lower Thames Street with Billingsgate Market on the right.

image no 16

Peter was there to take this comparison.

The out of work actor is directed towards possible employment. Lower Thames Street EC3. The pillars in the background belong to the Coal Exchange on the corner of St. Mary at Hill which has been demolished and replaced.

image no 17

The fascia to the left seems original in this shot by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Charley spots his old army friend Alf Higgins (Michael Medwin) who tells him about a talent contest. The streets around Billingsgate Market also appear in 'The Sandwich Man' and 'Inspector Clouseau'.

Following appearances in pantomime in provincial theatres, Charley hits the big time as a singer. The Queens Theatre is in fact The Kings Theatre in Hammersmith, London. Identified by Stephen Dean.

image no 19

The theatre stood on the corner of Hammersmith Road and Rowan Road and was demolished in 1963. The office block which replaced it has now also been demolished. SD

Producer Monty Brass moves the new star to London's West End.

image no 20

Rowan Road, Hammersmith, facing Hammersmith Road. The Kings Theatre and the buildings opposite, all demolished. Also seen in 'The Dark Man'. SD

The previous night's show was a success and Charley smiles as he arrives at the theatre the next day.

image no 21

Rowan Road, Hammersmith. The Kings Theatre site, now just a building site. SD

The 'Golden Boy' tries to emulate a publicity photo of himself. Rowan Road, Hammersmith identified by Stephen.

image no 22

The same location now. SD

Charley's agent buys his top act a new car.

image no 23

Rowan Road, Hammersmith. A better view of the houses now that the pink Chevrolet has gone. SD

Solly Silvers (Vic Wise) helps a reluctant Charley into the driving seat.

image no 24

Rowan Road, Hammersmith, with a red Mini as a stand in for the pink Chevrolet. SD

The villagers of Summerford walk towards a waiting coach. Weston Road at the junction with Church Street in Upton Grey.

image no 25

Now with more trees around the pond. SD

They're all going up to London to see Charley's show. The village pond with Church Street to the right.

image no 26

I went to London too but the theatre had gone. SD

The Vicar is the last to board. Church Street, Upton Grey, Hampshire.

image no 27

The thatched cottage to the right has now doubled in size. SD

Angel Dream (Shirley Eaton) drags Bill (Cyril Raymond) away from the stage door after rehearsals.

image no 28

The corner of Rowan Road and Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith. Even scaffolding would be better than this; at least there would be a building attached to it. SD

After deciding to give up the stage, a homesick Charley heads back to Summerford. Lees Hill in South Warnborough, Hampshire.

image no 29

Lees Hill now. SD

Charley arrives in the village. Church Street in Upton Grey.

image no 30

Now. SD

The first port of call is the Post Office. Church Street, Upton Grey in Hampshire.

image no 31

The real post office is further down the road. SD

Rose's nephew tells Charlie that she's not at home. Church Street, Upton Grey to the south-east of Basingstoke.

image no 32

Now. SD

Whilst shopping in the village, Rose sees a man on an elephant in the distance. Looking towards the village pond at the end of Church Street.

image no 33

A man on an elephant? I couldn't even find a vicar on a bicycle! SD

Charley rides along the street on an elephant from Trevallon's Circus. Facing north-west on Church Street.

image no 34

I was told the original building on the right was an old chapel which was falling down. SD

Rose turns away to avoid the friend that didn't write to her. Church Street in Upton Grey.

image no 35

The cars are parked outside the post office and village hall which often has showings of 'Charley Moon'. SD

Children follow as Charlie catches up with Rose. The junction of Church Street with Weston Road and Bidden Road.

image no 36

I was told that the children following Charley were from the village and some of them are still living there. SD

The Vicar rides into the village. Facing Bidden Road on Weston Road.

image no 37

I was more concerned about cars than bicycles while taking this one. SD

Rose begins to laugh as the Vicar tells Charlie that he would like him to appear in a concert.

image no 38

By the pond, Weston Road. SD

Charlie and Rose run away to Summerford Mill. Weston Road in Upton Grey.

image no 39

Now minus fence. SD

A happy ending as Charlie sings to Rose. Greywell Mill on the River Whitewater in Hampshire.

image no 40

The mill viewed from a footpath alongside the river. SD