Commander, Der

Date: 1988
Director: Antonio Margheriti aka Anthony M. Dawson
Production Company: Ascot Film, Prestige Film

Stars: Lewis Collins, Lee van Cleef, Donald Pleasence
Location(s): Amalfi (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Bangkok (Thailand), Pagsanjan (Philippines)

Region(s): , ,


Third of a Lewis Collins trilogy starting with Codename Wildgeese and Commando Leopard in which mercenary embattles drug-runners in South-east Asia. SJ

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South-east Asia.

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Collins meets van Cleef high above Amalfi.

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Another view looking south.

van Cleef and Collins seem intent on their croquet.

image no 4

And here's the distinctive rock formation between their heads. SJ

To the right is the control tower at Tegel Airport, Berlin. Identified by Jamie Davis.

image no 5

Günter did not go to Berlin without his camera and the needs of Reelstreets. (RL)

German number plates. Jamie Davis identifies this as Straße des 17 Juni in Berlin 10623. The monument visible in the distance is the Siegessaule victory column.

image no 6

Günter's shot of that location some 25+ years on. (RL)

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Distinctly Thai.

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Jamie Davis identifies this as Don Mueang International Airport on Don Meuang Toll Way in Bangkok, Thailand adding that 'The white building seen across the road in this image is the Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel.

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Thailand or Philippines?

Jamie Davis identifies this as the Weltkugelbrunnen (World Fountain) in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin with the belfry of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche behind. The structure stands outside the Europa Centre.

image no 10

Günter's similar shot showing that it is now a popular place for cyclists too. (RL)

Back in Italy now.

image no 11

Even the lamp behind his head is still there. SJ

Well, Atrani to be precise.

image no 12

Little change. SJ

Collins in Atrani.

image no 13

Atrani was also seen in La Macchina Ammazzacattiva, Beat the Devil and A Good Woman. SJ

Now this is further north-west in Amalfi. Atrani is just around the corner.

image no 14

Now. SJ

Another shot, well why not?

image no 15

Can't quite match the motor. SJ