Criminal, The

Date: 1960
Director: Joseph Losey
Production Company: Merton Park Studios

Stars: Stanley Baker, Sam Wanamaker, Grégoire Aslan, Margit Saad, Jill Bennett
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


An ex-con gets caught after taking part in a robbery at a racetrack but he won’t tell his fellow gang members where he’s stashed the loot.

Additional Information:

Screen shots uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘The Concrete Jungle’ (US Title).  

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A shot establishing Johnny Bannion's location at the start of the film. Wandsworth Prison, Heathfield Road in London SW18.

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Another establishing shot of Wandsworth Prison in London SW18.

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Johnny Bannion (Stanley Baker) walks free after serving his sentence. A lot of the prison exterior scenes appear to have been filmed in and around Wandsworth Prison.

Wandsworth Prison, Heathfield Road, London SW18. The Main Gates were also seen in 'The Cracksman', 'Poor Cow', 'The Mail Van Murder', 'Time Without Pity' and 'Ooh, You Are Awful'.

image no 4

A moment with no parking in the prime spot. (RL)

Johnny makes his way along an alleyway between the prison's perimiter wall and Heathfield Square in SW18. All the original houses have been demolished and the area rebuilt.

image no 5

The wall has been rebuilt but that shiny rounded wall on the lower right remains. (RL)

Mike Carter (Sam Wanamaker) meets Johnny. Heathfield Square in SW18 with Wandsworth Prison walls in the background.

image no 6

That rebuilt wall appears again but the redevelopment did not include that garden wall on the right that now has a door. (RL)

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Johnny leads on as the pair make their way along streets of prison warder's houses. Heathfield Square again.

The two talk as they walk. Heathfield Square that encompasses Wandsworth Prison in London SW18.

image no 8

As might be expected cars are now parked in the "street".(RL)

Johnny tells Mike that he has a robbery planned. Heathfield Square, Wandsworth.

image no 9

No such plans today. (RL)

Mike is in on the job and gives Johnny £200. Heathfield Square SW18.

image no 10

What has since been called "in fill" has taken place. (RL)

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The gang assemble to discuss the robbery arrangements. Jill tells us that her husband David Hunt worked on the film as a junior editor and told her that this and the next capture were shot on Wimbledon Common on Christmas Eve 1959.

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With just fourteen days to go until the race course heist, Mike and Johnny meet up with Quantock (Tom Gerard), Charles (Larry Taylor) and Ted (Nigel Green). Wimbledon Common in SW19 identified by David Hunt.

Through the windows of a cafe, Johnny and Suzanne (Margit Saad) are seen by Maggie. Old Compton Street, London W1.

image no 13

Still going strong as a newsagent. Opposite the site of the 2i's cafe, from which Maggie must have been looking out of. Found and taken by Phil Wilkinson with Richard Lovejoy's assistance.

Johnny's former girlfriend Maggie (Jill Bennett) watches as the couple enter a jewellers.

image no 14

Richard Lovejoy took this now from opposite image crim015, not exactly the angled shot that he would have wished but then the car would have stolen the show!

Maggie sees Johnny leaves the shop.

image no 15

20 Motcomb Street, London SW1 found by Richard Lovejoy.

Quantock, the getaway driver, waits to be picked up by Johnny. Wandsworth Bridge Road SW6. The view is a little less industrious now...

image no 16

....and more illustrious.

Johnny pulls up in an Oldsmobile and Quantock gets in. Wandsworth Bridge in London SW6.

image no 17

No change here, except from the bike lane. He nearly got me!

The two robbers change cars. Townmead Road, London SW6 with the four chimneys of Fulham Power Station standing on the extreme left.

image no 18

Image copyright Google Streetview. No power station but everything else was still standing when the Google Camera visited. This Streetview image hasn't been replaced as it shows some of the buildings seen in the film . . . . . unlike the next 'now' shot! (PW)

The Oldsmobile is exchanged for a taxi. Townmead Road in SW6.

image no 19

This is the sight that greets the eyes in 2013. I'm sure the buildings will be very nice when they are finished. (PW)

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An establishing shot of the race course where the robbery is to take place. The racecourse is Hurst Park. It was situated by the Thames off Hurst Road, West Molesey in Surrey and closed in 1962. The area is now a housing estate. St Mary's church in Hampton, on the other side of the river, can be seen beyond the grandstand. Good ident from Peter Brown.

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Johnny and Quantock arrive at the race course where Mike, Charles and Ted are waiting.

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The taxi is driven into the car park.

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Hurst Park again.

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Johnny takes one last look around before robbing the bookmakers of around £40,000.

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Quantock waits by the taxi.

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Johnny, Charles and Ted wait to cross the course after the robbery. Hurst Park race course.

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The gang make their getaway.

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Chief Warder Barrows (Patrick Magee) heads to receive Johnny back into prison. Presumably Wandsworth Prison again.

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The view from the prison chapel window during Mass. This is likely to be a shot taken from inside Wandsworth Prison.

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Underworld contacts fix that Johnny is transfered to another prison. Unconfirmed location.

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The Warders escort Johnny to a waiting Black Maria. Possibly a courtyard within Wandsworth Prison in SW18.

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Prisoner and escort are driven from Wandsworth. Heathfield Road, London SW18.

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After Johnny is sprung from the van, Ted takes him to Suzanne and the rest of the boys. Paul Flewers has located this as a small bridge over an inlet to a wharf north of Bull's Bridge (as in Capture 37) on the eastern side of the Grand Union Canal looking SW. The inlet has now been built upon and forms part of what is now Trident Way, Southall UB2 5LF. (RL)

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Suzanne unties the boat as Johnny sets it in motion after the pair escape from the gang. See Capture 33, this time looking N. Should someone wish to attempt a "now" I can provide a copy map that Paul has provided. (RL)

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As the boat hits the canal bank, Ted emerges and takes a shot at Johnny. This forms the background of Capture 33. (RL)

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Although injured, Johnny drives off with Suzanne. The tow path in Capture 33 with Bull's Bridge in the background as identified by Paul Flewers. (RL)

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The van speeds away along the side of the canal. The Grand Union Canal at Hayes with the Paddington Branch heading under Bulls Bridge.

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The gang leave the boat to pursue Johnny. The Western bank of the Grand Union Canal almost opposite Captures 33 and 34. (RL)

Ted brings the boat alongside the gang's car.

image no 39

Bull's Bridge on the Grand Union Canal at Hayes. Located and captured by Di Davies. Originally added 06/06/2013.

Mike runs over the canal bridge before getting into the car to join the chase after Johnny.

image no 40

Bull's Bridge on the Grand Union Canal at Hayes. Di strikes again. The bridge looks a bit ropey! Originally added 06/06/2013.