Counterfeit Plan, The

Date: 1957
Director: Montgomery Tully
Production Company: Merton Park Studios.

Stars: Zachary Scott, Peggie Castle, Mervyn Johns, Sydney Tafler, Lee Patterson, Eric Pohlmann
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


With the aid of his accomplices, convicted murderer Max Brandt escapes whilst being escorted to a French prison and flees across the Channel. Arriving in England he seeks out a wartime acquaintance., Louie. An expert forger, Louie has now turned his back on his criminal career, but Brandt is determined to blackmail him into putting his formidable skills to use once more.

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy


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A country lane "in France" where the gendarme are taking Max Brandt (Zachary Scott) to meet a plane to return him to England.

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A hay cart draws across their path. Unknown location.

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The gendarme are attacked and Max released from custody. Unknown location but a large building on a slight bend near that earlier bridge.

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Max is flown from France and the plane prepares to land at its destination. Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey

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The aircraft (I believe still operating in the UK) supposedly lands in the grounds of the Park, Max and Duke (Lee Patterson) disembark and wave goodbye to the pilot.

A view of Loseley Park as it was in 1957.

image no 6

A view of Loseley Park as it is in 2017.

Meanwhile Louie Bernard (Mervyn Johns), the owner arrives home having been out shooting.

image no 7

The same courtyard now, with sincere thanks to the More-Molyneux family.

He walks to the front entrance.

image no 8

A path now trod by many a visitor.

The police arrive with a view to searching the grounds.

image no 9

The grounds are indeed worth exploring.

Max starts to “soften” Louie with regard to using his old skills. Loseley Park

image no 10

With sincerely thanks to the More-Molyneux family.

Max is introduced by Harry Flint (Sydney Tafler) to Sam Watson (David Lodge)

image no 11

Once again, I am grateful to the More-Molyneux family.

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Under cover of darkness the team highjack a security van at a transport café. It doesn’t look like a set but unknown location.

Max and Sam go to London to visit a group of “businessmen” who they hope will work as wholesalers for forged notes. Belgrave Place, looking towards Eaton Square.

image no 13

Little has changed in this "select" area.

They pull up outside their destination. 17 Belgrave Place, London SW1 Also seen in "Breaking Point".

image no 14

I am sure bicycles and railings would not be acceptable today.

Carole Bernard (Peggie Castle) having arrived home from Switzerland becomes reluctantly involved in the forgery scam and goes to visit her boyfriend who has just arrived in London. Victoria Station.

image no 15

Less station staff these days.

Carole arrives at Bob Fenton’s (Robert Arden) hotel. The same “hotel” seen in "Escapement" (escp003) and "Tread Softly Stranger". Albany Street, London NW1

image no 16

Now the Meliá White House.

Thinking that she is speaking to her father on the telephone she gives her location away to Max who leaves the meeting to visit the hotel. 17 Belgrave Place once again.

image no 17

A little less activity when I was there.

One of the forged note distribution groups visits Brighton. Brighton Station, Trafalgar Street, Brighton, Sussex.

image no 18

Now. Something is very different here. SD

The group splits up. Included to record the changed face of Brighton.

image no 19

Facing Surrey Street from Guildford Road. SD

The manager of the branch of Westminster Bank receives a call from another bank manager saying that “more Fivers than normal” have been paid in. Corner of Sloane Square and Sloane Street, London SW1

image no 20

Another bank with change of use.

The police are tipped off that forged notes will be flooding the country. Are those buses in Brighton livery? No, says Stephen Dean, this is Oxford Street, London W1 with Vere Street off to the left.

image no 21

Peter provides this proving shot, taken from street level.

One note is passed off in a florist shop. Wimbledon Hill Road, on the corner of Alwyne Road, London SW19

image no 22

The shop has closed, the site re-developed but the shops opposite remain.

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Victoria Station Platforms 9 - 10

By now, Scotland Yard are, or course, involved. Derby Gate, London SW1

image no 24

Will it ever be photogenic again?

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The police issue a public broadcast for recipients of £5 notes to memorize the features of who gave it to them. Meanwhile Duke is returning to Bernard’s home. Unknown location.

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Duke stops at a K1 telephone box to call Max. If it was genuine was it really next to a police box? Unknown location.

After a shootout involving most people Max runs off with “the loot” to escape with Duke. Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey.

image no 27

The entrance to the courtyard, with once again, thanks to the More-Molyneux family.

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Having been forced off the road by avoiding a police car they start to plunge to their death, unknown but distinctive location. With Geoff's identification of countpl026 this must surely also be Betchworth Quarry and the lime kiln chimney that still survives.

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A nearby quarry? Geoff Dodd advises that this is Betchworth Quarry, Box Hill, Surrey where the famous ITC White Jaguar sequence, that appeared in many TV series, was shot.