Crow Hollow

Date: 1952
Director: Michael McCarthy
Production Company: Bruton Film Productions, Merton Park Studios

Stars: Donald Houston, Natasha Parry, Patricia Owens, Melissa Stribling, Esma Cannon, Nora Nicholson
Location(s): Surrey



A greedy woman attempts to poison her nephew’s bride in the titular dark mansion.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Following their wedding Doctor and Mrs. Amour drive to Crow Hollow.

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Doctor Robert Amour (Donald Houston) brings the car to a stand outside the house that they are to share with his three eccentric Aunts.

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Short-sighted Aunt Judith (Esma Cannon) welcomes Ann Amour (Natasha Parry) to Crow Hollow.

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The next morning Ann explores the grounds and finds Aunt Judith poring over her specimens of moths and spiders.

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Leaving the naturalist Aunt, Ann finds Mr. Dexter in his workshop before Aunt Hester appears.

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Waiting for Robert to return from a call, Ann accompanies Aunt Hester (Susan Richmond) when she sets off to deliver soup.

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The trap brings the two women into the village. Albury Street in Albury, Surrey.

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Aunt Hester drops Ann at the surgery. To the left stands the old Post Office in Albury.

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Becoming increasingly suspicious about incidents that are occurring at home, Ann wanders around the local graveyard. The churchyard at the old St. Peter and St. Paul's church in Albury Park.

As it starts to rain, Ann finds the grave of her husband's mother. The Saxon St. Peter and St. Paul's church in Albury Park, now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

image no 10

Off angle but the definitely the Albury Park church also seen in Four Weddings and a Funeral. SJ

Convinced that somebody is trying to kill her, Ann arrives at the station. As the running-in board reads, this is Gomshall and Shere station on the North Downs Line running between Guildford and Dorking in Surrey.

image no 11

The footbridge was opened in 2016. (SD)

Ann watches as a train approaches. Gomshall and Shere station on Station Road in Gomshall.

image no 12

Now, without the sidings. (SD)

When the train comes to a halt, Ann's friend Diana Wilson alights. Renamed as Gomshall in 1980, the station has been unstaffed since 1967.

image no 13

The only building which remains is the 1940's signal box, although it is no longer used as such. (SD)

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After Diana explains a few peculiarities about the Amour family, Ann is taken back home.

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An ariel view of Crow Hollow, where the Aunts' maid Willow is found dead whilst wearing one of Ann's dresses.