Cloak Without Dagger

Date: 1956
Director: Joseph Sterling
Production Company: Balblair Productions

Stars: Philip Friend, Mary Mackenzie, Leslie Dwyer, Allan Cuthbertson, Frank Thornton
Location(s): London, Home Counties possibly Walton on Thames area.

Region(s): ,


A female reporter meets an old boyfriend who is mixed up with a body in a bathroom. She employs the hotel inspector to help her find out the truth and the plot leads them to a atomic weapons research facility which they break into and advise the camp commander that spies have infiltrated his establishment.

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Screen captures and uncredited NOW shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy.


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Scene set at the Hotel Maychester where a fashion parade is taking place and a mannequin collapses and subsequently dies. The Dorchester Hotel Park Lane.

image no 1

I am pleased that I went in the winter.

Kyra Gabaine (Mary Mackenzie) arrives at the hotel and was the first to attend to the mannequin at the show and later finds a dead body in a next door room at the hotel.

image no 2

A little more attention now for your money.

Having hired the hotel detective Fred Borcombe (Leslie Dwyer) to gain information on the occupant of her next door room she agrees to meet him at Tower Hill, she goes to the offices of Mario Oromonda (Bill Nagy) a wine importer.

image no 3

With all the changes at Tower Hill I could not get higher to take the shot.

Kyra walks down the Hill to meet Fred who is watching the premises.

image no 4

Just a few changes!

A rev pov to show her approaching Fred and the terrace of premises where she was later to enter.

image no 5


Kyra leaves after gaining information from her visit, included for history comparison purposes.

image no 6

At least Trinity House remains even if that is in course of conversion.

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Having stolen a wine shipment advice form from Oromonda’s (Bill Nagy) office Kyra and Fred believe that all the other parties are implicated in something untoward involving the Nuclear Weapon Testing Station at “Stanwell” in Essex and drive off to watch the establishment. Could these, that look like prefabs, be near to the Nettlefold Studios? Anne and other residents of Weybridge remember these prefabs and say that they were on Queens Road but there is no apparent record of them on maps or on the Website. Mary French also remembers the Prefabs being on Queen's Road between the entrance to Burwood Park and the junction with Seven Hills Road. She was told long ago that they should never have been built there, she believes that it's private land that probably belongs to the Burwood Park Estate. (RL)

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They soon recognize the driver of a car as the dead man from the room next door, Mr Markley (Frank Thornton). Could this unprepossessing gate and hut really be the entrance to an atomic site?The film thereafter concludes with virtually all studio set scenes.