Date: 1970
Director: Lindsay Shonteff
Production Company: Sutton-Shonteff

Stars: Gilbert Wynne, Gary Hope, Gilly Grant, Norman Claridge, A.J. Brown, Michael Nightingale, Noel Davis
Location(s): London, Paris (France)

Region(s): , ,


A private detective is on a mission to track down the perpetrator of a string of murders.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Also known as ‘The Bullet Machine‘ (U.S. re-title)


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Harry Clegg heads through London in his Austin A30. The Piccadilly Circus end of Regent Street in W1 with the County Mark House in the background.

image no 1

An ever constant flow of traffic these days. (RL)

As the rain pours, the private eye returns home after a meeting with Lord Cruikshank. Looking west on Tavistock Place WC1 identified by David Kingston.

image no 2

Not many changes in Peter's up to date view.

Lord Cruikshank engaged Clegg following receipt of a note inscribed "You will die before the 18th of this month - love and kisses". Again, David advises us that this is a little further along Tavistock Place in King's Cross.

image no 3

From a similar position by Peter.

The Austin is steered to the opposite side of the street and parked up. Looking south along Marchmont Street WC1 located by David Kingston.

image no 4

Peter gets a clearer shot of the same street.

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The next day Harry Clegg (Gilbert Wynne) leaves his apartment to quiz Cruikshank after finding that the first suspect had died in prison.

The narration tells us that Clegg is earning £50 a day for his time. Kenton Street, London WC1 recognised by David Kingston.

image no 6

David backs up his identification with a "now" shot. (RL)

Clegg leans into his car to get the starting handle. David identifies this as facing north on Kenton Street.

image no 7

As might be expected this up to date shot from David shows rather more cars in the road. (RL)

Once the car is started, Clegg drives to Starlight Fashion on Regent Street. Actually, Conduit Street in Mayfair W1.

image no 8

Directly opposite the Westbury Hotel. (RL)

Clegg turns into the forecourt of the fashion house. Outside The Westbury Hotel on Conduit Street.

image no 9

Not much changes in this area. (RL)

The concierge greets Clegg and shows him inside where he meets an old friend Suzy, an ex-blue film star, and Charles Victor, the manager. In reality this is the entrance driveway of The Westbury Hotel on Conduit Street W1.

image no 10

The concierge would do the same today. (RL)

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Sir Adrian Ashley (Victor Harrington) leaves his club before opening a card reading "You will die before the 18th of this month - love and kisses".

While Sir Adrian Ashley is in the process of being shot by Suzy, Clegg turns the corner into the road on which his apartment block stands. Looking west on Coram Street found by David Kingston.

image no 12

A similar view from Peter.

The down-at-heel ex-copper draws up outside his flat to find Lips Louie and Charlie The Chin waiting for him. David advises that we are now back on Kenton Street.

image no 13

David supports his identification with the added capture of being on the corner with Handel Street. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Lord Cruikshank (Norman Claridge) takes Clegg to Paris, intending to stay until after the 18th of the month. In the background stands the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

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The two head for a cinema.

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Cruikshank leaves the cinema halfway through the film and sits at a cafe where he is attracted to Suzy (Gilly Grant).

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At the end of the film, Clegg leaves the cinema to look for Lord Cruikshank.

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The two had agreed to meet at two o'clock.

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At the agreed rendezvous, Clegg suspects that Lord Cruikshank has already left for the hotel.

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Getting nervous as he hasn't been paid, Clegg doesn't realise that his employer has left with Suzy and is back at the hotel.

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Clegg finds a phone box and calls Cruikshank's room.

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When he hears that the peer is in the process of being murdered, Clegg races to the hotel.

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As Cruikshank struggles against Suzy, Clegg keeps up his step after battling with traffic.

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Clegg crosses one last busy road.

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Reaching the hotel, Clegg finds Cruikshank dead in a bath full of water.

Harry Clegg returns to London without being paid but with the Lord's luggage. Chalk Farm Road, London NW1

image no 26

Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 looking towards Camden Town. at the junction with Hawley Street. Best possible angle given street furniture and shop fitters.(RL)

Joseph Valentine (A.J. Brown), an ex associate of Cruikshank, walks alongside the River Thames. Albert Embankment running parallel with Lambeth Palace Road in SE1. The location was seen in 'Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' and 'Melody'.

image no 27

Peter captured the same location.

In his newspaper, Valentine finds a card advising "You will die before the 18th of this month - love and kisses". Looking across Lambeth Palace Road from Albert Embankment with Lambeth Palace in the background.

image no 28

The same place without park bench as Peter waited so long for some buses to move that he forgot to include it.

Cruikshank's belongings are sold as a means of recouping expenses.

image no 29

I hope I have the correct shop on Chalk Farm Road based on the angle he crossed the pavement. (RL)

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Clegg drives home where he spends the afternoon with Shirley Jones, his contact at Scotland Yard.

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A visit to one of Cruikshank's former associates is next on the list.

