Cool it Carol

Date: 1970
Director: Pete Walker
Production Company: Pete Walker Film Productions Ltd.

Stars: Robin Askwith, Janet Lynn, Jess Conrad, Derek Aylward, Stubby Kaye
Location(s): East Sussex, London

Region(s): ,


Two naïve teenagers leave their small village behind and travel to London to make a life for themselves in the big city.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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Another day begins outside Harry Burford's butchers shop.

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Joe Sickles (Robin Askwith) begins his meat delivery round.

The teenager drives around the film's Oakham as he continues his deliveries. Bodiam Bridge over the River Rother

image no 3

Now with engraved signs depicting the history of the area and the River Rother. (RL)

Joe draws up at his next call. Outbuildings in the car park of Bodiam Castle on Main Road, Bodiam, East Sussex.

image no 4

Could not get the angle or the height due to the remodelling but to the relief of all the building has been converted to toilets. (RL)

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The young lad is caught short in the middle of the countryside.

At the service station, Carol Thatcher (Janet Lynn) finishes serving a customer as Joe arrives in his van. Dave Sullivan identifies this location as on the A21 Battle Road just past Robertsbridge in East Sussex, currently a 1950s styled cafe known as Route 1066.

image no 6

And here's Dave's comparison shot of the location.

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After the two discuss with the idea of going to London, Joe comes out of a customer's shop to find Carol waiting. Bill Martin identifies this as Main Street in Northiam, Sussex adding that the shop is now a private house but the veranda still exists.

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When Joe backs down, Carol persuades him to go to London with her. Located by Bill Martin this is Main Street in Northiam with the War Memorial standing in the right background.

The pair arrive at the village station. This is Etchingham station on Station Approach, Etchingham, East Sussex.

image no 9

Two more passengers than when I was there. (RL)

A train heading for London approaches. This is a diesel-electric multiple unit that served on the route between Hastings and London until 1986, when the line was electrified.

image no 10

The trains may have changed but the station retains most of its originality. (RL)

Joe and Carol head of to the capital. Etchingham station on the SER main line running between London and Hastings via Tonbridge.

image no 11

My shot with a train was not quite as accurate as this one without. (RL)

The two friends arrive in London and set about looking for a hotel. Looking north along Paddington station's cab road in W2 with Eastbourne Terrace to the left.

image no 12

In a bit of a state in mid-crossrail development. SJ

A taxi takes Joe and Carol to the 'quite cheap' Olympic Hotel in 'Russell Square'

image no 13

22, Bernard Street WC1. Opposite the Brunswick Centre and very close to Russell Square. SJ

On their first evening in London, the pair head out to see the sights. The backdrop appears to be The Lanesborough Hotel at Hyde Park Corner.

image no 14

Yes it is The Lanesborough, then St George's Hospital. Replacing my scaffolded shot from April 2015. SJ

Joe and Carol hail a taxi to take them to Chelsea. Duke of Wellington Place in SW1 with the Grand Entrance Screen of Hyde Park standing in the background.

image no 15

The same location by Peter.

After shopping in the King's Road, the two find themselves in a Chelsea pub. The Chelsea Potter public house at the corner of King's Road and Radnor Walk in SW3.

image no 16

Peter captured the window detail.

After Joe flaunts his money and introduces Carol as a beauty model, the pair leave the pub with Jonathan (Jess Conrad) and his friend 'T'. Outside the Chelsea Potter on King's Road.

image no 17

The same place in daylight. Picture from Peter.

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The next day Carol enters a fashion house as she searches for a job.

Joe approaches a car dealership in the hope of finding work. Berkeley Square in Mayfair W1.

image no 19

Peter took a similar shot with what appear to be Triffids attacking! He had dark tinted specs on and never even noticed them!

Carol gets a lead to a photographer and a rejected Joe arrives in Chelsea to meet her. Outside Sloane Square station at the corner of Sloane Gardens and Holbein Place SW1.

image no 20

Now. SJ

The pair head back to the pub where Jonathan had promised to buy the drinks that night. Sloane Square, in front of the shop currently occupied by Hugo Boss.

image no 21

The corner nearest the tube station. SJ

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Joe ponders robbing a bank while Carol has pictures taken for her portfolio.

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When the truth comes out that Joe has no job and that they have no money left, the two wander the streets.

The teenagers find themselves in Knightsbridge. Brompton Road SW1 with Harrods prominent to the right.

image no 24

Peter took this shot of the corner of Harrods.

A jewellery shop window is browsed although both of them haven't eaten for 18 hours. Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.

image no 25

The same location now by Peter.

When the question is raised about getting cash, Joe suggests that Carol offers her body for money.

image no 26

Looking up Lower Regent Street towards Piccadilly Circus, though street signs now say Regent Street St James's SW1. SJ

"This is where they do it" prompts Joe.

image no 27

Askwith is actually standing on Regent Street north side whereas I seem to be on the south. Piccadilly Circus, W1.

Without any luck, Carol approaches strangers in the street. Regent Street in W1 with Galeries Lafayette as the backdrop.

image no 28

Peter grabbed this shot from the top deck of a bus!

A shady character watches from his car. Regent Street with the corner of Conduit Street on the right.

image no 29

Standing outside Hamley's where Galeries Lafayette used to be before Hamley's moved in 1981. SJ

Carol is picked up and, accompanied by Joe, the stranger drives her away. Facing south-east on Regent Street.

image no 30

More renovation going on. SJ

The man drives the pair to his south London flat. Battersea Bridge, London SW11.

image no 31

Battersea Bridge now with retro lighting. A more accurate shot to replace Peter's with his blessing. SJ

When the deed is done, Joe and Carol make their way back to the Olympic Hotel. There's even a name to identify this as Battersea Bridge.

image no 32

Peter found the same spot, the white blur above the central span reads Battersea Bridge.

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The following day, Carol is picked up for a repeat performance. Jules Ballantyne recognises this. What was the Chelsea Drugstore on the corner of Royal Avenue and Kings Road, London SW3. Now a McDonald's. (RL)

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The two are drawn into prostitution and the porn film industry as Joe gets ever eager to earn cash for them both.

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As the two rise through the seedy world that they have chosen, photographer David Thing (Chris Sandford) turns up at one of Carol's photo shoots.

With money earned from films and high class prostitution, Joe takes on new accommodation for the pair.

image no 36

And very well they must have done as this is the south side of Eaton Square, SW1. SJ

A Rolls Royce brings Carol and Joe to their new home. Eaton Square, also seen in 'The Stud', 'Do Not Disturb', 'Aunt Clara' and 'The Lady is a Square'.

image no 37

51 Eaton Square, looking south-west. SJ

During a party at which Johnathan and 'T' arrive, the young pair question the world that they are living in and decide to return to the country.

image no 38

Still a way one street sharing a corner with Elizabeth Street, SW1. SJ

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The Signalman (Eric Barker) watches as the train bringing Joe and Carol back to Oakham approaches. Etchingham Signal Box stood at the level crossing to the south-east of the station and was demolished in 1992.

The end of the film sees the two settle back into their old jobs. A long shot of the garage on the A21 Battle Road just past Robertsbridge in East Sussex identified by Dave Sullivan.

image no 40

A misty long shot of the same stretch of road by Dave Sullivan.