Col cuore in gola (With Heart in Mouth)

Date: 1967
Director: Tinto Brass
Production Company: Les Films Corona, Panda Societa per L'Industria Cinematograf

Stars: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Ewa Aulin, Roberto Bisacco, Charles Kohler
Location(s): London



Blackmail and murder in swinging sixties London.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Con El Corazón En La Garganta‘, ‘I Am What I Am’ (US Title) and ‘Deadly Sweet’ 


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Bernard (Jean-Louis Trintignant) goes to Prescott's house after discovering the night club owner dead in his office and Jane Burroughs standing over the body.

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After spending the night with Jane but waking alone, the French actor goes to meet her at a cinema. This is facing the south side of Coventry Street, between Haymarket and Piccadilly Circus. The buildings have since been replaced.

As they search for her brother Jerome, Bernard and Jane Burroughs (Ewa Aulin) enter a Chelsea restaurant. The entrance to the London Steak House at 94 Kings Road in SW3.

image no 3

No. 94 is now occupied by El Ganso (The Goose). SJ

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Following an afternoon spent together in the park, Bernard tells Jane that he needs to phone a friend to find out where her brother is. One of the arches flanking the roadway at the Chelsea Gate to Battersea Park stands in the right background.

While Bernard makes the call, Jane is bundled into a black Buick that pulls up beside her. The corner of Carriage Drive North and Queenstown Road on the SW8 / SW11 border with Chelsea Bridge in the background.

image no 5

Peter found nice new bicycle racks at the site.

Bernard recovers after being tripped over and beaten whilst chasing the kidnapper's car. Facing south at the junction of Carriage Drive North and Queenstown Road with the wall of Battersea Wharf in the left background. The location was seen in 'Soapbox Derby' and 'The Mutations'.

image no 6

Updated fencing in the location now. Image from Peter.

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After finding Jerome, Bernard drives across London with him.

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Jerome drives to the docks where he thinks that his sister may have been taken by a man named Leris.

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At the docks, one of Leris's henchmen is found and interrogated.

Acting on what the henchmen discloses, Bernard and Jerome head to West London. The entrance to Kensal Green Cemetery on Harrow Road, London NW10.

image no 10

The railings are hidden by shrubbery bush growth. The entrance is on the cemetery's north-east side near Ladbroke Grove. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The two men approach a row of derelict houses. Southam Street, W10 with Portobello Bridge carrying Golborne Road over the Great Western Main Line and the gas holders of the Western Gasworks in the left background. The location was seen in 'Bedazzled'.

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The noise of a nearby railway yard can be heard. Facing towards Waterloo at Clapham Junction station with the elevated 'A' signal box crossing the top of the image. The signal box closed in May 1990.

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Jerome (Charles Kohler) and Bernard come across Leris's Buick. Looking onto Southam Street from the site of already demolished properties.

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The empty buildings are checked. This is looking to the south-east on Southam Street in W10 and scenes from 'Sapphire' were shot round that distant corner.

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The pair gain access to one of the buildings where they find Jane. Southam Street, London W10.

After killing her captors during the rescue, Jane, Bernard and Jerome run from the scene. The footbridge running from Acklam Road to Tavistock Crescent in Notting Hill. The old bridge was seen in 'Burning an Illusion', 'The 14' and 'Innocent Meeting'.

image no 16

The replacement bridge. SJ

Jane sees a bus on the main road. The southern end of the footbridge running over the Hammersmith and City Line between Acklam Road and Tavistock Crescent in W11. The location was seen in 'Withnail & I' and 'Duffer'.

image no 17

Now. SJ

Bernard follows as Jane boards the bus, but she gives him the slip after jumping from the vehicle later in the journey. Looking along Tavistock Crescent W11 towards Great Western Road.

image no 18

Only a bicycle will get through to the other side of Tavistock Crescent now. SJ

Whilst searching for Jane, Bernard sees a blonde woman's body floating in the river. Facing north on Albert Bridge. The bridge was strengthened in 1972, rewired in 1992 and refurbished and strengthened again between 2010 and 2011 which accounts for the differences from when filming took place.

image no 19

And hard to align without a fancier camera. SJ

Pushing through the onlookers, Bernard sees the River Police recover the corpse. Looking west from Albert Bridge in SW11 with the chimneys of Lots Road Power Station in the left distance.

image no 20

On an equally gloomy day. SJ

To Bernard's relief, Jane arrives on the bridge and the two head off together. One of the towers of Albert Bridge connecting Chelsea with Battersea.

image no 21

Taken from the embankment. SJ

Bernard and Jane arrive at the Indica gallery looking for Leris. The gallery was open between September 1965 and November 1967 at 6 Mason's Yard off Duke Street in St. James's SW1.

image no 22

The same location by Peter, who remembers the location well... Ono first meet Lennon here, and it was run by John Dunbar (SJ)

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After finding Leris shot in the head, the two flee from the gallery and head for an amusement arcade where Jelly-Roll and his associates give chase, believing Bernard to be Prescott's killer. It looks as though the letters make up the word "Playland". Christopher Matheson places this as the Playland Amusement Arcade located on the east side of Great Windmill Street, London W1 following the demolition of St Peter's Church. The background buildings are still visible, from the air at least! (RL)

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Bernard and Jane dump the red sports car and get into a taxi just as Prescott's men arrive.

Failing to catch the departing taxi, Jelly-Roll (Luigi Bellini) waits for his colleagues to arrive in the Jaguar. Park Lane in W1.

image no 25

Peter took this facing north.

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Bernard tells the cab driver to stop and the pair make a dash to a nearby Underground station.

Black and white film stock is used as Bernard and Jane descend to the platforms. The upper escalator bank at Holborn station at the junction of High Holborn, Southampton Way and Kingsway in WC1. Also seen in 'The Young Americans'.

image no 27

Peter was met by a very bright advertising screen.

Jane reaches the next landing, followed by Bernard and Prescott's thugs.

image no 28

Peter records the many changes that have occurred on the Underground in the intervening years. (RL)

Bernard and Jane dodge Jelly-Roll and his associates and manage to stay hidden until the next train arrives.

image no 29

Peter found today's escape route through the busy station obstructed.

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The pair board the next departure, as does Jelly-Roll and his men.

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Leaving Jane on the train at the next stop, Bernard lets their pursuers chase him from the Underground. The footbridge at Clapham Junction station in SW11.

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Outside the station the pursuit continues toward a greyhound stadium. The west side of Clapton Greyhound Stadium seen from South Millfields Recreation Ground in E5.

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The chase takes the men inside the stadium. Clapton Greyhound Stadium on Millfields Road closed in January 1974 and the site is now occupied by housing on Orient Way. The location was also used in 'A Place to Go'.

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After Bernard is caught, beaten and tortured, he's driven away at gunpoint.

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Along narrow streets a police car is crashed into and Bernard's captors are apprehended, allowing him to escape.

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The film ends with Bernard asking Jane to go away with him . . . . before she shoots him. Alexandra Palace on Alexandra Palace Way, London N22.