Committee, The

Date: 1968
Director: Peter Sykes
Production Company: Craytic

Stars: Paul Jones, Arthur Brown, Jimmy Gardner, Tom Kempinski
Location(s): London, Oxfordshire

Region(s): ,


An experimental British satire.

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Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The unnamed central character (Paul Jones) sets off to his job as a draughtsman. Peter identifies this location as Savoy Street, London WC2.

image no 1

Peter took this picture of the refurbished Brettenham House.

A car comes to a halt as the young man approaches a pedestrian crossing.

image no 2

Savoy Street in WC2 from Victoria Embankment with the Strand in the distance. Identified and captured by Peter.

As he crosses the road, he notices that the driver's coat is caught in the car's door.

image no 3

Savoy Street WC2 from Peter.

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He tells the driver about her coat before continuing to work where he advises his Boss that he has been called on to be part of a committee. Savoy Street once more.

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The man drives to the country house where the committee will convene. Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire.

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Other people arrive who have also been called to sit on the committee. Greenlands campus of the Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames.

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The members can relax when everyone has registered and been allocated to their accommodation. At the time of filming, the location was known as The Administrative Staff College.

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Following dinner, the central figure heads off for a swim.

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At the poolside, he tells another member that he fears the committee has been called about himself.

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A girl walks away from a van after loading it with data.

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After being called by the Committee Director, the young man walks with him through a wasteland. The remains of the Metropolitan Cattle Market in Islington N7, which had closed in 1963. The site is now partly occupied by Caledonian Park.

The Director (Robert Langdon Lloyd) listens as the man explains his actions that took place in a woodland clearing some time ago. The Metropolitan Cattle Market Clock Tower which now stands south of Clock View Crescent, London N7.

image no 12

A lot of guesswork here as the four faces look the same and the clocks are all stuck at noon. Image from Peter.

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As they continue walking, the Director philosophises. The remains of the Metropolitan Cattle Market.

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The young man is told that the universe is there for him and is asked to speak about what happened in the glade.

The Director hears how the man decapitated a driver who had given him a lift.

image no 15

Peter captured the base of he Clock Tower, designed by James Bunstone Bunning and built in the mid 1800s.

Full of metaphors, the two make their way back to the lodge. The site of the Metropolitan Cattle Market, Islington, London N7.

image no 16

Maybe not the same face but certainly the same location now by Peter.

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The committee disbands after, seemingly, doing little more than having a relaxing time away and being entertained by 'The Crazy World of Arthur Brown'. The Greenlands campus of the Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.