Connecting Rooms

Date: 1970
Director: Franklin Gollings
Production Company: Hemdale Film, L.S.D. Production, Telstar Productions Ltd.

Stars: Bette Davis, Michael Redgrave, Alexis Kanner, Kay Walsh
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


The lives and loves of the residents in a seedy West London boarding house are played out.

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Arriving in London from the West Country, schoolmaster James Wallraven (Michael Redgrave) walks along a row of boarding houses, finding no vacancies at 37.

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Song writer Mickey Hollister waits to meet with pop star Claudia as she arrives at a reception.

After phoning an old friend and arranging to meet, James heads for the park looking for Miss Fleming, a cellist. The junction of Bayswater Road and Lancaster Gate with the Lancaster Gate of Kensington Gardens in the right background.

image no 3

Postbox, post and gate all still there! SJ

Wanda Fleming (Bette Davis) sits eating her lunch as James approaches. The statue of Lord Holland looks down on the scene in Holland Park W8.

image no 4

From ground level. SJ

Having borrowed a car from his friend Johnny, Mickey Hollister (Alexis Kanner) arrives outside the building that he shares with Wanda and new tenant James. Craven Hill Gardens W2.

image no 5

Northeast corner of the square. SJ

Wanda comes out of Mrs. Brent's boarding house and Mickey shows her the MG before she declines a lift to the theatre. Craven Hill Gardens on the border between Paddington and Bayswater.

image no 6

Panning left from above. SJ

Following a further meeting with Claudia, Mickey returns the car to Johnny. Looking down on the junction of Lancaster Gate and Craven Terrace in W2 with Bayswater Road in the left background.

image no 7

Ground level will have to do. SJ

The camera tracks Mickey as he drives through the streets. Craven Terrace at the corner of Lancaster Mews with The Mitre public house to the right. The pub also features in 'Scoop' from 2006.

image no 8

Cafe on the left, pub on the corner. SJ

Continuity is excellent as the car heads through Lancaster Mews W2.

image no 9

Looking north on the eastern spur of this large mews. SJ

Mickey arrives outside Johnny's garage. The northern corner of Lancaster Mews.

image no 10

The garage doors have gone but essentially the same, especially the rear of the school on Craven Terrace. SJ

James bumps into Miss Fleming as walks along the street.

image no 11

There's the pub The Mitre in the background so this is Craven Terrace, W2. SJ

Wanda tells James about a boarding house, where she once lived, that burnt down.

image no 12

Just a little further north up Craven Terrace. SJ

Mickey comes out of a shop doorway and spots the two together.

image no 13

Now. SJ

Wanda visits Johnny's garage where she purchases the MG for Mickey. Facing Craven Terrace from Lancaster Mews in London W2.

image no 14

Hasn't changed a jot! SJ

A demonstration takes place in town. Whitehall in SW1 with the statue of Earl Haig to the left.

image no 15

The same location from Peter.

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James stands behind a police line as the marchers pass through the streets.

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Trying to make his way home, James is caught up in the melee as the demonstrators become disorderly. Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire.

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Police ask for calm as a riot breaks out. Heatherden Hall has been seen in countless productions including 'Twice Round the Daffodils', 'The Ghoul', 'The Iron Maiden', 'A Stitch in Time' and 'Carry On Nurse'.

Battered and bruised, James is brought home in a police car. Looking towards Leinster Gardens on Craven Hill Gardens W2.

image no 19

So hilariously horrendous with the scaffolding still there on a second visit but I've posted this anyway. SJ

The former school teacher is helped into the house. Craven Hill Gardens.

image no 20

Even in winter, the trees obscure the architecture. SJ

After her latest concert, Mickey receives a note from Claudia. Outside the Royal Albert Hall on Kensington Gore, London SW7.

image no 21

Peter wonders if this is the correct entrance as the building has seen much refurbishment. Richard Dacre confirms that it certainly is the correct entrance. (RL)

Mickey pursues Wanda as she leaves a department store. The former Whiteleys department store at the corner of Queensway and Porchester Gardens in W2.

image no 22

Closed most of the 80s. Re-opened as a shopping and leisure centre including a multi-screen cinema, which may have put nails in the coffins of the Queens and Odeon cinemas on Westbourne Grove. Both interior and exterior were seen in "Closer". SJ

As Mickey carries her purchases, Wanda hails a cab. Looking west along Porchester Gardens in Bayswater.

image no 23

The same scene now. SJ

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As Mrs. Brent secures the connecting doorway back at the boarding house, James meets Wanda at the station.

James and Wanda talk about each other and her next cello performance. The road sign reads Craven Hill Gardens and the background property stands on Leinster Gardens.

image no 25

No useful "leading to" advice on the new sign now. SJ

When he suggests meeting up at the theatre after the recital, Wanda tells him to come to the theatre at seven. The corner of Craven Hill Gardens and Porchester Terrace W2.

image no 26

Bedecked with ivy now. SJ

James sets out to meet Wanda after her performance. To the right stands The Talk of the Town at the corner of Charing Cross Road and Cranbourn Street, which closed in 1982 to be refurbished and receiving numerous name changes before becoming a casino in 2012.

image no 27

The Hippodrome, its original name when it opened in 1900. SJ

Wanda's name doesn't appear on any bill boards or hoardings. Wyndham's Theatre on Charing Cross Road WC2.

image no 28

In daylight. SJ

Inching through a crowd listening to a busker, James comes across Wanda. St. Martin's Court running between Charing Cross Road and St. Martin's Lane.

image no 29

Peter found the same canopy detail intact.

When she's finished playing, Wanda picks up her cello and leaves it with the Stage Door Keeper before the two head off together. The side entrance to Wyndham's Theatre in St. Martin's Court, London WC2.

image no 30

Is this the same door? asks Peter. The downpipe to the left seems to match.