Confessions of a Pop Performer

Date: 1975
Director: Norman Cohen
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Stars: Robin Askwith, Anthony Booth, Jill Gascoigne, Doris Hare, Bob Todd, Ian Lavender
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


Timmy and his brother pack in their window cleaning job enter the pop music business by promoting the band Kipper.

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In this film somewhere . . .

image no 1

BRITISH FILM POSTER - CONFESSIONS OF A POP PERFORMER Original poster, 65cm x 1.00cm, about 25” x 39”, good clean condition, small tears along fold lines. € 45.00. Postage & packing UK / Europe € 6.00, USA & rest of world € 8.50

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. . . . the pair suggest that they are in South London.

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Martin McNally advises that this is Salisbury Road, Barnet in North London.

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Salisbury Road in Barnet identified by Martin.

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Martin McNally recognised Salisbury Road, Barnet, once in Middlesex.

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One last shot of Salisbury Road, Barnet. Location found by Martin McNally.

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Furzhill Rd., Borehamwood, Herts. Richard Byerley says.

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same as 007.

The Red Lion pub at the bottom end of Borehamwood High Street.

image no 9

Now. Macdonalds roundabout, B5378 (end of Borehamwood High Street).

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These shops, maybe Borehamwood?

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These 1930's roads and

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bay windowed Bayko building set houses

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A council estate, somewhere.

Stretton Way, Borehamwood.

image no 14

Now. Stretton Way, Borehamwood.

Stretton Way, Borehamwood. Info from the guvnor of Hellen's Snacks (opposite the old Elstree Studios) - local historian - and good bacon sarneys!

image no 15


The riverside walkway between Stretton Way and Allerton Road, Borehamwood.

image no 16


Back of Streeton Way, off Allerton Road.

image no 17


Same place but on the frosty morning when I was there, the girls, alas, had their clothes on.

image no 18


Allerton Road. Same houses and little bridge as cp016.

image no 19


Emerald Court, Aycliffe Road from Leeming Road, Borehamwood.

image no 20


Leeming Road

image no 21


Is this Leeming Road as well?

image no 22

Yes says Martin, this IS Leeming Road, but they now park differently according to this GoogleMapsView. (RL)

Leeming Road again, the Co-op.

image no 23


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The Civic Hall, Borehamwood, now gone/replaced.

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Probably near the Civic Hall and now long gone.

Manor Way, Borehamwood/Elstree, Hertfordshire.

image no 26


Again Manor Way.

image no 27


And again.

image no 28


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The High Street in Borehamwood? High Street, Watford, see Capture 30. (RL)

doesn't have a bend in it.

image no 30

No, but High Street, Watford does as revealed by Martin Snow with the support of GoogleMapView. (RL)

That shouldn't be too hard, I thought, but I couldn't find it.

image no 31

Well, Martin Snow has found it, High Street, Watford with 'Bejam' now a restaurant and the door to the right the entrance to accommodation above. Supported by GoogleMapsView. (RL)

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The, now gone, Civic Centre.

175-179, High Street, Borehamwood.

image no 33


169-177, High Street, Borehamwood.

image no 34


High Street, Borehamwood, and was this road also used for Confessions of a Window Cleaner?

image no 35