Colossus: The Forbin Project

Date: 1970
Director: Joseph Sargent
Production Company: Universal Pictures

Stars: Eric Braeden, Susan Clark, Gordon Pinsent, William Schallert
Location(s): California (USA), Rome (Italy)

Region(s): ,


An artificially intelligent supercomputer is developed and activated only to reveal that it has a sinister agenda of its own.

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Dr. Charles A. Forbin (Eric Braeden) and The President of the US (Gordon Pinsent) announce that Colossus, a computer designed to manage the States' weapons systems, is now on line. A matte created for he film.

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An establishing shot, panning over the Advanced Light Source facility of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, California, United States.

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The shot settles on the Lawrence Hall of Science on Centennial Drive in Berkeley, California.

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Dr. Charles Forbin returns to the Command Centre where Colossus has warned that there is another similar computer in the Soviet Union named Guardian. The grounds of the Lawrence Hall of Science on Centennial Drive, University of California, Berkeley.

After Colossus and Guardian join forces, Forbin heads to Rome to meet with his Soviet counterpart. An establishing shot of Piazza Navona in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

image no 5

Not the Piazza Navona but the Piazza del Popolo, now pedestrianised, from the Pincio Gardens. (RL)

The camera picks up Forbin's car as it enters the piazza.

image no 6

The Piazza Popolo from the Pincio Gardens with the rear of the Fontana della Dea di Roma in the further foreground. (RL)

The Soviet Doctor arrives.

image no 7

A Piazza della Repubblica with Santa Maria degli Angeli centre background and pavement improvements in the foreground. (RL)

The US and Soviet opposites meet and are followed by agents from both sides. Piazza Navona, Roma.

image no 8

No, we are still in the Piazza della Repubblica doing what we can with the available space to take a photograph. (RL)

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Dr. Kuprin (Alex Rodine) and Forbin exchange notes and theories.

The two system designers continue their meeting in an open but isolated location. Tiber Island in the Tiber River, Rome. In the background stands Basilica di San Bartolomeo all'Isola (Basilica of St. Bartholomew on the Island).

image no 10

If I had been there when the leaves were on there trees I would not have stood a chance. (RL)

An Agent watches from Ponte Palatino. Rome, Lazio.

image no 11

About here. SJ

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Dr Forbin looks up as a helicopter approaches. Tiber Island, Rome looking towards Ponte Rotto and Ponte Palatino.

After the helicopter lands, Krupin watches bemused as US Agents grab Forbin and his belongings. As the backdrop stands Ponte Rotto, formerly Pons Æmilius, the oldest Roman stone bridge in Rome.

image no 13

Not quite the correct angle but a good shot of the Ponte Rotto. SJ

Forbin is hurried into the waiting helicopter as Dr. Kuprin is shot by KGB Agents under the orders of Guardian. Isola Tiberina, Roma, Italia.

image no 14

Taken from the bridge rather than the inaccessible promontory. SJ

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On his return to the States, Forbin and his team are told by Colossus that they will be monitored throughout the day and night to prevent any action being taken against the all powerful machine. University of California, Berkeley.

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As surveillance cameras and microphones are installed, Forbin, Dr. Cleo Markham (Susan Clark) and the team meet for the last time without being watched. Outside the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley.

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When every aspect of life is monitored by links to Colossus, Angela Fields (Marion Ross) visits Forbin to give him his orders from the omnipresent machine. Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley in California, USA.

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Colossus puts Forbin on a strict fitness and dietary regime, and then proceeds to rule the human race . . . . . .