Consuming Passions

Date: 1988
Director: Giles Foster
Production Company: Euston Films

Stars: Tyler Butterworth, Jonathan Pryce, Vanessa Redgrave, Freddie Jones, Thora Hird, Prunella Scales
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex

Region(s): ,


A tragic mishap at a chocolate factory results in candy lovers getting an unexpected ‘extra’ in their sweets. The problem is that they want more!

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Graham Chumley (Freddie Jones) and his factory feature in a television advertisement for Chumley's 'Old Chums' traditional chocolates. In the left background stands Bliss & Sons' Tweed Mill, Worcester Road, Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

image no 1

The mill closed in 1980 and was converted into residential apartments in 1988. (SD)

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Ian Littleton (Tyler Butterworth) says goodbye to his landlady Mrs Gordon (Thora Hird) and Spencer the cat as he sets off to work on his first day at Chumley's.

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The old car starts successfully and Ian drives away.

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A learner driver delays Ian's progress on the journey to his new job as a Junior Management Trainee.

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The Gateman (Bryan Pringle) greets Chumley's young, go-ahead Managing Director Mr Farris (Jonathan Pryce) whilst, inside the factory, Ian causes mayhem, the death of three workmen and the invention of a new chocolate centre!

After the fastest production line this side of Osaka does it's job, a delivery lorry leaves the factory loaded with chocolates featuring centres containing the workmen.

image no 6

Stills Road, Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire. Also seen in 'Carry On At Your Convenience'. Image copyright Google Streetview. SD

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Ethel (Prunella Scales) meets the ambulance called by Ian.

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When the medics won't leave without a patient, Ethel feigns collapsing and they load her into the ambulance.

Ian and Mr Chumley follow the delivery lorry to Pottersea.

image no 9

Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Also seen in 'The Leather Boys', 'Poor Cow', 'The Punch And Judy Man', 'Summer Holiday', 'Wish You Were Here', 'The Woman In Question'. SD

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Ian heads for a parking space outside a shop selling the latest delivery of Passionelle chocolates.

After the two fail to retrieve the chocolates, Chumley remembers the old days of his family business before it was taken over by a multi-national.

image no 11

Bognor Regis Pier, facing The Esplanade. SD

Chumley points out that Ian has ruined the business, killed three employees and turned the inhabitants of Pottersea into cannibals.

image no 12

Bognor Regis Pier, facing The Esplanade. SD

The pair return to the factory where Ian is dismissed. Bliss & Sons' Tweed Mill near Chipping Norton.

image no 13

The cows were in another part of the field today. (SD)

Ian arrives for work in his new car after being reinstated as Head of Special Projects, a job aimed to keep him quiet about the incident.

image no 14

Stills Road, Pinewood Studios. Image copyright Google Streetview. SD

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Farris sends Ian to tell the next of kin about the demise of their husbands and to avoid any claims against the company.

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Ian arrives at the home of Mrs Eccleston to tell her of the loss of her husband.

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Due to an error in the factory's records, Ian is thrown from the house by Jason, the woman's current husband after her remarriage.

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Ian heads to the next bereaved wife.

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No claims threatened here as Ian finds that the workman's wife has also passed away.

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Ian makes his way to the third workman's wife.

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The bearer of sad news arrives at the home of Mrs. Garza but find she is more interested in him.

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Ian visits Mr Chumley at his country home where it's revealed that market research shows consumers liking the new centres.

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Farris and Ian arrive at a hospital to obtain new supplies for the chocolate centres. Pinewood Studio's Heatherden Hall in Buckinghamshire seen in so many films including 'That Riviera Touch', 'Carry On Up the Khyber' and 'The Early Bird'.

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When Ian resigns, Mr Farris coerces Ian into staying with the company once again.

Television personality Big Teddy (William Rushton) is seen on morning TV as he passes around Chumley's Passionelle chocolates.

image no 25

Richard Winchester instantly recognised this as High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. having, until last year, worked there for 10 years. A Google shot to show very little has changed. (RL)

Big Teddy is off his diet as he tastes a Passionelle for himself.

image no 26

Following on Richard's identification a further shot from Google but sadly no Willie Rushton. (RL)

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Ian is sent out to secure more supplies.