Christmas Carol, A (1984)

Date: 1984
Director: Clive Donner
Production Company: Entertainment Partners Ltd.

Stars: George C. Scott, Frank Finlay, David Warner, Susannah York, Edward Woodward, Roger Rees
Location(s): Shropshire



An elderly, bitter miser learns compassion when three ghosts visit him on Christmas Eve.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

A film made for television in the United States but released theatrically in the UK.  

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The film opens one misty evening as a hearse conveying Jacob Marley passes along the street outside the office of Ebenezer Scrooge. The Square in Shrewsbury, Shropshire with the Old Market Hall on the right.

image no 1

Victorian style shopfronts were added for filming. (PW)

Seven years later, Bob Cratchit (David Warner) looks down from Scrooge's office window into the street full with people preparing for Christmas. The window looks out from Perches House in Windsor Place, Shrewsbury.

image no 2

The same window. (PW)

Ebenezer Scrooge (George C. Scott) leaves the building as Bob's son Tiny Tim (Anthony Walters) waits for his father. Looking at Perches House in Windsor Place from St. Mary's Water Lane.

image no 3

The 16th Century building has been listed since 1953. (PW)

Pushing his way between carol singers, Scrooge walks through the city.

image no 4

Gullet Passage which runs between Shoplatch and The Square. (PW)

A band plays outside the Corn Exchange where Scrooge has business to transact. In the background rises The Parade Shopping Centre on St. Mary's Place, Shrewsbury.

image no 5

The building dates from 1744 and was constructed as the Salop Infirmary, with the Royal prefix added in 1914. (PW)

Bob finally leaves work and, picking up Tiny Tim, heads homeward. Windsor Place with the former Royal Salop Infirmary in the left distance.

image no 6

A similar shot along the same street. (PW)

Tiny Tim and his father watch young boys playing on the ice. In the background stands the former Royal Salop Infirmary.

image no 7

The hospital closed in 1977 and is now The Parade Shopping Centre. (PW)

As night approaches, the miser makes his way home. This pathway crosses the churchyard of Old St. Chad's off Belmont in Shrewsbury.

image no 8

A clearer view but no railings now. (PW)

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A phantom carriage passes Scrooge and disappears before his eyes.

Scrooge nears home, where he is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley, his former partner. This is Belmont, which runs between Town Walls and Milk Street in Shrewsbury.

image no 10

A van takes the place of the prop building in this comparison. (PW)

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The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to his youth, to the road leading to his old school.

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Outside the school, Silas Scrooge (Nigel Davenport) waits for his son Ebenezer (Mark Strickson), accompanied by his daughter Fan (Joanne Whalley), to reluctantly take him home for Christmas. Attingham Park in Shropshire identified by Julie Buffery.

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Belle (Lucy Gutteridge) ends her engagement to Ebenezer as his obsession with money grows. Peter Buffery also recognised Attingham Park near Shrewsbury.

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The Ghost shows Scrooge what he lost, Belle enjoying herself with her children whilst waiting for her husband to return home. Attingham Park just outside Shrewsbury, located by Peter Buffery.

The Ghost of Christmas Present (Edward Woodward) shows Scrooge how people celebrate Christmas. The Square or Shrewsbury Square in Shrewsbury.

image no 15

No ghosts here when I visited . . . . not many people either! (PW)

The Christmas morning walk continues. Looking towards High Street on The Square with the Old Market Hall to the right.

image no 16

The same location nearly thirty years on. (PW)

All Ebenezer can see is people buying. Inside Shrewsbury's Old Market Hall.

image no 17

The Christmas decorations are up. (PW)

Scrooge is taken to the Cratchit's home where he is shown just how poor they really are. Fish Street at the junction with Grope Lane with a matte of St. Paul's Cathedral replacing St. Julian's Church.

image no 18

No matte, just the low sun obscuring St. Julian's Church. (PW)

Next, the house of Scrooge's nephew Fred is visited. The Crescent on Town Walls, Shrewsbury.

image no 19

The same terrace. (PW)

Finally, the Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge those without homes, the destitutes of the parish, wearing rags and eating scraps to survive.

image no 20

The railway arches under Severn Bridge Junction at the southern end of Shrewsbury station, next to the River Severn. (PW)

The spirit departs, leaving Scrooge cold and alone . . . . . before the final visitation.

image no 21

The railway arches from the other side of the bridge at the end of a very waterlogged and muddy walk alongside a swollen River Severn. (PW)

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come leads Scrooge to a graveyard. The churchyard of St Chad's on St Chad's Terrace in Shrewsbury.

image no 22

The churchyard on a December morning. (PW)

The specter points to an abandoned tombstone on which Scrooge finds his own name. The grave of Ebenezer Scrooge was created for the movie and remains in place.

image no 23

And yes, it is inscribed Ebenezer Scrooge. (PW)

Christmas morning dawns and Scrooge throws open his window onto the bright new day.

image no 24

The building stands on Belmont and the window looks onto Old St. Chad's churchyard. (PW)

Scrooge arranges with a Poulterer (Alan Bodenham) to make a delivery to the Cratchit's house. Looking from Belmont in Shrewsbury.

image no 25

The same gate, courtyard and building. (PW)

The Poulterer departs as Scrooge heads to the Corn Exchange.

image no 26

Belmont again, another street with few changes. (PW)

Outside the Exchange, Scrooge makes a pledge of money to Mr. Poole (Michael Gough) and Mr. Hacking (John Quarmby). Outside The Parade Shopping Centre on St. Mary's Place.

image no 27

The area is now a parking place and cars clutter the view today. (PW)

The Poulterer delivers the huge turkey to Bob. This is Fish Street at the bottom of Bear Steps which lead to St. Alkmund's Place.

image no 28

The Cratchit's front door was added for the film. (PW)

Leaving a puzzled Bob Cratchit, the Poulterer climbs onto his cart and returns to his shop.

image no 29

Fish Street running between Butcher Row and High Street. (PW)

Wishing a merry Christmas to all on his way, Scrooge arrives at his nephew's house. The Crescent, a terrace of Georgian properties on Town Walls.

image no 30

The same row without the snow or greenery. (PW)

Fred Hollywell (Roger Rees) opens the door to his Uncle. Looking out from The Crescent onto Town Walls.

image no 31

The corner of Belmont is to the extreme right. (PW)

On Boxing Day morning, Scrooge returns to his office. Looking south along Windsor Place from the junction with St. Mary's Water Lane.

image no 32

Back in the town centre. (PW)

Bob Cratchit hurries to the office where he finds Scrooge who tells him that his salary has been doubled and that he will help Tiny Tim to become well.

image no 33

Windsor Place once more. (PW)

The film closes with Ebenezer Scrooge and a recovering Tiny Tim walking hand in hand. A final shot of Fish Street at the junction with Grope Lane in Shrewsbury, Shropshire with the matte of St. Paul's Cathedral in the background.

image no 34

Lens flare blots out the distance. (PW)