Come Play With Me

Date: 1977
Director: George Harrison Marks
Production Company: Roldvale

Stars: George Harrison Marks, Alfie Bass, Irene Handle, Ronald Fraser, Cardew Robinson, Mary Millington, Rita Webb, Henry McGee, Valentine Dyall
Location(s): East Sussex, London, Oxfordshire

Region(s): ,


Two banknote forgers hide out at a quiet Scottish health spa and continue their activities but the resort becomes busier when a troupe of dancing girls arrive.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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  • 'Now' required

Underworld henchman Blitt arrives at the forgers premises in his Rolls Royce. Unidentified location.

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Blitt returns to Slasher's club. Unknown location.

Establishing shot of a London street.

image no 3

Alan Field found St John's Wood High Street in London NW8. Replacing Alan's Google shot of 2012. (RL)

The cafe where Podsnap meets his underworld contact Nosegay. Where did they get these names from!

image no 4

St John's Wood High Street in NW8 sent in by Alan Field. Replacing Alan's 2012 Google capture. (RL)

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Forgers Cornelius Clapworthy and Kelly approach Bovington Manor. Weston Manor, Weston on the Green in Oxfordshire identified by Steve Cook.

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McIvar (Cardew Robinson) greets Cornelius Clapworthy (George Harrison Marks) and Kelly (Alfie Bass) as they arrive. Weston Manor in Oxfordshire, now a hotel.

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A better view of Bovington Manor. Weston Manor, Northampton Road, Weston on the Green identified by Steve Cook.

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Oh yes . . . . the dancing girls. Mostly un-named actresses outside Weston Manor, Northampton Road, Weston on the Green. Location found by Steve Cook.

Establishing shot of Whitehall, London SW1.

image no 9

Looking towards Trafalgar Square. That's the Cenotaph's dais poking out to the left. SJ

A close up of the building playing the Home Office. Whitehall in SW1.

image no 10

Now. SJ

Establishing shot of the Palace Pier. Madeira Drive Brighton, East Sussex.

image no 11

The Palace Pier/Brighton Pier now. SD

A disguised Podsnap (Ken Parry) is chased through the audience on Brighton Pier disturbing a Performer (Norman Vaughan).

image no 12

Norman Vaughan has now been replaced by fairground rides. SD

Podsnap runs along the Pier. Brighton, East Sussex

image no 13

After sustaining some damage, the theatre was dismantled in 1986 with plans to restore it. After it was put into storage its whereabouts became uncertain (check your garages). The site is now occupied by an amusement dome. SD

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The Vicar (Bob Todd) speaks with Lady Bovington (Irene Handl) outside the Manor. Weston Manor on Northampton Road, Weston on the Green, Oxfordshire located by Steve Cook.