Citadel, The

Date: 1938
Director: King Vidor
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

Stars: Robert Donat, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Richardson, Rex Harrison
Location(s): Blaenau Gwent (Wales), London

Region(s): ,


An idealistic doctor is dedicated to treating miners in a small village but moves to London where he is consulted by rich hypochondriacs as his wife tries to set him back on his original road.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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A train carrying newly qualified Doctor Andrew Manson makes it's way through a valley in South Wales.

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The Doctor looks out through the carriage window. Abertillery in Blaenau Gwent, Wales is suggested by IMDB.

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Rows of houses are passed as the train approaches Blaenelly station.

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The shot continues into the next terraced street.

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The train pulls into the mining village's station. The locomotive appears to be an LNER J15 which generally operated in the Essex and Anglia areas.

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Dr. Andrew Manson (Robert Donat) alights from the train and makes his way through the quiet streets.

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Shortly after he and Dr. Philip Denny blow up the old sewerage system, Dr. Manson cycles through roadworks.

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Many of the buildings seen in the film are recognisable as similar to those in the Abertillery area. However, those in the background of this shot, and those in image 006 appear to be 'back to back' houses.

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After accepting the position of Assistant to Dr. Llewellyn in Aberalaw, Dr. Manson walks to find his sweetheart, school mistress Miss Barlow.

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Andrew tells Christine Barlow (Rosalind Russell) about his new job and propositions her.

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Christine accepts and the Doctor explains that being married is a condition of his new post.

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Furniture is loaded onto a truck and the newly weds relocate to Aberalaw.

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Mr. and Mrs. Manson look over their new town, especially the gasworks which means no more oil lamps. Looking across Abertillery from the south with the gas works next to the Ebbw Fâch River in the bottom right.

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The removal truck draws up outside the couple's new house.

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Following a move to London, the Doctor is called from a cafe where he and his wife are eating.

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A Shop Assistant explains that her shop's usual Doctor is unavailable and that a customer needs treatment.

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As his London practice does badly, Dr. Manson plays golf with his old friend Dr. Frederick Lawford (Rex Harrison) and Charles Every (Cecil Parker).

Dr. Manson joins Dr. Lawford at his lucrative high class practice. Looking north on Harley Street in London W1, just north of Devonshire Street.

image no 18

Peter captured Harley Street now.

The disillusioned Doctor walks the streets after his best friend, Dr. Denny, dies at the hands of an incompetent, social-climbing surgeon. Harley Street in W1.

image no 19

The same location from Peter.

Christine chases after her husband. The east side of Harley Street near the junction with Marylebone Road.

image no 20

Peter spotted the green plaque in on the extreme left of 146 Harley Street. It commemorates George VI's speech therapist Lionel Logue, who was immortalised in 'The King's Speech'.

Andrew Manson continues his aimless wander. The corner of Regent Street and Margaret Street W1.

image no 21

The same corner from Peter.

As his wife continues to follow, the Doctor crosses a busy road and disappears into the city. Facing south on Regent Street with the corner of Great Castle Street in the left of centre background.

image no 22

Peter found that the bus stops are still in the same place.

Christine Manson loses her husband in the busy streets. Looking towards Oxford Circus from the corner of Regent Street and Margaret Street, then known as Cavendish Street.

image no 23

Still as busy in this image by Peter.