Clouded Yellow, The

Date: 1950
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: Carillon Films

Stars: Jean Simmons, Trevor Howard, Sonia Dresdel, Barry Jones, Kenneth More
Location(s): London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Lake District

Region(s): ,


When Secret Service agent David Somers is fired, he takes a quiet job with the Fentons at their country estate – cataloging butterflies, hence the title insect. After a murder occurs, an exciting chase ensues.

Additional Information:

Stills and now images by John Owens.


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At first thought near Parliament Square, central London. In fact, Whiteleys store in Queensway, London W2. Also seen in Passport to Shame - Room 43.

image no 1

Whiteley's it is, but there was no way I could match the shot. I think it was bombed during the war and partly rebuilt. Image and information from Peter.

Somewhere in London - the church should be identifiable.

image no 2

Great Hall (New Hall), New Square, Lincoln's Inn, Holborn, WC2A 3TL. Looking west. Greg Mishevski. Copyright:

Somewhere in London - the church should be identifiable.

image no 3

With more modern motors in Lincoln's Inn. SJ

Near cly002.

image no 4

Turn around from the above and there's no. 12, New Square. The lamppost's gone. SJ

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Distinctive circular thatched house. Called White Lodge, Tapgrove, Hampshire in the film but I can't find a place called Tapgrove...

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Full shot of the house.

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Junction of Oxendon Street and Coventry Street, London.

image no 7

Replacing John Owens Google Street View. (RL)

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Oxendon Street, London.

image no 8

Replacing John Owens Google Street View. (RL)

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Coventry Street again.

image no 9

Replacing John Owens Google Street View. (RL)

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Heading into Lyons Corner House.

image no 10

Replacing John Owens Google Street View. (RL)

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London Underground - Holborn tube station, and the decor suggests a Central Line platform.

Exit at Newcastle Central Station.

image no 12

An exit from Newcastle Central Station - now in a car park but unchanged - the good old standby the drainpipe is stll visible to the left. John Owens.

Bus station in Newcastle - two distinctive buildings in the background.

image no 13

Pictured today - photo courtesy of

Newcastle - looking down the river to the Tyne Bridge. See The Likely Lads.

image no 14

This quayside area of Newcastle has been completely redeveloped and none of the original buildings remain.This shot is taken from roughly the same spot looking west down the Tyne - with a view of the Tyne Bridge , the Swing Bridge and the High Level Bridge. John Owens.

Warehouse in street just along from cly012.

image no 15

Ken Alexander sends this shot remarking that although the road, Milk Street, has been altered the buildings on the left and back remain. (RL)

Trevor Howard and Jean Simmons with Newcastle Castle in background

image no 16

This is St Nicholas Street looking down towards the castle. John Owens.

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They have just got off a bus where Trevor asked for tickets to Jesmond. Paul Fitzpatrick locates this as the main road between Newcastle & Gosforth by the Town Moor. The building in the background isn't a church but the 'Princess Mary Maternity Hospital' where he was born. The building is now luxury apartments.

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Same road as Capture 17 - very distinctive feature behind - could be a gatepost possibly?

Street in Newcastle - church in background.

image no 19

The address of the house on the right is 8 Kingsland, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AL. Looking west/northwest towards Jesmond United Reformed Church (formerly Jesmond Presbyterian Church), Burdon Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 3AE. Discovered by Greg Mishevski. Copyright: Google Maps Street View.

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Side street in Newcastle - with building at the end which may be indentifiable.

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Possibly the Tyne Bridge? Philip Hodgetts confirms that it is indeed Tyne Bridge and specifically, looking southward. (RL)

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The Aira Force Cafe near Ullswater - there was still a cafe here when I visited about 10 years ago.

Signpost near cly020 - the steps and wall should still be there?

image no 23

Bill Hughes confirms that the wall and gate are still there but the path and steps have been grassed over. (RL)

Liverpool street with pub at the end, tenement flats to the left and distant view of the Liver Buildings. Street sign in the film says 'Coronation Way' but I can't trace any street called this. Mike Bradford tells us; Upper Frederick Street, at the junction with Hardy Street, looking north. The tenement block went in about 1987 and there is a Chinese supermarket on the site. The corner pub still survives.

image no 24

Bill Hughes confirms that it is indeed Upper Frederick Street, L1 5DH and supports with this Google Street View. (RL)

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Possibly in Liverpool's Chinatown area. Some shots of this area, unless this is a set, in the Magnet. Phil Anderton agrees, This is clearly a studio set - the studio lighting and the English translation "Chinese Grocer" on the outside of the shop to let the audience know what it's supposed to be, are giveaways. There's obviously no photo for this. However Mike Bradford disagrees; the 'Chinese Grocer', was on Grenville Street South, judging by the later views supposedly from inside the building. All of the buildings on this street have been demolished.

Liverpool Lime Street station looking back towards the station concourse.

image no 26

Phil Anderton has done his best with this one, but...the brick pillars??? Perhaps we're too far to the left.

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Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in the background. See The Magnet. Mike Bradford states; This is Upper Frederick Street, although the background buildings may be on Upper Pitt Street and are visible because of demolition.

Jean Simmons gets off a Liverpool Overhead railway train.

image no 28

The Overhead Railway was closed in 1956 and demolished soon after. This photo from the 1950s identifies the station as Huskisson Dock - see the bridge and station buildings. Photo courtesy of Paul Wright at

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This is Gladstone Dock Station on the Liverpool Overhead Railway, not Huskisson Dock, which is further south. Note the pattern of the rail on the footbridge, says Mike Bradford. Indeed, the middle angled braces go up towards the centre of the bridge. Exceedingly well spotted.

Jean Simmons running along the Liverpool Dock Road (actually Regent Road). Behind you can see the stairs to the Brocklebank Dock station (not the same station that she got off at in cly026!)

image no 30

Difficult to spot this but I believe the building immediately behind the white lorry in the capture is this pub on the corner of Millers Bridge and the Dock Road in Bootle - see the windows roof and chimney. John Owens.

Ok it's a dummy and not Barry Jones falling to his death - Liverpool Dock Road again - see also the 'audience' at the top of the warehouse.

image no 31

This the old Tate and Lyle Building taken from Great Howard Street. The chutes have long gone and the actual screen shot may have been taken from inside the factory site but this is the building used. Phil Anderton. However John Burns claims; The warehouse was demolished and this shot is not therefore correct.