Crucible of Terror

Date: 1971
Director: Ted Hooker
Production Company: Glendale

Stars: James Bolam, Mary Maude, Mike Raven, Ronald Lacey, Melissa Stribling, Judy Matheson, Beth Morris
Location(s): London, Cornwall

Region(s): ,


Well as such. Artist uses real models for nefarious sculpting practice.

Additional Information:

Stills by SJ.


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A fairly enclosed London square. Greg found it straightaway: Westcroft Square, W6. Looking north/northwest.

image no 1

Now. SJ

Bolam in a closer shot. Outside 7 and 8 Westcroft Square, W6. Looking north, says Greg.

image no 2

Now, with the same wrought iron fencing. SJ

And up the stairs. 6 Westcroft Square, W6. Looking west/northwest. Greg.

image no 3

2 out of 3 lion heads still there. SJ

Lacey in the background at 6 Westcroft Square, W6. Bolam and Maude set off for Cornwall, outside 7 and 8 Westcroft Square, W6. Looking southwest. Greg.

image no 4

Now. SJ

Tin mine country, Cornwall. Trevellas Valley, Blue Hills, St Agnes to be precise.

image no 5

Unchanged. SJ.

Bolam and Lacey driving in tin mine country.

image no 6

This is the engine house at Wheal Ellen which is in the valley just below Mount Hawke and just to the south east of Porthtowan. There has been some deterioration and also some repair to the structure in the intervening 40 years. Lionel Sear Excellent shot.

They arrive at Raven's place. Update: at the time of posting this, I was doubtful this could be found. Wrong!

image no 7

This is Wheal Basset Farm which, as above, is in the valley below Mount Hawke and to the south east of Porthtowan. This is on private land but the great news is that one can let it. Google the farm name for more details. Brilliant sleuthing from Lionel and Cynthia Sear, our Cornish experts, who add the pine tree is still there as well.

Bolam and Lacey explore the mines.

image no 8

This is the south side of the Blue Hills Mine engine house which is visible in picture cruc009. Lionel Sear. Spot on!

Bolam and Maude on the cliff-top.

image no 9

Looking back on the Blue Hills tin mine. SJ.

Now we're talking, Maude and Matheson frolicking on the beach.

image no 10

Down on the beach. SJ.

The pair in front of the old mines.

image no 11

Just above the beach. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Bolam in a box in a London street. This'll take some identifying.

St Peter's Square, next door to The Pumpkin Eater (1964) and 4 away from Betrayal (1982).

image no 13

3, 4, 5 St Peter's Square. SJ.

Bolam and Stribling at St Peter's Square, also seen in Percy, Nobody Runs Forever, The Naked Truth.

image no 14

East side. SJ.

St Peter's Square, London W6, driving away from no. 6 as noted in London Film Location Guide.

image no 15

5, 6 St Peter's Square. SJ.