Date: 1969
Director: Alvin Rakoff
Production Company: Bamore, Tribune Productions Inc

Stars: Roger Moore, Claudie Lange, Alexis Kanner, Martha Hyer, Derek Francis, Bernard Lee, Francis Matthews, Dudley Sutton
Location(s): Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


Adman unwittingly hires Hungarian model, unaware that assassins are after her to prevent her revealing their dastardly plot, planned for Hyde Park. Lots of locations but also quite a few obvious back-drops which I’ve tried to avoid “grabbing.” SJ

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Dawn at Westminster Bridge, London SW1, looking towards Nine Elms and Millbank Tower.

image no 1

Now with new development at Vauxhall Cross altering the skyline to a mini-Manhattan. SJ

Same bridge now looking towards Thomas' hospital.

image no 2

Many newer buildings erected since. SJ

Moore (or his double) is next to the milkfloat in Belgrave Square, SW1. South corner looking north-west.

image no 3

Now. SJ

Moore on his way to see Kanner. This is Holland Park Mews.

image no 4

Not particularly straightforward. SJ

Holland Park Mews W8, also seen in ‘Time to Remember’, ‘In the Doghouse’ and ‘Corruption’.

image no 5

But this settled it. Windows, chimneys and sky all match. SJ

Moore visits the houseboats moored on the Thames, alongside Cremorne Road, SW10.

image no 6

New building at World's End but the white block and beyond on Cheyne Walk survive. SJ

Reverse shot with Lots Road in the background.

image no 7

The wall is the same but there's been rebuilding to the left and trees mask the background. Image by Peter.

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Moore released on bail.

  • 'Now' required

Park Lane or Bayswater Road or maybe even Kensington Road.

Moore's office: later scenes have fake backdrops of St. Paul's. This was Sudbury House, 15 Newgate Street, London EC1, demolished in 1998 and was used in Gerry Anderson's UFO series, in which it appeared as the International Astrophysical Commission, and his The Protectors episode 'Wheels' when it was a bank. Nick Williams. The 'honeycomb' pots outside are the most distinctive feature which really places the location, Nick Williams.

image no 10

Still from UFO, pulled by Nick williams.

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Sutton in the city.

  • 'Now' required

Next shot with Sutton's back.

Sutton racing down the steps to Queen Victoria Street, EC4. A similar still graces the back of London Film Location Guide, now in its 2nd edition as London Movie Guide. Offices to the right were also seen in The Jokers, now remodelled.

image no 13

Buildings to the right all new. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Bet that car park is now impressive offices. Sutton pursued by Moore.

Bassishaw Highwalk sign puts this at London Wall.

image no 15

The same place now by Peter who adds "The original highwalk screenshots are impossible to capture due to the Museum Of London being built in 1976 and plenty more redevelopment since then".

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Moore is thrown a gun by Matthews at London Wall.

  • 'Now' required

A crowd gathers around Sutton's body.

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Moore flees down London Wall, a de rigueur mid to late 60s location seen in Blow Up, Life at the Top, Ladies Who Do, Three Hats for Lisa, The Italian Job, Sebastian, Deadlier than the Male and The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer.

Moore in Wilton Crescent, SW1

image no 19

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Lange, Moore and Kanner at Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire.

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Woburn Abbey. The stately home also feature in 'Up in the World' and 'The Iron Maiden'.

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The trio (Kanner, Moore, Lange) enjoy a vintage car race at Woburn Abbey.

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Woburn Abbey

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Matthews at Woburn Abbey.

Picture postcard perfect. Aldbury, Hertsfordshire.

image no 25

Taken in August in the late 90s: the stocks look wonky and the pond is thriving. SJ

Such a picturesque shot, let's have it again. Seen also in The Dirty Dozen, Jassy and Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason.

image no 26

Taken in February 2011. Stocks straightened and pond clearer. SJ

The Greyhound, Aldbury

image no 27

Now. SJ

Lange and Moore at the Greyhound's side exit.

image no 28

Now: who parked that car in the way? SJ

Continuity suggests that this is just down the pub's exit. Not quite, one has to go out and round but this is the Church of St John the Baptist and this has a sniff of rear projeection about it.

image no 29

Now. SJ

Pretty bridge.

image no 30

That "pretty bridge" has been identified by Geoff Dodd as that over the River Gade at Water End on the A4146 Leighton Buzzard Road. and provides this Google capture to support. (RL)

Geoff provides a further screen capture having established a location as the chase continues, Dagnall Road (A4146) at the junction with Bradden Lane (RL)

image no 31

And supports with a shot from Google Earth. It would seem that now we have SatNav we don't require signposts! (RL)

Hyer in London aobut to join Lee in his Rolls.

image no 32

23 Wilton Crescent, SW1. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Moore enters a cafe, north of Bayswater Road feel. Geoff Dodd has narrowed it down to Ledbury Road, London W11 very near to the junction with Westbourne Grove. (RL)

Oxford Street or Ken High? Oxford Street looking towards Portman Street. Geoff Dodds.

image no 34

Yes, bang on. SJ

The eastern side of Park Lane just north of Green Street, claims Geoff Dodds.

image no 35

Yes, right again. SJ

Geoff Dodds says, 32 Green Street, W1

image no 36

And now with some unfortunate hoarding. SJ

Moore and Lange at the Park Lane underpass at Aldford Street, W1.

image no 37

Replacing my scaffolding pic from 1/4/2012. SJ

The underpass.

image no 38

But they are three exits, one to the central island of Park Lane which was locked and looked the best bet given the next shot. So this one on the west side of Park Lane, which nevertheless looks pretty convincing, will have to suffice for the time being. SJ

More Park Lane before some stock footage at Hyde Park.

image no 39

Now, opposite Aldford Street, W1. SJ