Clegg turns up unannounced at the Oxfordshire home of Joseph Valentine. This is the south aspect of Kenwood House on Hampstead Lane, Hampstead Heath NW3.

image no 32

The same location by Peter.

Hoping to be hired, Clegg walks towards Valentine who appears on the terrace carrying a gun. Kenwood House in NW3.

image no 33

Peter took advantage of an open day to take these shots.

Valentine agrees to let Clegg take care of him and then goes shooting in the woods.

image no 34

Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath from Peter.

Unbeknownst to Clegg, who's feeling pleased that he's got the job for £75 a day, Valentine is shot by Suzy. Looking north on Regent Street.

image no 35

The same street in this picture from Peter.

Next, Clegg drives to the Surrey home of Francis Wildman, owner of the Starlight Fashion House. Kenwood House again, Hampstead Heath NW3.

image no 36

Peter captured this empty scene despite the crowds at Kenwood House.

Inside, Wildman is questioned. The north facade of Kenwood House in NW3. The property was seen in 'Hampstead', 'West 11' and 'Notting Hill'.

image no 37

A good comparison by Peter.

When he gets home, a call to Constable Jones is made to find out more about Victor. David Kingston locates this as Coram Street in WC1, looking west.

image no 38

Peter visits the same location.

  • 'Now' required

Shirley informs Clegg of a link between the first suspect and Victor and a trip to St. Johns Wood is made.

The Austin is parked up a few streets away from the home of Colonel Sullivan, the last of Cruikshank's associates. Tris locates this as Looking towards Avenue Road from Norfolk Road NW8.

image no 40

The background buildings are identifiable in Tris's comparison.

Clegg makes his way to the Colonel's house on foot. Norfolk Road in NW8 identified by Tris.

image no 41

Tris treads the same path.

  • 'Now' required

The private eye passes through the gateway and approaches the front door.

  • 'Now' required

The door is answered and Clegg is directed to Sullivan's parents at an address in Highgate.

  • 'Now' required

The address is the cemetery! The entrance to Egyptian Avenue in Highgate Cemetery, Swain's Lane, London N6. The cemetery was seen in 'From Beyond the Grave', 'Tales from the Crypt', 'The Man Who Finally Died', 'The Abominable Dr. Phibes' and 'The Body Beneath'.

  • 'Now' required

Clegg walks through the cemetery where he meets a Grave-digger who says that he's been expecting Sullivan. The Circle of Lebanon in Highgate Cemetery.

  • 'Now' required

After having no success at the cemetery, Clegg decides to try the club that Sullivan belongs to.

  • 'Now' required

The car is parked outside Colonel Sullivan's club.

  • 'Now' required

Clegg is admitted to the building where he finds Sullivan's waiter who suggests a rendezvous away from the club.

As arranged, Clegg walks to St. Pancras station to meet the Waiter from the club. The entrance roadway to St. Pancras station in NW1 with Euston Road and the junction with Argyle Street to the right.

image no 49

Peter was at St. Pancras too.

One pound is paid to the Waiter who then tells Clegg where Sullivan is. The former main entrance to St. Pancras station, now the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. The location was seen in 'Smashing Time', 'The Servant' and 'Voyage of the Damned'.

image no 50

The same pillar captured by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

An establishing shot of the hotel where the Colonel is in hiding.

Clegg arrives outside the hotel. David Kingston is on the case with this location, it's Bedford Way looking toward Russell Square but the background buildings have, sadly, been demolished.

image no 52

The replacement buildings captured by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

The detective enters the building and finds Colonel Sullivan who agrees to pay £350 a day for protection.

Whilst Clegg is questioned after being picked up by the Flying Squad, a pair of shady characters wait outside the police station. Facing buildings on Barrow Hill Road from Newcourt Street in London NW8.

image no 54

This area was also seen in Half Moon Street. Greenbury Street looking north. SJ

Clegg leaves the station after answering Inspector Kert's questions. In the background stands the former St. John's Wood Police Station at the corner of Greenberry Street and Newcourt Street in NW8.

image no 55

No longer a police station given the hoarding. SJ

Watching his target, one of the men gets ready to seize Clegg. The corner of Greenberry Street and Newcourt Street with Swift House in the background.

image no 56

Not hoarding but scaffolding just for variety. SJ

The thug makes his move. Looking along Greenberry Street from the junction with Newcourt Street.

image no 57

Now. SJ

Clegg's arm is grabbed and he's escorted to the car. Hanover House on Greenberry Street provides the backdrop.

image no 58

Sorry about the blurred shot: put it down to early mid-April heat. SJ

  • 'Now' required

A Jaguar is passed as the thugs speed away with Clegg. Looking westward on Kensal Road W10 with the junction of Wedlake Street just right of centre. Scenes from 'Steptoe and Son Ride Again' were shot in the distance.

  • 'Now' required

Clegg's unloaded gun is taken and held to his head.

  • 'Now' required

A struggle starts as Clegg tries to overpower his captors.

  • 'Now' required

The Plymouth Savoy comes to a halt after almost crashing when the driver loses control.

