Crooked Sky, The

Date: 1957
Director: Henry Cass
Production Company: Luckwin Productions, Tudor Productions

Stars: Wayne Morris, Karin Booth, Anton Diffring, Bruce Seton, Sheldon Lawrence
Location(s): Hampshire, London

Region(s): ,


An American detective teams up with Scotland Yard to catch the head of a banknote counterfeiting gang.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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The film opens with an establishing shot. Trafalgar Square in WC2 with the National Gallery to the left and St Martin-in-the-Fields Church spire in the centre right.

image no 1

Taken at ground level and, er, at dusk. SJ

At street level, Civil Servants enter HM Treasury where Ministers discuss the flood of counterfeit banknotes that are entering the country. Looking south on Whitehall, London SW1 with the corner of Downing Street to the centre and the Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster in the left distance.

image no 2

More ornate wall, and Downing Street with "security" gates. SJ

Grange (Bill Brandon) and Williams (Richard Shaw) loiter in the street as Tom Alanson (Guy Kingsley Poynter) leaves a coffee bar. Northumberland Avenue in WC2. The street was also used in 'Robbery', 'Make Mine a Million' and 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold'.

image no 3

Peter provides this shot of the location now.

The two heavies start to follow Tom. Looking towards Trafalgar Square from Northumberland Avenue with the base of Nelson's Column to the right.

image no 4

A bit cluttered now. SJ

Tom heads towards Scotland Yard to confess about his part in the counterfeit currency operation. Facing Whitehall Place from Scotland Place in SW1.

image no 5

Now. SJ

Williams takes a knife from inside his raincoat as the two continue to follow Tom. Great Scotland Yard, which was also seen in 'Atonement', 'Children of Men' and 'The Ipcress File'.

image no 6

Now. SJ

Tom pauses to light a cigarette allowing the two thugs catch up and for Williams to murder the airline radio engineer. The Northumberland Avenue end of Great Scotland Yard in SW1.

image no 7

Looks like a round column added and the railings shortened (or I'm not quite in the right place). SJ

  • 'Now' required

U.S. Treasury Investigator Mike Conlin (Wayne Morris) flies in to assist in catching the counterfeiters. Blackbushe Airport, Yateley near Farnborough in Hampshire.

Working undercover as an efficiency expert, Mike heads to meet with Inspector 'Mac' Macauley. Facing south on Victoria Embankment with the Houses of Parliament in the left background.

image no 9

Peter spotted that there is now a nice new Budget Hotel to the right.

Mike steers his Austin A40 Countryman through the gateway to New Scotland Yard. Keep an eye on the car's rear wheel arch (JT).

image no 10

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

As his investigation continues, Mike returns to the airfield. Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire. The hangar advertises British Eagle International Airlines which went into liquidation in 1968.

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Mike arrives at the caravan he's been allocated to discover Robson, a steward, acting suspiciously inside. These appear to be buildings left over from the days until November 1946 when Blackbushe Airport was RAF Blackbushe.

  • 'Now' required

Worried about her brother's behaviour, Sandra Hastings (Karin Booth) watches as Mike follows Bill Hastings to a meeting with Robson. Again, highly likely to be at Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire.

Mike follows Bill as he gives Robson a lift to his suburban home. Britmovie Forum (Spinalman) places this Rayleigh Road, Merton, London SW19 (RL)

image no 14

The white pickup is in the right place. (RL)

Clutching a mysterious package, Robson (Frank Hawkins) gets out of the car and goes inside.

image no 15

Residents parking is now a must. (RL)

Mike makes his way into the house where he finds that Robson has received a parcel of American comic books.

image no 16

Further confirmation of the Britmovie Forum location identification. (RL)

Bill Hastings (Sheldon Lawrence) arrives at the home of Frank Fraser, operator of an illegal gambling club.

image no 17

Jules Ballantyne finds that very location which she proves with the aid of Google Earth. 105 Onslow Square, London SW7 (RL)...Now replaced with original photo. SJ

  • 'Now' required

After receiving a report about the death of a man named Smith, Mike leaves his office at the airport. The entrance to the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation offices at Blackbushe Airport. The airfield also appears in 'Old Mother Riley's Jungle Treasure'.

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The Investigator gets into his car. Blackbushe Airport in Hampshire. JT notes that the car now has a dent in the wheel arch!

Looking back through the rear window of his car, Williams sees Mike approaching.

image no 20

Having resolved crosk021 to 023 Peter Brown provides this Google shot of Bushey Road, Raynes Park, London (A298), here looking backwards in the direction of the A3 flyover with the entrance to Bushey Court on the right hand side. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Accompanied by Grange, Williams pulls out and starts to follow Mike after he overtakes. Peter Brown found Merton Studios using "home ground" for this sequence and places this as the A298, Bushey Road, Raynes Park. Here approaching the Grand Drive intersection going west, the bus stop on the right is still there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The two henchmen keep up their pursuit. Identified by Peter Brown as the A298, Bushey Road where it crosses the Raynes Park - Motspur Park railway line and West Barnes Lane. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Williams continues to follow Mike towards the City. Here Peter says, Williams is a little further towards London approaching Grand Drive with the four storey apartment block of Bushey Court visible left of centre. (RL)

Mike arrives outside the offices of Chisholm Investment Trust, employer of the man murdered by the counterfeiting gang. The rear wing of the A40 is still dented. We don't recall this being part of the story!

image no 24

Christopher Matheson provides the location, Godliman Street, London EC4 looking towards St. Paul's Cathedral and Knightrider Street off to the right as well as the "now" shot. (RL)

Grange telephones his boss Fraser and makes his report. Ray and Ron Glenister have put us out of our misery once again, corner of Northumberland Ave. and Whitehall Place, London WC2 (RL)

image no 25

To confirm Ray and Ron's identification. Whether or not that box was a prop or not there is still one on that corner. (RL)

At Fraser's house, Mike finds a way in and discovers vital clues before being captured.

image no 26

With thanks to Jules for her discovery of 105 Onslow Square. SJ

Through the window of their parked car, Detective Inspector Macaulay and Detective Sergeant Stephenson see Bill Hastings approach Fraser's house. Onslow Square, London SW7 as identified by Jules Ballantyne. (RL)

image no 27

Looking east towards Sumner Place. SJ

Detective Inspector 'Mac' Macaulay (Bruce Seton) and Detective Sergeant Steve Stephenson (Seymour Green) walk towards the house as Bill is let in by Grange. By virtue of 017 and 026 this has to be the view from No 105, Onslow Square, London SW7 (RL)

image no 28

It is. SJ

  • 'Now' required

In an effort to flee the country, Fraser forces Bill to drive him to the airport.