Date: 1962
Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Production Company: Screen Entertainment Co., Avon Films, Newbery-Clyde Associates,

Stars: Laurence Payne, Jill Adams, Zena Marshall, Gary Cockrell, Bill Nagy
Location(s): Chobham



Geoff and his wife rent an isolated countryside bungalow to enable Geoff to finish his latest book without any distractions. Upon their arrival, they see a dead man in the property and before they can report the discovery they are confronted by a gangland boss, and his henchmen who have been using the empty property as a hide-out for stolen valuables, and more…

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

This was the description of the car when it was up for auction in February 2014 – 1960 Triumph TR3A – Ex Press Car 

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The Triumph TR3A (Regn. 46 HP) follows the camera down a long open country lane until is pulls up off the road facing a cottage. The driver Geoff (Gary Cockrell) and his wife Sally (Jill Adams). This car is particularly important and a special car in Triumph folklore and exists to this day with the same registration. Detailed information can be read via the Header Section of this film and Google searches.

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On arrival they find the cottage occupied by a gang who hold them hostage. With a rival gang waiting for them outside Sally makes a run for it pursued by gang leader Duke (Laurence Payne). Unknown surrounding wooded area, that bridge or its successor might help to locate.

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They take cover under the bridge whilst the rival gang give chase in vain from above.

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Worried that Duke was forsaking her, Rina (Zena Marshall) leaves the cottage to find the other gang leader Juan (Derek Sydney) who she knows.

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After a period of everyone shooting at everyone else in the woodland the escape plane lands at a convenient landing strip. G-AJLR Airspeed AS.65 Consul. Most likely to be Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, that also appears in 'The Black Windmill', 'The Adventures of HAL 5' and 'The Man from Tangier'.

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As the plane takes off with Duke aboard Rina shoots at the pilot before a model bursts into flames. Most likely to still be Fairoaks Airport, Chobham,