Clegg escapes and hijacks a passing motorist before the thugs take off in pursuit. Kensal Road in W10.

image no 63

A cleaner greener part of the road. (RL)

The camera follows the car as it passes the Cobden Club on Kensal Road. The building was also seen in 'To The Devil a Daughter'.

image no 64

Now. SJ

The hijacked Triumph Herald is spotted ahead as it passes the Railway Tavern public house. Tris recognised this as the view across the junction of Westbourne Park Road and Westbourne Park Villas in W2 noting that the pub was renamed as The Cow in 1992.

image no 65

And Tris also provides this shot of the location now.

The cars race through city streets as Clegg holds his empty gun at the innocent driver. Looking along Westbourne Park Road with the Royal Oak public house ahead on the left located by Tris. The pub is seen from a different angle in 'Duffer'.

image no 66

Tris provides the proof.

  • 'Now' required

Clegg attempts to shake the henchmen off but they are relentless.

  • 'Now' required

Horns blare as traffic moves out of the way.

  • 'Now' required

A side street is seen and Clegg instructs his reluctant chauffeur to turn.

  • 'Now' required

The two cars speed along a suburban road.

  • 'Now' required

Clegg orders the driver to turn into a yard.

  • 'Now' required

The Triumph speeds through the yard as Clegg loads his gun.

  • 'Now' required

The pursuers follow into the yard.

  • 'Now' required

Shots are fired at the car, killing the occupants.

Clegg returns to question the manager at Starlight Fashion. Conduit Street in Mayfair W1.

image no 75

There were no bushes there for me to hides in. (RL)

Inside, Victor is interrogated but it's obvious that he knows nothing. Conduit Street facing the junction with New Bond Street and Bruton Street.

image no 76

A similar tranquil scene today. (RL)

Following a lead, Clegg heads to Cable Street in the East End of London. David Kingston tells us that this is looking east on Argyle Walk WC1 with Sandfield flats in background. This area is also featured in 'Prick Up Your Ears'.

image no 77

David provides this shot with a rather more secluded background.

The private eye scans the tenements. The courtyard of Whidborne Buildings on Whidborne Street with the flats in the centre background where 'Carry On' star Kenneth Williams grew up. Information from David.

image no 78

David visited the scene and found the security gates open and was able to capture this scene for us. (RL)

Walking through the grimy tenements, Clegg searches for Jenny Harper, an ex-prostitute. David locates this as the archway leading into Whidborne Buildings from Whidborne Street, seen from Whidborne Buildings Courtyard. The archway in the background leading into neighbouring Midhope House appears in 'Breaking Glass'.

image no 79

A somewhat brighter picture from David of the same location. (RL)

When the door is closed in his face, a Neighbour (Margery Mason) tells Clegg about Jenny and her family. David advises that this is the courtyard of Whidborne Buildings.

image no 80

A very much changed courtyard David. (RL)

As the clues start to add up, a return visit to Wildman is made. Kenwood House on Hampstead Lane in NW3.

image no 81

One last shot of Kenwood House from Peter.

When advised by Shirley that Suzy's body has been discovered, Clegg heads to the river. Battersea Church Road with Old Swan Wharf and the entrance to St. Mary's Church to the right. The Old Swan was seen in 'Alfie (1966)' and the pub's sign was also seen in 'Salt & Pepper' but it appears that the building has already been demolished.

image no 82

No sign of the sign now. SJ

A Police Officer stands over the prostitutes body. Lots Road power station stands across the Thames. Similar views were seen in 'For Them That Trespass' and 'Alfie'.

image no 83

Tide's a little higher. SJ

Clegg makes his way towards the river where Suzy's body is lying. In the background stands St Mary's Church on Battersea Church Road SW11 which was also seen in 'Melody' and 'The Sleeping Tiger'.

image no 84

A better shot than my effort in July 2016, when the tide was too high, but actually I still need to be further down: gumboots recommended as it's very muddy. SJ

An anonymous phone call is received telling Clegg and Colonel Sullivan to drive to a rendezvous at a Thames side dock. Shad Thames in Bermondsey SE1. The popular location has been seen in many films including 'The Hour of 13', 'Give My Regards To Broad Street', 'License to Kill', 'Terry on the Fence', 'Pool of London' and 'The Alf Garnett Saga'.

image no 85

Peter captured the same view, as so many have done before.

A Henchman (John Owens) stands watch as Clegg's car approaches. Facing north-west on Shad Thames from beneath what is now the Design Museum.

image no 86

The designers have been busy, as Peter discovered.

Another car appears, following Clegg and Sullivan in the Austin. Shad Thames at the junction with Curlew Street.

image no 87

Looks cleaner but Peter remarks that the area hasn't changed that much in thirty years.

Francis Wildman (Gary Hope) takes aim as Clegg pushes Colonel Sullivan (Michael Nightingale) from the car. Cinnamon Wharf on Shad Thames SE1. The area has since been redesigned . . .

image no 88

. . . as is very apparent in this view from Peter.